New Stills from the Mary Photobook and BTS Video of the Moon Geun Young-Won Bin Photoshoot

The Captain of the Geun-Geun ship is inviting all passengers to dine with me. Black tie only, and you have to bring your powers of conjecture, deduction, and persuasion. The crack team in the discussion forum is entertaining me silly with their masterful CSI abilities (carry on, sailors!), so I simply must reward everyone with some GG goodies.

Bringing photos from the Mary Stayed Out All Night photobook, which isn’t so much never-seen-before, but more like never-seen-from-this-angle before. As an added bonus, Basic House just released a BTS video of the Moon Geun YoungWon Bin photoshoot, which gives us a glimpse of our Mae Ri (and a very hot Won Bin as well, which is always a treat).

The Basic House photoshoot actually looks much better in video format, but once again, when the stills pop up, it just feels awkward and stiff. You can’t force chemisrty, and Geun Young has stated in the radio show she did this week that it was hard for her to pose with Won Bin because of his seniority to her. It’s okay, an uncle-niece concept isn’t half-bad.

BTS video of Moon Geun Young-Won Bin Basic House Shoot:


[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Geun-Geun bar]


New Stills from the Mary Photobook and BTS Video of the Moon Geun Young-Won Bin Photoshoot — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you ockoala, you are working hard!

    Love to have a copy of the picture book but could not read Korean. I’m sure it must be some moving write up tying in with the pictures telling MR and MG’s love story. Wish Kdrama production could globalize and provide foreign language translations for all their DVDs and related merchandise. Why can’t they see that its a HUGE untapped/underserviced market??

    Just saw the MV JGS filmed in Japan for the song “Star”. He looked exactly like MG and it looks weird with the Japanese costar. At any point, one would just wished that it had been MGY/MR instead. MG simply have to be with MR and everything would look PERFECT. JGS and MGY just seems so right for each other, they have “husband and wife” face.

  2. They are so precious! Pictures of them together always give me the warmest fuzzies.

    Also, I spy MGY clinging to JGS even when they’re just reading the script ^^

  3. Thank so much captain.oh I see in one picture MG bout to kiss MR at that rooftop but they must cut it and now I believe they must cut some kissing scene suppose to happen.sigh.
    won bin hawt!geun young always preety.ah why is that when I see JKS with other I just think-ah it should be MGY then the picture/ would beautiful and perfect.

  4. ahoy there matey…and you call yourself M3Lover….this is when you get google translator to read with M3 photobook!!!! LOL Ok you know I’m just joking. I know what you mean so we’ll get the book for the photos alone, tho we can get that here or elsewhere online–free! But just thinking of reading the photobk with google translator, it’d either take you forever to finish or have you ROFL at the crazies that is google translation!!! Let’s hope someone will be kind enough to translate and share with non-Korean speakers…pretty please.. 🙂

    Thanks Koala for this lovely Geun Geun update!

  5. My dear your Koala Highness
    Just when I thought it was safe to go back to reality, you NEVER fail to spoil us silly with all the Geun2 goodies..
    Thanks heaps & loads + much……..[oh for sexy WB too! yay!!]

  6. Love the photobook, wish I was made of money… ~dramatic sigh~

    Won Bin and Geun-young look smokin’ separately, but I must say they look totally awkward together. Still…I wish I looked that good in clothes. Whew!

  7. So, there is much more LOVE from our WMR-KMG in the drama and behind the drama that we didn’t see. Glad for this photobook for us all to feast and dreamed about from our dear Geun’s.

    I thank you Ms Ockoala for bringing in another goodies galore. Everything is LOVE especially them reading script bts both hands so close and that missing KISS (ugh! why did they cut it!) outside the building they went to!

  8. i really like watch BTS of JGS in his dramas and shows. It’s just my opinion .. i thought Moon Geun Young look awkward and separate with her male co-partner before, she look more comfort and friendly with JGS… AT THE OTHER SIDE Jang Geun Suk usually look talkative and naughty with his female co-partner before and after M3, BUT when he beside MGY he look shy, calm and sometimes avoid of eye contact hehee…it means ???? ^_~

    • Agree, they shy and reserve MGY, seems more relax & playful when with JGS, while the the bubbly JGS who goof around with everyone male & female most of the time, seems to become more manly, calm & attentive whenever he’s with MGY…and he’s shy too when the staff tease him with MGY unlike when with other female casts, he playfully flirt with them especially infront of the camera just to make the other person embarrass or shy….

  9. I could not let one more day pass by without saying “Thanks much” to Captain ockoala for the above pictures and MV!

    About the MV, I too sensed some distance between MGY and WB in the photoshoot. Am no expert in photoshoots but maybe the director or camera person was not having a good day, or MGY or WB was not feeling well that day. Both are superb actors so one would think they can create some needed chemistry there. But then again, it was probably better that way since we do not want one person (**ahem** KMG aka JGS) to get jealous, would we?

    Then those M3 pictures…Yes, we will always look at them with fresh eyes…The picture, in which the couple appear to be poised to kiss, should be framed, sealed and guarded in an undisclosed area except to Geun-Geun shippers, for it could very well be the key to the important case we are solving. 😉

    And how about that picture where they were walking together with earphones and laughing, has anyone come across an explanation why they were laughing then?
    Oh, what a picture of young love…of youthful bliss!

    • Yeah…the ep 10 about to kiss picture…why the heck did they cut the scene? Since this is in ep 10 it shud be important especially after MR witness SJ kiss MG ealier…to prove he was nowhere affected by SJ’s kiss…and as an assurance to MR he really likes her..but then again since this is in ep 10, perhaps the 2nd writer has a say to cut off the scene since she’s taking over ep 11 onwards & she has every intention to kill MG & to end up with MR marrying JI!!!!!

      But of cos there’s sumone who suggested that this perhaps wasnt even part of the scene….its more like in ‘between the scene’, when JGS & MGY tot nobody was looking & the camera was OFF…which I prefer to believe too…kekeke

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