Dream High Episode 12 Written Preview and Spoilers

Dream High has not been as cracky for me this week, my raging addiction slowing down just as the drama took a turn for the moody. The two episodes this week seemingly revealed that MiGook is the end game by the ferris wheel kiss, and might be heralding that Sam Dong will be K since he got the K pendant from Hye Mi. Perhaps, but my personal opinion is otherwise. And it’s not because I’m a SamMi shipper. My theories after the jump.

Episode 12 written preview:

Teacher Kang returns to Kirin Arts High. Hye Mi can tell that Sam Dong has been very weird lately. Despite her attempts to get Sam Dong to talk to her, Sam Dong just says that he has no desire to stand on a showcase stage again. These words cause the Hye Mi who has always watched out for Sam Dong to feel depressed.

Principal Yoon wants Group K, which will be led by Jin Gook, to perform solo routines at the showcase. He also wants Baek Hee to perform the song she composed. Baek Hee, who plagiarized the composition, starts to fret, but she tells herself that it will all be fine….

Additional Spoilers:

During an interview this week for an entertainment program, Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy revealed that episode 13 will have a kiss between Hye Mi and Sam Dong. When they were filming, it was so hectic, so they didn’t have time to prepare thoroughly, and wonder how it will be shown since the kiss between Jin Gook and Hye Mi in episode 10 was very tame because of Suzy’s young age.

My Thoughts:

I still think that Jin Gook is Hye Mi’s first love, but she’ll end up with Sam Dong. I may be completely wrong, but at least I’m putting my theory out here. Why do I think this? I thought it even before knowing that SamMi is getting a kiss in episode 13 (I figured as much). After the ferris wheel kiss, NOTHING happened between MiGook. Also, getting MiGook together by episode 10 would deflate this drama tension faster than a 30 minute old soufflé.

I don’t know how the kiss been SamMi will unfold – forced kiss, chaste kiss, he kisses her, she kisses him, they kiss each other. AHHHH, my brain is melting at the thought of Kim Soo Hyun doing a kiss onscreen! Calm yourself, Koala, it’s unseeming to be so spastic.

DH is a very well-constructed high school drama, and its various student relationships all have compelling angles and relatable moments. Even insecure flower-pot-tossing-song-stealing-Baek Hee doesn’t seem as one-note evil anymore, with her bad behavior really dooming herself. I finally feel SAD for Baek Hee, because unlike Hye Mi, she doesn’t have any positive influences in her life. I really like all the characters in DH now, because they feel human, with their weaknesses and uncertainty that are age-appropriate. I can’t wait for how this drama will conclude as we head into the final stretch.

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Dream High bar, translated into English by me]


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  1. I was surprised that Jin-gook was barely in episode 11 at all! He was only on-screen for like, three minutes total the whole episode if I remember correctly. It was definitely a Sam-dong-centri episode, which I don’t really have a problem with, since the developments are really interesting, and I kinda like this moodier, darker Sam-dong.

    On the shipping front, I still don’t know who to root for. I’ve been leaning more Migook direction (which, by the way, I still find that abbreviation hilarious, as it forms the Korean word for the United States – I don’t know why but there you go), but I love how Hye-mi is stepping up and taking care of Sam-dong. Can’t they just all three live as one big, happy family?

  2. thanks koala. i’m enjoying DH very much (though not loving it)
    i really don’t care much about who will get HM, though i rather SD. specially since i noticed JG’s ears

  3. thanks for the spoiler. stalking does pay off ^_^

    DH is still pretty cracktastic to me. and i’m almost savoring the emoness of ep 11. melodrama angst done right is something kdrama flopped for quite a while now, simple because very little of it was warranted. but the heartbreak SD is going through now is oh so good i didn’t mind a bit of it. as someone who believed when there’s a will, there’s a way, SD was basically told there’s no frapping way-for anything. he worked hard at his music pursuits, no result. he worked hard at his love pursuits, no result. so it has to take time for him to come to term with such news. and no, i don’t think SD is in denial or pushing it too hard regarding HM either. she clearly kept him around which always raises hope. “you don’t like me, but you don’t dislike me either.” classic WooU situation. (HM, you should take your own advice to Jason about giving people the wrong impression).
    where was i? right, the angst. there has to be gloomy days for you to appreciate the sunny ones. as long as they don’t dwell, which i doubt they will, i’m a happy camper.

  4. DH is getting more & more intense!

    and after reading all the possibilities on how the kiss will develop, i’m pinning my bets on a force kiss. when SD gently touched HM’s face in ep 11, i almost thought he was gonna force kiss her right at that moment. he seems to be telling her “i tried leaving you, but you came back. now, don’t blame me, because i’m not gonna stop until i make you mine”.

    i can’t wait for the next ep, koala! 😀

  5. thanks ockoala!!!

    what?! samdong and hye mi will kiss in episode 13?!
    my SamMi heart is having palpitations!

    and really kim soo hyun kissing on screen?!
    can be episode 13 came faster than the lighting bolt?!

    im just so happy with all the dynamics dream high is presenting!
    it gets better and better every episode and im loving it!

    hope for more great episodes ahead!
    see yah on monday!

  6. Yep.I’m loving it too even dark emo angst ep 11 where I tend to hate that kind of ep.idk if its because KSH deliver it or how they put the storyline background of emo or is it both?anyway it is make sense and I’m not rolling my eyes nor fumes watching it unlike MP or MSOAN ep of angst (but I survive MSOAN because of geungeun)
    why now I don’t wan SD with HM because that girl somehow dun know her own feeling and other esp I don’t want her to be with SD out of pity.I believe K is SD,why?at early ep where K held a show it got huge breaking news..hmm if its JG then why in ep11 no longer scene of him and he just kissed the girl?K is big because despite he can’t hear,in future,but he can sing,dance,compose music very well so thats why I believe he is K,the next big thing.

  7. Absolutely loving Dream High. Especially Episode 11, watching Sam Dong unable to deal with the news about his hearing was so moving and completely realistic. Completely confused who Hye Mi will end up with now, I was completely convinced it was Jin Gook but now I’m not so sure! Did find it a little strange that JG and HM had no scenes together after their kiss though.

    I wonder when we will find out what really happened between Teacher Kang and HM’s mum? It’s been hinted that her father isn’t completely trustworthy. I hope this topic is addressed, would be a really interesting (and emotional) scene between Kang and HM…

  8. Ah! Sam Dong is breaking my heart. I am not sure what couple I am shipping, I am only sure sure that I want Sam Dong to be breath-takingly happy.Is that too much to ask? Well, and a bit more of the wonderful sweetness that id Pil-Suk and Jason. Hmmmm. This drama seems well constructed so far, and feels almost like high school; it makes me so glad that my HS days over!

  9. I don´t think sam dong is K cause they say that K is this international singer who was taught by the director (actor from winter sonata) and that´s why the director is so famous, non of the people in DH now are being taught by him. And in the first episode the person that they show for K is the actor from boys over flowers. What the media is trying to figure out in the first episode is who will be the next K, …. so in the end, one or some of the main actors will either become as internationally famouse as K or maybe even more! From what we left off in ep 11 I believe that Hye mi will not joing the group K beause of what it will do to baek hee and in the end of course hye mi and sam dong and pil suk will be the one´s who become the most famouse for sure. Maybe Jason, Jin gook and baekhee will also become part of the new group (in the end) and they become famouse together, the 6 of them….MAYBE…..

  10. MiGook won’t end up together because their from the same entertainment company. Its a fact, they just won’t. It would cause to much opportunity for scandal rumors. Sadly, real life does affect the drama world. SamMi fans can happily expect their future love scenes:)

  11. By now I don’t particularly care who HM ends up with – I can’t stand love triangles where you don’t know the outcome – they inevitably make me detach – and this happened here – I detached this week, but I think it would be sloppy writing to suddenly make HM like SD after there has been not a single hint for 11 eps she sees him in any way but platonic. I mean, if it was a 60 ep drama but here…

  12. I agree with you, though I’m more of a JG-HM shipper. As soon as they kissed, I was like: aaaand…that was the kiss of death, since I highly doubt the show would bring the OTP together so quickly.

  13. I’m not sure who Hye-Mi will end up with. I agree about Jin Gook being that first true love but still am uncertain about her ending up with Sam Dong when it’s all done. Whichever the writers decide to take the show I will be pleased with. The Jason and Pil-Suk storyline is coming along very well. Though it seem’s “predictable” where the two will end up, it’s refreshing to see them paired together.
    I too feel sorry for Baek Hee rather then hatered of her doings. Which really gives meaning that anyone could do anything just to be on top.

  14. “AHHHH, my brain is melting at the thought of Kim Soo Hyun doing a kiss onscreen! ” EXACTLY WHAT I’M THINKING! I can’t waaiiit! The future looks bright for SAMMI shippers!

  15. Moreover, I know that some people have been saying that HM only smiles when she is around SD and expresses her emotions more freely. But I think that goes for SUZY as well, KSH makes her a better actress. Just look at those last captures you posted – I think this was her best emotional scene since the beginning of the drama, and I am sure it’s because of KSH’s intensity – he makes it so easy to get enveloped in the situation! (I know cuz he’s doing it to me too – I get totally enveloped by the characters) LOVE KSH!

  16. Thx ockoala for your written preview^^ Can’t wait for epi 13 >< Yeah, I don't think HM will end up with JG (epi 11 100% convinced me) but the end who will be chosen by her for me is still uncertain… Maybe she will end up will SD (I hope so) or maybe she'll end up with none of them.. After I've watched this drama, I missed my HSchool time 🙂

  17. A kiss between SD and HM? I wasn’t expecting it after all. I’m sO thrilled to see this next week. I was a MiGook fan before but because of the twists and turns that happened, I can see why it isn’t impossible that HM can end up to SD. Both guys are amazing but SD is really adorable even he had his new image. I’m excited about how the changes of SD will affect the story.

  18. but i’m sorry to say… i don’t like the spoiler today…if HM goes to SD i think the story is useless ….why SD depends to HM only (interms with his love) he has to work for his own sake … so this guy can’t stand up and aim his dreams ….

    • U got to be kidding me if sam dong didn’t end up being K or with hye mi the story would be worthless. Sam dong has been hye Mi backbone thru out this drama. The one that had help her become who she is at the moment. Beside making her cry and maybe helping her in the first 2 ep Jin hook has not really been there for her or to encourage her. So you really must had only paid attention to the Jin goon and hye mi story only and not the overall story

      • I agree it will not be useless & Sam Dong has done more for Hye Mi than Jingook. SD constantly challenges himself to make himself better and puts his heart on the line…not just for her but for music, for family, and everything else. JG can’t even stand up to his father correctly or keep relationships strong while he’s been busy. Also KSH is hot and the better actor… SD & HM have a stronger connection. Taec is hot but not a good actor and they don’t have chemistry. She might just end up alone with two awesomely hot guy friends that will fight over her forever lol…that would be a happy ending;p…or just my personal fantasy haha….

      • how would it be worthless? It’d still be a story and of some worth, lol.

        And Hye Mi has been her own backbone through out this entire drama; she’s stood up to both Sam Dong and Jin-Gook. And I think the author was trying to say that Sam-Dong needing Hye Mi makes his character seem weak…like he needs her to succeed and he doesn’t. She doesn’t need him to succeed so why should he need her?!

        Gah, all this “Sam Dong deserves Hye Mi bc he’s so sweet and he’s gone through so much” makes my head hurt. She is not a prize to be won (…I just quoted a Disney character). And I agree with the person who said that if she does end up with him it would be sloppy writing for such a short drama. THere are only about 5 epis left and the last 11 have been showing that Hye Mi only has platonic feelings for SD and she missed him (in episode 11) bc he was her friend and going through something…and she needed him to help teacher Kang again.

  19. DANG! that’s just the moment i wait for!! i hope it’s not a forced kiss by samdong. but if it is, i hope it’ll make hyemi realize how much she needs samdong by her side. im kinda have a feeling that they’ll gonna end up exactly like the song they sing together,”maybe”.

  20. I think that hye mi does have some feelings for sand dong but just haven’t realized it yet because in the last ep she compose a song from memories of her and Sam dong. And anyways first love does not mean you end up with that person it just means that they were first love not your last

  21. @sam dong the plot it written that way, so that is why viewers can only see that SD is around HM all the time. if it’s written that JG and SD had the same equal of screen time with HM, i bet everyone will be having a hard time to choose which camp they would rooted for.

    • Exactly and that is way I love Sam dong if the story was about Jin hook and he was there For hye mi than I would vote for him but since I have to go by the story line I vote for San dong because I see a better love. Don’t get me wrong I am a 2pm fan but in the drama Sam dong is the better man

  22. i really wish and hope that sam dong will end up with hye mi..i mean, they’re compatible with each other..though, JG and HM do have a past and the first episodes were really about them, after watching and understanding the story line, i really like SD for HM…

  23. HyeMi will come back to SamDong 😡 because SamDong is the only one can protect and always by her side :x. He is the only one who loves HyeMi best and never abandoned her !

    Jjang ~!

  24. I kinda feel like SD will become K (and realize his potential ala mozart or something) while HM ends up with JG. Just not the best chemistry bet. HM and SD’s characters for me… :/

  25. maybe and maybe, maybe, jin gook will end up with baek -hee, sam dong with hye mi, pil suk and jason ^__^ yes, trust me, it will be, 😀
    baek-hee may be negative person of all and the evil princess, but still her character highlights this epic drama so well. who will she ends with? she’s still cannot be alone or the story will be like, “tangled”? am i right? so yeah, it would be fair enough for they paired together, jin gook and baek hee. =)
    seee, im sorry to say this but i dont like jin gook character so much personally because he still not caring too much about hye mi’s feelings ='( and sam dong, he cared so much for hye mi but what a sad moment when hye mi ignoring sam dong ='(( i want hye mi ended with sam dong, please please 😀
    hye mi is specially for sam dong! ^___^

  26. I agree with you about Hye Mi and Sam Dong. They could totally pull a Tamra switch on us and have Hye Mi realize that her feelings for Sam Dong are much stronger than the ones she initially had for Jin Gook. My biggest reason for believing that it’ll be a happy ending for Hye Mi and Sam Dong was the fact that she wrote the melody for Dreaming while thinking of Sam Dong, and also the look she had on her face during the conversation after Sam Dong saved her from potential assault. These are all my speculations though, of course. xD

  27. guys! kim soo hyun will have a OST in DH
    and its entitled “DREAMING” maybe it’s the song that they wrote in ep 11~!
    maybe he will sing it in the showcase = ) ) ) i’m waiting for it!
    and i’m looking forward to their kiss~!!!!

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