Dream High Episode 14 Video Preview

Dream High is wrapping up in two weeks, and I’m rather sad to see it come to an end. Perhaps there is enough story to make a longer drama, but in my heart I know that 16 episodes is likely just the right length. I think pretty soon all the outside issues will be dealt with, and the kids will simply have to work through any remaining emotional crutches in their lives before reaching a breakthrough.

Preview for episode 14:


I think both Sam Dong and Jin Gook are co-male leads in this drama, which cycles through examining each guy’s issues and give both boys an equal amount of story and screen time. With that said, I do personally prefer Sam Dong (it’s the Kim Soo Hyun edge), but am genuinely happy to see how Hye Mi resolves her emotional choice vis-a-vis both great guys. And if they end up a happy threesome of just friends, that’s lovely to see as well.


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  1. Oh thank you Mrs. Koala. I don’t know how you have enough time in the day to upload all these goodies when you have to take care of your lovely Koala family and life in general. Thanks!

    (what’s the preview say?)

    • there’s a translation in soompi forums. i don’t know if I can put it here, but credits go to espresso!! thanks so much!!

      Baek-hee: What do we do about Jin-gook?
      Hye-mi: So that’s why Jin-gook couldn’t say anything. Don’t tell anyone. Jin-gook will understand.
      Sam-dong: Smile, even if you have to force a smile. Do you know what it means to be an adult? It means there will be fewer reasons to smile.
      Hye-mi: You’ve returned–the old Sam-dong.
      Do-joon: World-class record label EMG is scouting. English is mandatory. You have to know at least three languages?
      Jason: You’re going to go to this audition, too?
      Pil-sook: But why are there two copies?
      Jason/Pil-sook: Jin-gook
      Jason: “He’s gonna make it through.”
      Pil-sook: “I believe him, too.”
      Teacher Kang: They said Baek-hee was at the scene.
      Teacher Shi: Baek-hee?
      Teacher Kang: You know, right? You know why Jin-gook hit the manager.
      Baek-hee: Teacher….

      Well… that pretty much tell us Jin-gook is K?? or not! hehe I don’t care anymore, I just want them all to be happy =)

      • thank you for posting the translation.
        i’m also through with speculating. i’m just trying to enjoy the rest of the ride (it’s been a good one).

  2. wow!! Thank you sooo much!! Monday cannot come any sooner!! *_* What the hell are they saying?? Ugh!! I wish I’ve learned korean instead of Japanese T_T Omg!! Milky couple is soooo cute, but a kiss would be heaven!! hehe

    Thanks again =)

  3. Okay I know that I’m so far off the maker, the actually story line I know will probably be like everyone guess, were by the slime direct tried to assault Baek hee and Jin Gook kick his ass. But I realized that my mind is a little warped so as far as Baek Hee situation two very far fetch ideas have been working in my brain: first she’s dying, she’s always fainting over nothing, and kdrama’s do like a go dying story, but even I think that would be a bit of over killed. Second she and the direct have been having an affair, and now she finds her self in a delicate situation. I know I lost my mind, I blame it on work pressure.

  4. Dont be fooled. This show have been playing with the audience since day1 e.g. Hyemi pictured to be a villain, hyemi jingook loveline emphasis, the cause of samdongs tinnitus wer evryone thought it was due to the flower pot incident. Not that im not happy about it. Trust me, jingook will never be K. If not samd0ng, it will be hyemi. Expect her to take samdong to stage amidst her grammy acceptance speech. Remember ep 3? This show is known for turning tables.

    • haha OMG i have thought about that before and i mentioned it in DB comments section(though i think i was called delusional at some point haha)..im predicting that too! this drama is doing the reversal of the usual kdrama plots

    • It can’t be Hye-Mi..
      All I know is it’s a guy…On the first episode while they were talking about the star they kept on referring to the person as him.
      Plus, the person has extremely short hair..I doubt Hye-Mi would cut her hair to that length.

      Argghh I sound sooo addicted. Hahha xD

  5. hey everyone! I’m a huge Samdong/Hyemi shipper, and I just noticed something in the preview for ep 14. The scene with Samdong and Hyemi where he’s pulling her cheeks looks like the one from episode 13 when she gives him the tuning fork (they’re wearing the same clothing)

    I know that there was supposed to be a kiss scene in ep 13, so could they have put that cut into ep 14 instead?? It makes more sense to put it here since now if they kiss, it won’t be because Hyemi pities him since he’s found a way to overcome his disability.

    What do you think??

  6. K could be Kang-Saem 🙂
    Realizing his own dreams by teaching the children.
    That way … there will be no conflict. 🙂
    I am a SamMi/ GukMi shipper. Either way .. they are both hott.. Both wanted.. both talented.

    I think BaekHee probably got abused by the manager. He was probably trying to come onto her or something… and Guk prolly saw that and tried to save Baek Hee.

      • Everything would be peaceful if it ended this way.
        Of course there is the love triangle.. but I think that they will find a way to get over it.
        If Gukkie gets left behind, then maybe his father will FINALLY learn that his son is more important than his selfish ambitions.. and he will find love in his father.
        If Samdonngiie gets left behind, then he can become like beethovan and be a almost deaf composer/musician and be totally legendary..
        All the while .. K-Kang Saem is taking over the world.
        This would be a great and highly unrealistic ending…but … what are dramas for ..
        to show us things that will never happen in real life, we can get happy off of it. 🙂

  7. Why did Jin Guk smile when he saw them? Is he thinking about doing something devious that will take HyeMi too far? Oh crap I want to watch this episode SSOOO bad!!!!

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