Written Preview for My Princess Episode 15

My Princess has pulled quite a feat in my opinion – it went completedly off the tracks before suddenly lurching back in place and going full speed ahead as if nothing happened. Would I ever forget that the middle episodes were insanely dreadful? Probably not, but I’ve put it behind me with a jaunty wave. No hard feelings, okay MP? I can’t wait for the final two episodes to give me a royal wedding and some pictures of cute babies to wrap up the fairy tale.

Written preview for episode 15:

I….love Park Hae Young (don’t we all, Seol, don’t we all)….

Saying that he has to take care of some matters, Hae Young reappears after one month. Seol transforms all her longing for him into shamelessly sticking by his side as her way of welcoming him. Hae Young embraces Seol warmly as well.

Secretary Oh finds a comparable new position for Yoon Joo, who has been despondent. Jung Woo suddenly appears and grabs her hand and leads her away. His request that “let’s start over again” causes Yoon Joo to shed tears.

On the other hand, Hae Young tells the lawyer, who has prepared all the paperwork according to Grandpa’s wishes to donate his entire fortune to society, that he is not prepared to sign at this time….

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for My Princess Episode 15 — 39 Comments

  1. I….love Park Hae Young (don’t we all, Seol, don’t we all)….

    Ockoala, you made me laugh so hard with this line. Thanks for the preview….the only thing that registered was the part she’s shamelessly sticking by his side….go, girl, go stick like UHU…. in the shower…..bed…..

  2. No no no!!! Jung Woo – drop the little viper into the pit where she belongs and move forward. No happy redemption for the little snake. ::snarl::

    And yeah, follow HY around like a puppy to keep an eye on him. The rest of us would as well.

  3. While I am applauding for P Kun and his LS, I am saying thumbs down to the professor for getting back the B curator. How could you professor? You have been stung by the serpent so many times and yet?

    Shall we see a wedding in the final episode and little P Kun running in the palace?
    I hope so.

    I eagerly await your next 2 recaps Koala. I will print all your recaps for this drama and keep it together with MP DVD, the OST part 1 & 2 and the Comics Book that I have just ordered from yesasia. I know that as I rewatch the drama, I will also be reading again and again your wonderful recaps.

    I hope another project comes along with SSH & KTH together.

    • @Tarit, wow u give me an idea,,yup, after this i’ll print all the episode recap for my princess..hahaha i’ll make my own book of MP..lol

    • “”shamelessly sticking by his side????? woah.!!!… i hope she’ll follow him up to bathroom or his bedroom or both. *evil smile*”””

      Echo! Ditto! Echo!! bathroom, bedroom, shower… BRING IT ON!!! you got me laughing real hard..

      • hi tangee! you’re back 😀



        Yay!! 3 cheers to the Gang of 3 shallow birds, so far!!!

        allenif & may
        both of you make my day!! cheers..

      • bwahahahah! SHAMELESS SHALLOW BIRDS…. the more i love ittttttttt!!!!

        to the 3 musketeers… i mean, 3 shameless shallow birds.. heheh! one for all , all for one!!! kampai!!! LOL

        btw, my chingu may, i’m watching now tamra in dramacrazy and it’s 16 episodes. but i’ve read from a comment that in viikii, it used to be 21. in mysoju, its 16 also. so which one did you buy? are the missing episodes after 16 very necessary to the story that without watching those 17-21 ep, you’ll be missing a lot?

      • You can watch the 16 ep version without missing the romance. But if you want to understand the subplot more, then the 21 ep is better. But I was ok with the 16 ep cos the romance was more or less the same. 21 ep showed a lot of the background of the woman villain, the woman in red, whom you’ll see soon.

  4. oh so the 15min screen absent is only one month….Yes, we are LOVEEEEEE PHY too..Yes, LS, stick to him like SUPER glue(UHU not powerful enough)..PHY has done so much for his love, about time LS throw him a little bone too…Oh I am so looking forward to little PHYs and LSs playing barefoot at the fountain:)) Thank you ockoala for your wonderful recaps and written preview…MP, Ockoala and all the “royal fellowers”, “princes” and “princesses” fighting till the end!

  5. It’s way to late for Yoon Joo to redeem herself. If the writers redeem her somehow in the last 2 episode. I’m going to bang against a wall until my memory of My Princess dissipates.

    Why is Yoon Joo so lucky to have someone like Jung Woo? He loved her for 10 years without any reciprocation in return. She was selfish throughout those 10 years and she still haven’t changed. In fact she got worse and tried to ruin Seol life to benefit herself. She has being double-timing both Woo and Hae Young.

    There must be something mentally wrong with Woo if he embraces her again.

  6. Absolutely truuuuuuuuue… only Mr.P and MP are standing for Mister Prince My Prince I almost forget that this drama is My Princess..sorry guys

    off and on a track is fine but do come back for the last two episodes..I want the final wrap up for who kill Seol’s dad? how? what about Lee Dan? how could she survive after being a fake princess?

    is grandpa good person? is he really royalty? YJ…ah ah how is she then?

    and Mr. P…I want to see him living his normal life with Seol who is giving up a throne for him..

    just my thought

  7. OMG…… Another big thanks to you Ockoala. I love this preview…..
    So hard to wait……. I am reading your writing with full of smile……
    You make me good Sunday night.

  8. YEAH!!! We haven’t got the chance to see Hae young Oppa sleeping or wearing just pajamas bottoms, so I hope Seol goes and wakes him up, that’s a cute way of sticking around I think!!!

  9. What can i say but GO GIRL!…..like what they said…….absence makes the heart grow funder…..that’s what she felt and SEOL don’t let your eyes off of him!(hmmm…winky…winky) i guess it’s pay back time! it’s Lee Seol’s turn….isn’t it guys!

  10. What can i say but GO GIRL!…..like what they said…….absence makes the heart grow fonder…..that’s what she felt and SEOL don’t let your eyes off of him!(hmmm…winky…winky) i guess it’s pay back time! it’s Lee Seol’s turn….isn’t it guys!

  11. Whoever initiated this tandem (Song Seung Hun & KimTae Hee) ….you are so brilliant. You seems to know that this two would clicked together (who doesn’t?) but the good thing is u did it first! two thumbs-up for you. Hope that you would give them two another drama or movie perhaps! I wish this wished of mine will reached up to you and that would be a dream come true.

  12. Thanks for your beautiful previews and recaps. So insightful!

    i am so in love with this couple, Hae Young and Seol are sizzling with so much chemistry! Just two more eps to go…. remember the ring that Hae Young bought in the earlier ep….? it seems like a nice touch of fate if Hae Young proposes to Seol with this ring. After all, it was Soel who chose the design of the ring. So sweet. I hope dear writer will plan wonderful surprise for us here for a memorable proposal scene because our dear Princess Soel has once taught Hae Young how to woo a woman for marriage.

  13. hoping for the part 2 of my princess and another drama for the wonderfull couple….kim tae hee and song seung hun….onegaishimasu!!!!!!!

  14. Just watched ep 13-14. I’m flailing, gurl. Flailing! I laughed, I cried, I giggled, I teared up again and awww-ed and ahhhhed so much. o/

    My mind still boggles when SSH makes me tear up, but OMG Hae Young-ah!!!! *clutches heart*

    The OTP is charming and so so so SO cute. Jung Woo is so awesome I can’t even say…

    I like MP so much. Mind you, the Restoration plot is boring, but I never imagined I would have liked MP so much. Actually, if, 3 months ago, you had told me I would have liked a drama with KTH and HHS MORE than a drama with Binnie and HJW, I would have laughed in your face. I feel like my world has tilted and it’s on a new axis. It’s freakin’ weird, to tell the truth, but it’s not so bad? And SSH making me tear up will never stop being an amazing I-would-have-never-guessed thing. It’s just unbelievable, chingoo. I bow to the powers of Mr and Mrs P.

    BTW, what’s up with this year and great, great otps? I do love this trend though I wish there were more dramas with good plots, but wth, I can do with a cute otp. I’m so easy! LOL

    I’m totally looking forward Jang Young-shil’s next project (and hahah, I still haven’t finished this one yet). Hopefully the writer will grow some more, still keep her (his?) skills in creating a solid OTP and maybe, just maybe her next story will also have a good plot. Wishful thinking on my part?

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