Second Teaser Trailer for 49 Days and Set BTS Pictures

Next week is the head-to-head premiere of two seemingly complex and heady melodramas, The Thorn Birds and Royal Family, but all I can think about is for March 16th to arrive instantaneously. That’s when 49 Days premieres, of course.

You would think I would have learned my lesson by now and temper my excitement just a bit, but alas, it’s not my nature to be anything less than candid with my feelings. Bringing everyone teaser #2 for 49 Days, and I know its not my imagination that every single actor in this drama looks indescribably beautiful.

Teaser #2 for 49 Days:

The media was also invited to the set, and they shot some pictures of the cast and crew. I don’t recall the last time a drama has a main set of six leads, other than East of Eden, which was a sprawling 50 episode epic. On an unrelated note – why does Jo Hyun Jae and Bae Soo Bin have the exact same haircut, and Jung Il Woo gets the cut of glory?

Some of my personal opinions on what I expect to see: the best actor in the bunch is Seo Ji Hye, with Jung Il Woo a close second; Lee Yo Won is always better when she plays animated characters, and I glimpse it in her when she is in her possessed state; Jo Hyun Jae is a very reserved yet limited actor who I always love no matter what, but he truly shines when he has amazing chemistry with his leading lady because he’s the epitome of a soulful actor; I’m dying to see Bae Soo Bin play an edgy character and not your neighborhood oppa; and I think the weak link will be Nam Gyu Ri.


Second Teaser Trailer for 49 Days and Set BTS Pictures — 8 Comments

  1. they are all sooooo goddamn beautiful!!!!!…..and we finally get to see more than just a second of Jo Hyun Jae…also is that Bae Soo Bin’s arms around Seo Ji Hye’s in the promo?….wow so that’s Nma Gyu Ri- BSB-SJH triangle intersecting with the JHJ-LYW-NGR one…this is going to be one complicated relationship hexagon……which only makes me very excited!!..le the hjinks begin…why is March 16 so far away?

  2. This is the drama I’m most excited about and omg, really, why don’t we ever learn?

    Nam Gyu Ri is the less experienced actress so of course she’ll be the weak link. I don’t expect much from her, but I liked her a lot in LiB. Then again, I don’t think she had to “act” much for that role. Meaning, I think Cho-rang is more or less Nam Gyu-ri as she is irl. Not that I know much about her. But still, I liked Cho-rang, with her antics. Even when she was being an annoying brat.

    And word on Jo Hyun-jae. Soulful actor, oh yeah.

    As for JIW, man, yet another noona crush of mine.

  3. march 16 really? Why not the week after this coming week. are they doing there mini mini drama that is one episode during that week.
    I’m really looking forward to this drama since i don’t really know the actors in this one!

  4. I agree about Seo Ji Hye. I have seen four of her dramas & one movie & her performance was always superb.

    I am excited for Lee Yo-won, she has always been playing a heavy persona, but this time it says she will be playing a spirited character so I am really looking forward to seeing a happy Lee Yo-won.

    • Really dig Seo Ji Hye. Began watching Kim Suro for Ji Sung but then gave up when they couldn’t clinch pairing him up with Seo Ji Hye’s character who was soooo much more interesting than the other love interest who drove me nuts. I almost wished Seo Ji Hye would just talk some sense into Ji Sung, lay down the rules (get with it or I, your future queenie, is gone – not that that would have been possible given the storyline but you get how frustrated I was), and get the show going.

      Definitely looking forward to 49 Days. The cast, save Nam Gyu Ri and to a lesser extent Bae Soo Bin, totally seems promising.

      • So you dont like BSB? Interesting, rarely I find people dont like him. Usually people at least fond of him. His role here seems interesting. But I find his garment in photoshoot and 2nd trailer boring. Why only dressed him in suit? JHJ & JIW each get hip & colorful clothes.

        My rankings for who I want to watch from most to least:

        Jung Il-woo
        Lee Yo-won
        Bae Soo-bin
        Seo Ji-hye
        Jo Hyun-jae
        Nam Gyu-ri (this the only one I’m not interested at all, just that she one of main cast so i have to mention her. Never see her act but her eyes creeps me out).

        That list just my personal preference, I didn’t based it on acting talent. So peace, people ^^

      • It’s in Kim Soo Ro that I first noticed Seo Ji Hye. I agree, the drama was a little disappointing. If it was not for Seo Ji Hye’s interesting & fascinating character I also could have not finished it. I agree when someone said she was wasted there.

        Have you seen Shin Don? Oh, she was brilliant there & the drama was good too, though I got irritated towards the end when the king could not stop lamenting the death of the queen. I kept wishing for Seo Ji Hye’s character (who was the queen) to rise from her grave & knock him out, LOL.

        I am OK with all the cast, no actor is perfect, each has good & bad points, but I will just try to focus on the good points & enjoy the drama.

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