The Cast of Dream High Films its Concert Special

The kids of Dream High filmed their concert special tonight in Seoul, which will air next Tuesday to even out the extra day left on the airing schedule from when DH was preempted one episode for soccer. Unlike the concert for Secret Garden, this event is not being integrated into the drama episode itself, and will instead be aired in its entirety, which is fitting since this drama was always about singing and dancing. Who am I kidding, I am totally going to watch!

There have been some detailed spoilers about Monday’s final episode going around. I have found no basis to verify that any of it is true, so while I’ll share it below, I really have no clue how it will all end.

Unsubstantiated ending spoilers: in 2018, Jason and Pil Sook are together (and she’s put on some of her weight back), Baek Hee becomes at teacher at Kirin Arts High, Jin Gook is a pop star signed with White Entertainment, Hye Mi gives a concert where she dedicates a song to someone who had to walk a lonely road, and we find out that only Sam Dong was selected by EMG, and when he left on the bus to go to the States and follow his dream, Hye Mi passed the K pendant back to him and they kissed, but he’s abroad since then and has become K.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Dream High bar]


The Cast of Dream High Films its Concert Special — 11 Comments

  1. thanks ockoala!!!

    wow! if the spoilers are true than im a happy SamMi shipper!
    sam dong did get the girl and get to realize his dream!
    thats a thumbs up for sam dong!

    (im not being obvious for being a sam dong/kim soo hyun fan!)

    but what whatever the ending is, im just happy that i did invest my time and heart to this drama!

    its been such a wonderful journey of dream high!
    it will leave me with smile on my face as its been a drama that symbolizes hope and that dreams still do come true.


  2. YAY~~ i wiz d the spoiler is true!! i’m too excited after reading that spoiler.. LOL
    so hyemi really fall in love with samdong even she give a kiss to him when he was about leaving states… #happy
    my mood is immediately growing UP!!
    not patient till the last epsd aired… #giggling
    so i love monday now bcoz that spoiler.. hihihi

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