Jung Woo Sung Confirmed For the Hollywood Remake of The Killer

Following on the heels of a box-office successful Korean remake of the iconic John Woo movie A Better Tomorrow (Korean title Mujeokja, starring Song Seung Heon and Joo Jin Mo), a second remake of another John Woo movie is in the works. Director John H. Lee (A Moment to Remember, Into the Fire) will be reuniting with his AMTR star Jung Woo Sung for a Hollywood financed remake of John Woo’s The Killer.

The original starred Chow Yun-fat as a hired assassin who takes on one final job so that he can pay for the surgery of a songstress he accidentally blinded, and has now fallen in love with. Too bad that final job is one big double-cross, and then the fireworks fly and Chow Yun-fat unleashes some whoop ass. The remake is slated to be filmed in 3-D, and will enter production later this year anticipating a 2012 release. Since the movie will be a Hollywood production, I’m expecting everyone to speak English in it. Thank goodness my honey can speak passable onscreen English.

It’s too early to say whether the movie will be any good, but frankly this news goes a long way in washing the stink of Athena off my guy. His leading lady can be from a bevy of excellent Asian actresses, but I vote to reunite him with Jeon Ji Hyun since she’s also breaking into the US market, and they had great chemistry in Daisy. Erh, wait a momento, wasn’t Daisy already an homage to The Killer (hired killer, accidentally blinding a painter, falls in love with her….)?

[Credit: WSJ blog interview]


Jung Woo Sung Confirmed For the Hollywood Remake of The Killer — No Comments

  1. O… Ma… Gawd… 조마조마조마조마…

    It’s the Killer. And Chow Yun Fat. Jung Woo Sung rocks but… It’s the Killer! And Chow Yun Fat! But John Woo is not just on board but is in fact producing. Brain cannot compute.

    If this works, Korean cinema – though already well-regarded – will have to brace itself. Success might end up more daunting than the cooling of interest that would result from a flop.

  2. Wow! Will definitely catch this flick ‘cos of John Woo.. the man has many box office hits under his belt including Mission Impossible II, Red Cliff, Face Off & Broken Arrow to name a few.. Good for Jung Woo Sung, another Korean actor moving towards Hollywood

  3. i second the vote that jung woo sung reunites with jeon ji hyun on the big screen! (and in real life too *dreams*) they were lovely together in Daisy, and their Giordano ads were to die for.

  4. I like John Woo’s films… the fighting is always such an art… and the cinematography never failed to gratified me, also always have such a beautiful backgraund scenary… I mean, the way the angle was put to make scenes always give a beauty in result…

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