First Stills and BTS of the Poster Shoot for Upcoming SBS Drama 49 Days

How many days until 49 Days? That was the only thought going through my mind when I saw the first ever BTS glimpse of the Stunning Sixsome (as I henceforth dub them) for the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama 49 Days. I also let out this inhuman screech that surely must have shattered some windows in the building. I WANT THIS DRAMA. NOW.

I’m calling it – prettiest cast of 2011 so far, everyone else has to play catch up. Whether they can all act is kinda iffy, but damn are they beautiful to look at. Jo Hyun Jae, Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo, Seo Ji Hye, Bae Soo Bin, and Nam Gyu Ri round out the huge main cast for the fantasy soul-sharing melodrama penned by the screenwriter who did Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess.

Nam Gyu Ri plays a coma victim who gets one chance to come back to life when her spirit shares the body of Lee Yo Won, and has 49 Days to convince three people to shed genuine tears for her. For some reason, this premise feels like it could be equally poignant, funny, and romantic. Please drama gods, give me a good solid script from beginning to end. I am begging you.

I am so onboard this drama, you will have to pry me off the ship kicking and screaming. And be prepared to lose a limb or three in the process. No one gets between me and Jo Hyun Jae’s post-MS first drama. These are the few stills which have been released so far. Be prepared for massive 49 Days picspam once the official stills start dropping.


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  1. Chingoo, you’re not the only one who’s counting on this drama. I am TRYING to not get too excited because the last time I did that, I watched SG and….you know how that went. On the meh side, I had troubles finishing BL (and I only did that for my BSB) and I had a love/hate relationship with PP though I ended up liking it in the end. So IDK about the script. *bites nails*

    Anyhow. SO much hotness in the poster. So much. *flails* I think I had a mini-heart attack when I noticed how BSB rocked that suit. *fans self*

    Random. I have got to find out where’s that café. There’s a pic with Lee Sang-woo and Song Chang-ui taken there as well and omg. alsfjskldjfsdf

    • I didn’t even bother w/ PP after Serendipity wrote how it failed her Aspirational Gap. But mostly cuz any drama about lawyers always gets my goat for being so very very wrong on the law or mechanics thereof.

      BL was the weirdest watch for me? Totally addicting – I marathoned like 20 eps in 24 hours – but then the final third died on me. I do concur that I stuck with BL for BSB as well, but strangely the story was so makjangly addicting in a fresh and peppy way. Can’t explain it really.

      Anyways, talk about having high hopes – Athena AND SG crashed and burned for me. But I can’t let that leave me listless, cuz looking at the BTS poster shoot makes me crazy with need to nomnomnom on this drama.

      • Yeah, that too. One of the things that irked me the most in PP was how a few topics weren’t treated with the respect they deserved (IMHO), esp at the beginning when Hye-ri was still -how shall I put this?- a silly girl? I’m a fan of “appropriate tone for a certain issue.” Meaning, if you talk about child abuse or rape or [insert sensitive topic here] in a comedy, then you’ll probably see me frown, if you at least made an effort to not make me cringe, but you’ll most likely be busy dodging random objects I’m chucking at you because 9 times out of 10 I HATE that kind of storyline in such a context. Know what I mean?

        Not a fan of makjang dramas. The whole storyline of the evil step-mother and questionable sister was a downer for me. I got bored with it soon. I did like the story of the OTP, but…yeah, BSB got my attention. Jun-sae oppa: one of the best oppas -if not THE best one- in kdramaland. Y/Y?

        I hear you! *hugs you gently*

      • Y/Y, agree 100%. Jun Se oppa is the oppa of all oppas indeed. Han Hyo Joo must’ve been blind, deaf, and brain dead to not pick him. 😛

      • You didn’t want PP because of what Serendipity wrote? WOMAN! What happened to FORMING YOUR OWN OPINION??!?! I’m so disappointed. Ha ha.

        I adored PP. It had it’s little flaws here and there, but it was a good drama none the less. I can never forget my Suhbuhn!!! Shi Hoo is one of the main reasons why I watched the Queen of Reversals. He doesn’t have the hot factor [face wise] but there is something about Shi hoo. *swoon*

      • Okay, okay, I confess – I watched 4 eps of PP when it first aired and really didn’t like it. Serendipity’s review of up to episode 10 convinced me my original assessment to drop it was correct. But that is because, on that drama alone, she and I had identical reactions to the first few eps.

        Just so you know, PP is the one drama everyone constantly tells me I have to watch. The second is MGiaG. Perhaps one day. 🙂

    • sere, I’m suprised u are not include weight issues in what a thing you bother about PP… This is the only issues I want the writers to write it more detail. The rest is fine. I want to know why you include Rape and Child abuse issues in unrespect way. I think they handle it quite well…

      the thing about PP is, everyone deserves a second chance to being recognize with people around us, including Hye Ri. especially when u show an effort.

      sorry my bad english

      • I didn’t include it because in a way they treated it sensibly. Not at first, mind you, but I can totally buy her backstory (minus, perhaps, the bit when she’s pretty much a prisoner in her own house): the bullying; the being laughed at; the psychological damage someone like her could get; the emotional turmoil; her frailty; the being sure you’re not good enough, no matter what you do or say; the sudden change of the way you act (from hiding yourself to showing off your body to the point you look and sound vain and dumb, even if you’re not)…they’re all very realistic imho.

        All these aspects contributed to the way Hye-ri felt (the way she perceived herself, the way she thought people looked at her -remember when she thought Se-joon was laughing at her because of how she had looked like when she was younger and Se-joon told her that no, it wasn’t that, it was because she was being silly and wasn’t doing her best on the job?- the way she handled her love troubles were realistic) and thus to the kind of prosecutor she was at the beginning and in the end.

        Mind you, I’m not saying TPTB did an excellent job with this topic, but it felt realistic enough to me so I was okay with it.

        The rape and child abuse case? They felt like mere devices used JUST as an excuse to make Hye-ri grow up, to show how much she was failing as a prosecutor AND a human being; they didn’t register as topics in their own rights. I’m sorry, but, as I said, certain topics deserve to be treated with a little more respect and not just be an excuse for a character’s growth, no matter how much needed it was. Oh yes, HR grew up, saw the error of her ways and tried to fix herself and help the victms, but the focus of the story shouldn’t have been HR, imho. I mean, TPTB could have use any other less sensitive/triggering topic (a bank robbery? A mother stealing bread for her children?) and they could have achieved the same result (HR’s growth, the viewers cheering her on instead of shaking their heads at her) but without treading into dangerous territory. As I said, I’m always for appropriate tone for certain topics.

        Oh and also? It felt like tptb were trying to manipulate my feelings. I hate when they do that.

      • wahh we have a different point of view… I think rape issues/child abuse isn’t just for Hye Ri’s character development sake only… It arise a deeper topic, like what you feel when People around us being wrongly accused or feel unjustice. I really feel bad for the victim. And It make me realised how heavy responsibility a prosecutor can be have. This is the main topic of this show…. And arise a more heavy cases, It’s In WOo’s issues… That’s Why I feel i have learn alot from this show… Maybe U know alot more than me, that’s why u feel like that?

        About weight issues… Maybe because it’s more sensitive for me, It’s my personal issues… but i can’t stand when people feel burden and not enjoy their food. Especially when U have body as slim as KSY. Thanks God, Hye ri start to eat rice around epi 12…

        Thanks, you have reply my post. I’m glad To share my opinion with u 😉

  2. The plot reminds me of this old fanfic (about Shinhwa) I read a while back called 49 Days For A Second Chance. It’s the same idea with the girl falling into a coma and is given 49 days for someone to recognize her, but she has to take over someone else’s body.

    Ehe, I had major flashbacks after reading the plot. But now I’m looking forward to it! 😀

  3. me tooo..i could care less abt Midas, Royal Family, Thorn Birds or Crime Squad (that too has a good cast though)…THIS i need to see!!!…but what’s up with Jung Il Woo’s hair?

  4. OMO….. the sixth are awesome !!!

    gaahh !!! can’t wait… really… i’m too excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they are all pretty !!
    the plot also sounds interesting………………!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m counting on this drama too to help me to get out of my SG’s withrawl , I really loved that drama and the characteres and I still do 🙂
    also PP and Park shi hoo were the reason why I started watching kdrama non stop since last june 😉

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