My Princess Episode 14 Written Preview

A good thing about having some time to digest and accept a drama’s shortcomings is that I don’t feel as emotionally vested anymore. I can enjoy it, but when it fails to deliver, I’m not as blue in the face. Not sure if folks will like where My Princess is headed, but at least it appears to be setting itself up for a final confrontation and resolution next week when the drama wraps.

Written preview for episode 14:

Hae Young wants to stay overnight at the unused guest house, leaving Seol frantic and nervous. Hae Young tells Seol that he needs more time with her. He tells her not push away the him that is before her eyes, and she can hate him.

Hae Young arranges for Seol’s friend, Gun, and Jung Woo to all arrive at the guest house, and everyone spends a wonderful time together.

On the otherhand, Jung Woo confronts Yoon Joo about taking responsibility for the entire princess legitimacy issue, and to resign. Hae Young hastily arranges a press conference. He exposes all the past matters which Dae Han Group has concealed until now, and apologizes to the people of Korea….

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]


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  1. Hmm and I thought after the amazing kiss they going to give us boating and give more cract and sweet like early ep,I guess the angst still continue.Just hope they give 1 last ep full crack,sweet&boating as fanservice.Ah I don’t feel ache anymore,got yongseo couple as my antidot.

      • don’t worry the best parts are at the beginning and the end, 5 minutes each way. I guess the effect and suspense won’t be the same but I watched those parts just for the daebak! I plan to return later when I have time for more 🙂

      • Yep kiss estel and its HY that make it,he leave no space for LS to struggle after he confess and begging LS not to leave him and asking he to let him love her and she do MMM said,yep daebak only at the begining and end.

  2. I hope that Seol has a more active role than this preview describes. One of the things I really liked about the latest episode was that Seol was taking independent action, trying to track down the truth about her past. Too often I feel like she’s passive in comparison to Hae Young, Yoon Joo and Jung Woo, considering it’s her life that’s constantly being rearranged.

  3. Seriously?! Another press conference? We just finished with the last press conference, is it already time for another one… Is it mandatory to have a press conference (or at least mention one) in every other episode? Just how much press conferences can this drama have…

    I agree with you Koala… I, too, am starting to get tired of My Princess. I find myself going crazy on the fast forward button, only watching 2-3 scenes per episode. I don’t find it as cracktastic as Dream High but then again I really disliked Dream High when it took a detour for the emo.

  4. I want the drama to end with the couple being together for good so that my life can be back to normal! (but am itching to see the big B and the little B suffer to death!)

  5. Thanks so much for MP 14 preview and treats early/kiss scene….. So good Ockoala.
    You are so fast.
    I am waiting to see much more sweets scenes in epi 14 because of preview. Now we have one more week for MP and wish HYLS get marry in epi 15, I am sad to let it go as I like SSH and MP.

  6. She tried to push him away? OMG, seriously come on LS – grab the man! I was totally fed up with Ep 13 – and the kiss at the end didn’t do much to make me feel better. The going-ons at the love shack made me go “wtf wtf”. He looked at her with such kindness … it was like she was his daughter o_O. The setting was perfect and there were so many missed opportunities. I understand that it’s kdrama and it’s not going to get hot and heavy but love shack scenes were just …. unnatural -_- ie. not even a peck on the forehead?

    I’ll still get it on DVD though – and Eps 1 – 8 (or is it 1 – 10) will be on constant replay.

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