Dream High Video Preview for Episode 12 and Written Preview for Episode 13

Well, regardless of how the main love triangle plays out (I’m personally done making predictions and am happily chilling with the drama until the end, whichever way it goes), no one can deny that the second half of Dream High has become the “Song Sam Dong Emo Show.” Kim Soo Hyun is delivering big time as emo-Sam Dong, even if I have to stifle the urge to shake some sense into him and tell him everything will be okay.

I don’t think he’s gone dark, broody, and emo just because Hye Mi is/maybe/will be getting cozy with Jin Gook, inasmuch as it’s just one more thing gone wrong in his pursuit of his dreams after arriving in Seoul, the main thing being his impending loss of hearing. I’m totally cool with this drama giving Sam Dong a magical cure, since for once I’m not banking on realism as much as wish fulfillment. And I want all my cute kids at Kirin Arts High to succeed and get to where each wants to go.

Video preview for episode 12:


Written preview for episode 13:

Baek Hee, who plagerized the song composition, is finally replaced in group K by Hye Mi. Hye Mi promises to Baek Hee that she will never hurt Baek Hee again, and Hye Mi declines the opportunity to debut.

Sam Dong ultimately does not perform at the showcase. A record company executive finds out from the song composition teacher about Sam Dong’s musical skills, and wants to sign Sam Dong. Sam Dong sees Hye Mi and Jin Gook happy together, so Sam Dong does not turn down the offer, and accepts.

On the otherhand, Jin Gook finds medication in Sam Dong’s room, and discovers that Sam Dong is gradually losing his hearing….

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Dream High bar, translated into English by me]


Dream High Video Preview for Episode 12 and Written Preview for Episode 13 — 26 Comments

    • mee too! at this point i’m just happy he’s starting to move forward as far as the couple thing goes only the milky couple seem to be a definite. The sd jk hm triangle is unclear in every way, shape, & form. SD u can make it!!!

  1. When Sam Dong cries. I cry.

    What is driving me mad (in a good way) is that I still haven’t got a clue who HyeMi will end up with. It’s making me go bonkers.

  2. I knew KSH will deliver a heart stopping performance. We all knew he CAN act. I’m looking forward to Monday’s ep! Thanks unni!

  3. Ep13:

    “SD sees JG and HM all happy together….”

    So up until this point, HM is still in love with JG (well, even after she finds out SD’s hearing problem/backhug in Ep12 her feelings doesn’t seem to change), so I don’t think the ‘kiss’ that we’ve been talking about is a MUTUAL kiss. Most probably it will be a force kiss, initiated by SD. God I would hate the writers if they go that way.

    My shipper heart is happy when I watched the preview but at the same time I don’t want to get my hopes high.

    • My translation was literal, but the line really means that HM and JG are happy together, not that they are dating hence the happy.

      It’s hard to explain – but more like my best friend and I are happy hanging out together connotation, rather than I am happy because I am with my boyfriend connotation.

      My gut tells me that nothing has happened btw HM-JG since the ferris wheel kiss, they may still have feelings for each other, but HM seems way more worried about SD than she is about her romantic feelings for JG.

      Not to say she doesn’t like JG or won’t end up with him in the end. More like right now the story is centered around SD.

      • Ow, okay. So the opportunity’s still there, isn’t it? xD

        Just when I started to accept the painful truth, they give us another (false?) hope – that is the most awaited kiss. Lol. I wish the writers can stop teasing us.

  4. Sign…i will be really sad if SD lost his love and his hearing, he’s given up everything to come to Seoul for HM, and these whole series of unfortunate happening…I hope he won’t break my heart, I think we feel so strongly for SD character because of KSH’s acting, he has really embraced and became SD and his every action just tug at my heartstring….mon can’t come faster enough!!!

  5. Thank you Ockoala!!! I’m so excited for Monday’s episode! Intense! This is my new Kdrama craze for the year! Thanks for the cute Playful Kiss couple pics! I miss them so much! Ockoala you always make my day in all the news and stuff you share with us in this site. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  6. Im glad hyemi wont debut in baekhee’s agency im kinda wishing that the loan shark guy would set up his own agency and the musfits debut under his label

  7. ok this is really confusing..
    Based on the ep 12 preview, some speculates that the part when Hyemi was leaning on someone’s shoulder says it wasnt Samdong’s shoulder but in stead Jingook (coz it was not back hug but front hug..notice the nametag).. Some ppl say she was crying on jingook’s shoulder explaining about Samdong’s situation (the hearing lost)..so if its like that then Jingook should already know about the hearing loss in ep 12..
    But the written preview says Jingook finds out about it in ep 13??.. So does it mean that its Samdong’s shoulder Hyemi was leaning on?

    SD-HM shipper fighting!!

  8. OMG!!! he is soooo good… just that one line about pulling him out gave me the chills… so young and yet so good at delivering just the right blend of emotions. this kid is really great. I don’t really like watching these youth-oriented shows but SD is so worth watching. great performance!

  9. You know, I don’t really care if SD doesn’t get to become ‘K’ (eventhough it is part of his dream to become a singer and music is something that he loves). Yeah maybe I am shallow and selfish and sucker for romance, but I still want SD to get the girl. I agree at this point the hearing loss really frustrates him more than the fact that JG and HM like each other. But then, I’m sure things would turn out differently (or at least better) for SD if the love line went the other way round. He needs supports from his friends, but IMO Hye-mi is the person that he needs most atm.

    I blame KSH for this. He’s doing amazing job here, I can feel his sadness, I can feel that he REALLY LIKES the girl, something that actually missing in JG/HM relationship. And I kind of agree with someone who said Suzy acts better whenever she’s in the same scene with KSH. That boy can bring out the best in his co-stars.

    Ok I’m done ranting lol.

  10. Can’t wait for DH new ep,they make me addict to it.hmm I don’t care if he gets HM or not infact he don’t need it,I just he just be happy,success and miracle happen so that his hearing wont be gone for good.gosh KSH really shining.as for OTP I’m rooting for Jason-Phil suk,those kids make me love them more..monday hurry comes.

  11. I’m still hoping for Jin Gook and Hye Mi love line, but i love Sam Dong too!! I’m hoping he falls in love with Baek Hee (mainly cause she’s the only character without a partner) and “inspires her good side to come out” becauses he’s just such a cute, innocent and all around nice and good person.
    🙂 <3

    • I’m still with JG-HM, but I’m weeping for SD. It’s heartbreak after heartbreak and he’s only a teen. He deserves none of what he’s going through and watching Kim Soo Hyun cry is awful (I loved him in Will It Snow for Christmas?). ; ^ ;
      Regarding BH, I hope she finally realizes what her actions have done to SD. Haha, I’m not for SD-BH yet, but who knows? We still have five episodes to go. I agree that SD’s charm could definitely turn her around. :]

      • ive been reading most of the comments and most of them are for HM and SD but i love, love, love HM and JG, i think they’re great together, fingers crossed they end up being with each other. And omg i love kim pil suk and jason, they’re so cute!!! I feel so sorry for SD but he really should find some other girl, and SD and BH are actually a good match.

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