DNT Media Announces the Production of the Mary Stayed Out All Night DVD Set

In my drama-watching lifetime, I have only shelled out the dough to buy a director’s cut DVD edition of two dramas: City Hall and Tamra the Island. I haven’t regretted either purchase, and those two babies sit on the top of my shelf and cheer me up whenever I get frustrated watching a bad drama. A new arrival will soon join them to make it a holy trinity – DNT Media just announced that it will be producing the official Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) DVD set. And it looks to be a monster doozy.

The company made a preliminary announcement yesterday, and be forewarned that the details remain subject to change. Don’t take what it is proposing to do as gospel if the final DVD set turns out considerably different than the initial proposal. For now, this is what we can expect: the set will either be an uncut version or a director’s cut version (haven’t decided yet); if it’s the uncut version, the director and his crew will reinsert the cut scenes and add the musical scores as need.

The set will be a limited purchase only, and will include a picture book containing 160 pictures, including many never-before-seen stills. It will include a script for one of the episodes (oh god, please let it NOT be the script for the horrific trainwreck that was episode 15), and the episode script will be selected based on the script the fans most want to see (I want to see episode 7).

It will include about 7 hours (!!!) of behind-the-scenes footage, including never-before-seen material. I DECREE IT MUST INCLUDE THE BTS FOR THE EPISODE 8 KISS SCENE. The entire set will be roughly the size of the Tamra the Island Director’s Cut box set. Once the commentary and interview dates are set, fans are asked to go to DNT Media’s daum café and leave questions for the cast. The commentary and interview will partially reflect the questions asked by the fans.

1….2….3….. (lemme take a deep breath here)….. OH MY DRAMA GOD!!! 7 hours of behind-the-scenes footage, AND the interviews will be asking questions left by fans? What is this unprecedented fanservice going on? I had to peek at the date to make sure this wasn’t an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke. DVD production is notoriously subject to change, so if it turns out the final DVD set has one poster, only 30 minutes of interviews asking whether Jang Geun Seok liked his hairstyle, and one additional scene whereby Mae Ri jogged around that mountain top for 10 minutes, then so be it. Until then, I’m choosing to be the most gullible Koala in the world and I buy this boatload of hope DNT Media just announced.

[Credit: DNT Media daum café forum]


DNT Media Announces the Production of the Mary Stayed Out All Night DVD Set — 51 Comments

  1. Thanks mucha ockoala for this news! Gosh, just thinking about having the uncut version, plus a 160 pictures book, an episode’s script and 7 hours of BTS!!!…I just hope the final purchase price would not cost me an arm and a leg.

    By chance has DNT Media given estimate when the DVD set will be out in the market?This summer perhaps?

    • Nope, no tentative date yet. I would anticipate late Spring/early Summer at the earliest.

      And judging by previous director’s cut editions released by DNT Media for other dramas, expect it to cost around $150 (US dollars).

      • Thanks much ockoala. 🙂 I guess I should start saving…If only the gasoline prices stop climbing so I can save more…

  2. Ahhhhh, love it!!!! 😀 😀 😀
    i want it, omg i never buy at internet, and now i’m wondering if my 400$ per year will be enough for jgs cd, m3 book, and now this dvd (plus delivery expenses)
    7 hours of bts and answering our questions seems too good to be true, anyway i’m buying it!!!!
    captain i’m sure you will keep us updated, thanks a lot!!!!!!
    😀 😀 😀

  3. pleeasssee tell me there will be an english subbed version for us non korean speaking/non chinese subtitle reading fans to buy!!!!

    • Okay, the English subbed will typically be produced by YA Entertainment a few months after the DC cut comes out.

      BUT, if you wait to buy the English-subbed version, you will not be getting all the goodies that comes with the DNT Media version, most notably the photobook and a copy of the script.

      The YA Entertainment English subbed version will of course include the BTS footage and commentary and interviews. Basically anything that is on a DVD disc.

      HOWEVER, YA Entertainment is not guaranteed to sub the extras.

      It’s kinda a catch 22 which one to buy – unless you have the money and buy both.

      • Aw that’s too bad! For the first time I’m contemplating to buy a DVD of a Korean drama even though I know the price is steep but if it’s not going to have an English sub how am I going to understand what they are saying, especially the 7 hrs BTS & interview of the cast. 🙁

      • I’m pretty sure YA usually subs the extras since it is specifically for the English speaking market. The DNT release, however, I’m like 90% sure will not have subbed extras. I have so many Korean box sets with awesome amounts of extras but no subs. *cries*

        I really like the Korean sets better though because they usually come in awesome packaging with photobooks, posters, etc unlike the YA versions. Koreans know how to draw in buyers with some slick products I tell ya!

      • In other news: I’m still waiting for an announcement of when Giant is getting released on DVD so I can plop down probably $200+ USD!

  4. Hua.7hour bts,we can ask questions?oh my!just one question,are you geun2 dating for real?better answer honestly.oh want it want it but duno if my salary enough to cover it,I just hope someone who buy dvd will post the bts at least the kiss in ep8 then the break up ep7..hwuaa waiting for miracle so that I can buy it.

  5. Sooooo, being really poor at the moment and having to capacity to buy something so pricey (you know, regardless of ZOMG HOW WONDERFUL IS THIS? OMGOMGOMG!), do you think there’s any chance of the extras being subbed and put online somewhere?

    • Absolutely. If I knew how to upload shit (pardon my French) I’d do it for y’all. I’m sure some kind person will upload all the BTS, and hopefully any added scenes as well.

      So you did finish M3? I figured you waz buzzay with zee school exams and somesuch since you didn’t pipe in during the second half of the drama. Rest assured, all the juicy bits will be revealed once the set drops. ^__^

      • I haven’t finished M3 yet, sadly–school’s being a bitch, as usual, and driving me to drink, as you can see from the atrocious grammar above. I blame my friends entirely because the Labyrinth drinking game was totally their idea. (Also, David Bowie in really tight tights. Hee.)

        But spring break! I’ll probably catch up on many, many things then, like sleep, dramas, and the copious ingestion of mommy’s cooking.

  6. ~faints~

    I WISH I HAD MONEY!!! Darn you, school, for requiring my entire livelihood! ~shakes fist at all school administrators~

    Can I count on our lovely Koala-unni to give us at least a quick overview for those of us who are too poor or don’t have persuadable parents? I would be FOREVER indebted to you. ~looks hopeful~

    • estel, you are so damn right lol

      “I WISH I HAD MONEY!!! Darn you, school, for requiring my entire livelihood! ~shakes fist at all school administrators~

      Can I count on our lovely Koala-unni to give us at least a quick overview for those of us who are too poor or don’t have persuadable parents? I would be FOREVER indebted to you.”

      i couldnt agree more 😀

      so please unni, upload it as soon as possible after you get them..
      then i can die peacefully lol

  7. OMG!! you leave me breathless! I’m going to get this for sure! Now need to figure out how to register for i-pin so I can verify my daum account >.<

    But hot damn, I can't wait for this!! whoohoooooo!! D-cut M3! *dances* ^_______________^

  8. YAY! Okay, I’ll probably wait for the subbed version, but OMFG 7 hours of BTS! *jumps ups and down*

    Please, please, let there not be the whole pre-order ONLY on selected websites shenanigans. I hate when that happens (ie City Hall). Do you know I gave up the CH director’s cut just because of that and because I didn’t trust innolife (yes, I’m a heretic. I’d like to stick with websites I can at least read)?

  9. hi ockoala!thanks 4 sharing the info!
    im sure u will grab this dvd right..so a small request here..(ok HUGE actually =p) please please please do share all the good stuff with us..really really cant get enough of MG and MR..after all sharing IS caring~ kekeke..

  10. OMG OMG!!
    I want it!!! but I live so far (Perú) that maybe this DVD pack will cost me more than 150 dollars … anyway I will try to get it! this will be the perfect Xmas gift for me!
    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  11. OMG..i’m having goosebump here. I will try to get both version, korean and english so i will not miss out those amazing goodies included!!! I know it’s quite expensive but hell yeah for my beloved Geun’s, i’d grab both sets! I hope all these are available at online sellers like yesasia.

    Thanks Ms. Ockoala for sharing and yes we will stil wait for you to share it here. Seriously, what a wonderful day!

  12. hihi.. my confession> i only have 1 set original DVD is FRIEND won bin and kyoko fukada, i think i wanna buy this also..@ ockoala my friend..can you inform us later if this DVD set have release. thans A lot ^^

  13. With the YB DC DVD, gradually the extras get subbed. I think there’s still a lot of footage included in the boxset which haven’t been subbed. True, I couldn’t enjoy the DVD set to its fullest when I first got it because the extras weren’t subbed. But I still think its worth it–as a fan of the drama.

    What’s interesting to note is that parts of the YB DC DVD boxset have been cut up, subbed and sold as separate products for the Japanese market. So, like the original one cost around $150 ( w/shipping). But to make money ( I guess) the company cut the extras into like 4 separate DVDs so far and have sold this to the Japanese market for around $50–with Japanese subs, of course. THAT doesn’t include the drama itself –which costs close to $400 for the entire set. I bought one of the extra DVDs, and it had subbed versions of the cast and director interviews. Totally worth it, because now I could actually understand what they were saying.

    Now, IDK if M3 will generate that much interest in Japan compared to YB. But if it does, they might come out with something similar.

  14. I’m thinking if I can get the DVD copy in any stores in Korea, perhaps? Could it be cheaper then? hmmpp seriously I want want want the DVD copy… It doesn’t matter anymore if there is any subtitle or not as long as I can watch the 7 hours BTS.. sigh sigh sigh…

  15. Dear ockoala,

    does it mean that all the goodies you mentioned will be in Korean only ie with no English or Mandarin subs??????!!!!!! Aaarrrrgggghhh !!! How can this be?????!!!

    I have been waiting…waiting…. waiting…. for this M3 DVD set, preferably UNCUT with all the additional BTS (7 hours is more than great!), picture book/stills (I want, want, want). Now there’s news that IT will be out soon but I won’t be able to understand the contents! I NEED to be able to read and know exactly what they are saying to each other. How do you guys do it? Pray please tell. Is there some hidden resources that you are able to call on to understand the contents? What’s the method? Please share. Really want to buy the DVD set with all the goodies included. Please also advise how and where to purchase when its brought to market. Thank you millions in advance.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention the SCRIPT too. I want to read! Why is Korean Drama distribution/marketing so “local”? LG, Samsung, Hyundai are sold all over the world, isn’t it? There is global demand for Kdrama and they should capitalize on it. Plenty of capable SKoreans with international expertise that can bring that global marketing into fruition. Surely, its not difficult to find people who could translate Korean to English or Mandarin in Korea???? Grumble & Sigh…..

  16. All I could manage to do while reading this was emit “Whooo, whoo” sounds like a retarded owl hooting in broad daylight…up to the end of the post. I slobber at this news like crazy.

  17. ..im thinking if it has here in the php too ..i just wondering to have it also ..DVD set, preferably UNCUT with all the additional BTS (7 hours is more than great!), picture book/stills ( I really wanted this kind of collection)..goodies…
    ..i wish…i wish…it has here also..

  18. dear ockoala…

    my husband is currently on temp. assignment in SK. on his recent home visit, he brought me the DVD set of City Hall (director’s cut – english subs except for the special feature), the OST of M3 part 1 and 2 and the photo essay of M3.

    as for M3 DVD set, i sure will be checking on your blog daily for any updates. i even asked my husband (and he said ok) to leave his number at the bookstore so that they’ll be able to contact him whenever the dvd is available. just can’t wait!

  19. can someone told me when will they publish the dvd…. so eager to get it!!!!!!!! and can i know how much is the dvd???

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