Written Preview for Episode 16 of My Princess

I’m in such a good mood today (still riding a Sunny Happiness induced high), ain’t nothing going to bring me down. Which means whatever I see and read, I react in an optimistic way. Rather like a dim but cheerful little puppy. My Princess – I am ready for anything you send my way for tomorrow’s final episode. I would prefer it involve lots of boating, but I am quite all right if I don’t get any.

Written preview for episode 15:

Two years after the royal restoration vote, the diary of Crown Prince Lee Yong is on display at the British Museum. Seol, determined to get back the diary and to perform all her duties as the princess, leaves Korea on a royal mission and theatrically runs into Hae Young.

Spending a wonderful time with Seol, Hae Young receives a missive from the President, requesting that he go to Washington D.C. for his next diplomatic mission. Before leaving, Hae Young wavers a bit, but finally decides to propose to Seol….

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 16 of My Princess — No Comments

  1. Thanks Ockoala. I feel sad that MP is ending tomorrow.
    I hope that although HY needs to go WDC oversea for his work, after propose to LS, they will marry and live happyily ever after together.

  2. I know I sound like a broken recorder, but THANKS heaps and loads for everything that you have done for MP despite the hiccup midway. BTW, you’re faster than Roadrunner.. he he..

    “”I would prefer it involve lots of boating, but I am quite all right if I don’t get any.”” dear ockoala, am afraid that is probably gonna happen.. anyway, me fingers crossed and hopeful with hugs and little kisses, sigh!! Do hope there is a wedding, that would be nice.
    Looking forward to your recap as usual being most witty and entertaining.

  3. Oh I’m going to miss this so much!! I hope I get a wedding! or a blissful ending, DO NOT leave me hanging drama, imagining things on my own!!!

  4. You have done a wonderful job keeping us up-to-date. I hope to enjoy MP
    when I see it again in the future, because watching “almost live feeds” killed
    me. I was so anxious every week, my schedule revolved around Wed. & Thurs.
    episodes being uploaded and your previews. Thanks alot and it has been one
    wild ride. I thoroughly enjoyed KTH and SSH as a couple. They remined me
    of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (I Love Lucy). They both have a comedic streak
    which should be taken advantage of. Their eye expressions speak louder than
    words. Congrats!

    • “”Their eye expressions speak louder than words.”” totally agree..

      Being anxious and schedule evolving around Wed&Thu, that too, totally agree.
      will take a break unless new drama with another pair of leads who can match up to SSH/KTH collaboration. Both of them have set the bar and it will be a tough act to follow…

  5. Wow.. Cool!
    This is going to b interesting…
    my schedule also revolves Arnd wed n thursday coz of my princess! Lol

    I hope for anything except a hanging drama.. if they end it at phy proposal,just like tat, hanging, I might just faint. The tendency of korean dramas to end this way always makes us fans on our toes while watching e episode..
    Can’t wait for tonight! Lets enjoy! great to noe this site.. I’m very grateful! =D

  6. thanks ockoala
    still wonder why are they going to be separated ?and why is he going to run into her accidently , isn’t he a diplomat and she is going on a royal misson so he should know about it na ?
    anyway I’m wishing for some cute scenes to consider the last epi as perfect 😀

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