The Production of Sunny Happiness Releases Series of BTS Videos

Are you watching Sunny Happiness? If you are not, you’re missing out. This drama is well-acted, well-written, ably directed, and has a kick-ass soundtrack. I’m thisclose to saying to heck with it and recapping this sucker from start to finish. It’s that good. Though if I do it, someone needs to send me DL links so I can take screencaps (sigh, more work). Expect more SH posts soon, but for now, I’ve got some fun-time goodies to share.

The SH production released a series of BTS videos (which have been subbed into English) that have me laughing so hard my belly aches. Watching these probably make more sense if you’ve watched the drama. But even if you haven’t, watching this will probably push you over the edge and make you want to toddle off to become a new SH addict. Warning – cute and fun times ahead. Be prepared to become a Mike He fangirl afterwards as well. He’s that charming and adorable in real life.

People have asked how many episodes is SH, and it’s 25 episodes for the C-drama airing, and likely 16 episodes for the TW-airing (which are longer length per episode). This is really one of the best (most realistic) love stories I’ve seen in awhile. What’s funny is that it’s taking place in the least realistic of circumstances (the contract marriage) – but Yun Jie and Yong Yong are so flawed yet perfect for each other. Gah, I LOVE SH SO MUCH!

Just a note about the references in the videos – Mike He’s nickname is Xiao Mei, and that is what everyone calls him in the industry (just like Vic Zhou is known as Zai Zai and Joe Cheng is called Xiao Zhong), and Janine’s Chinese name is Jun Ning, so in the videos folks call her Jun Ning.

BTS 1: it’s immediately clear that Mike and Janine have amazing chemistry, and are having such fun filming together.

BTS 2: this BTS vid is narrated by my cutie pie – second male lead Li Yi Feng is that rare actor who comes alive on screen whereas stills of him simply glaze over the surface of his charisma. He has the gorgeous facial structure and lanky build as Joe Cheng, but when he smiles it’s Lee Seung Gi‘s exact same warm and open smile. Be still my heart. The sky’s the limit for this actor-singer, and I’m calling it now – he’s MINE. (Psst, expect a massive Li Yi Feng post soon). Thank you. 🙂

BTS 5: one of the most heartwrenching scenes in this drama, and watching the BTS you realize that both Mike and Janine are getting attacked by mosquitoes and yet they managed to deliver the goods. They are just perfect together.

BTS 6: one of my favorite BTS segments (cuz my cutie pie is featured and talking about acting out physical scenes), but its notable for some adorable bromace, as well as Mike getting jealous that Li Yi Feng subconsciously grabbed Janine’s arm in a scene. Hee.

BTS 7: Mike showing off his swim body, demonstrating what an awful diver he is, and again more hilarious banter with the crew; also notable for Li Yi Feng offering his big brother chocolate after the strenuous filming, only to say he doesn’t actually have any after Mike accepts. Mwahahaha.

BTS 8: the sweet and romantic Mike+Janine balcony scene where he tells her that he wants to extend their contract, and she kisses him – this BTS is hilarious for Mike narrating in an embarrassed way about the “romantic” mood on the set.

BTS 11: Mike giving Janine a piggyback ride and he complains that he is a human weight lifting machine.

BTS 12: The filming of THE INFAMOUS BED SCENE. That’s all.

BTS 13: the three leads make cake, and Mike makes an off-color joke related to “egg” (and he says “this is egg” in English), and gets embarrassed when he is told that Janine’s mom is on set and heard his raunchy joke. He then behaves extra properly and says that they must demonstrate that they are a high quality production team. Heh. Mike then suggests they all speak English from then on (“Turning….Turning Out?”). This BTS made me LOL until I almost passed out.

I’ve said it before, and watching these BTS videos proved my point, but SH is completely about the three leads Yun Jie, Yong Yong, and Yun Chao. Witness there was not a single glimpse at the two other female leads. Frankly, I ignore them except as valid plot devices. But the collective awesome that is our central three character makes everything else fade away. So, was that as entertaining to watch for you as it was for me? 😀


The Production of Sunny Happiness Releases Series of BTS Videos — 31 Comments

  1. I just finished ep. 21 and just love it. I am really happy for Mike, I can tell his acting skill has improved and he protray Yun Jie’s character very well. I also love the chemistry between him and Janine. One of the best TW/C drama within this 2 years. Koala thanks for showing the BTS…I always love those….hehe

  2. If you ever stumble upon dl links, could you please email me? My sources have failed me and my connection can’t handle streaming that well. :((((

    I’ll watch the BTS after I’m done with the series. You convinced me; I’ll give it a try.

  3. i’ve been following this drama as well. Janine Zhang, Li Ye Feng and Mike He are in my opinion doing a very good job in projecting their characters on screen so intense (easy on the eyes too)
    i’m glad that you guys like it too—storyline is quite interesting some of the turn of events are quite unexpected—which i appreciate keeps me from ff the scenes. For those who haven’t watched it yet—give it a shot–sneek peak epi 1 ( just my 2 cents:)

  4. ~faints with joy~ OMOMOMOMOMOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Unni, THANK YOU!!! These were so adorable and I am totally more in love with SH and Mike He and Li Yi Feng and Janine than ever. Plus, this is tiding me over while I wait for episodes 21 and 22 to finish being subbed. I’m not used to having to be patient, since I usually only watch Korean dramas and I can watch them raw, so I’m pretty much going insane waiting. This helps. Plus, it’s good to laugh on a Friday evening after a long week. ^_^ Komapda!!!!

  5. Hi!^^ Thank you for the BTS, I laughed so much. I love the ‘bromance’ between Mike and the other guy, so funny. The chocolate thing was LOL….

    I also find that Mike turned me in his fangirl again. I was some years ago, but then I gave up the Tdramas and just watched Kdramas… then I find this drama, and I’m so glad I checked it, to tell the truth, I started to watch without seeing who was the cast, so when I saw Mike, I was ”huh? I know this guy from somewhere” and so I checked and was Mike… for me he changed so much, don’t know… he older is better (his acting skills also improved). I don’t get why some of his fans don’t like his actual hair and says he is older :0 what is their problem? As for Janine, what a good surprise. Usually the main lead girl over-act and that is why I don’t enjoy T-dramas so much, but Janine is natural in SH so all works:

    The main girl is likeable, the main guy too, and the second guy is so handsome and cute… his smile is adorable. Someone know how old he is? I never get their real age…XD <3

    The ost is good, anyone know where I can DL?

    Ah, if possible, please do the recaps, I would love it. Thanks again, kisses 🙂

  6. Is it just me, or does Li Yi Feng remind anyone of Kim Hyun-Joong?

    THANKS Ockoala for recommending this – since your first post on this dram … I have ‘surfed’ on and off now up to Ep 23.

  7. omo!!! seeing this made me long more for my mike hee. how i wish i could start watching sh!!! why is it i knew only of this after i started watching tamra. i should have known this first before. anyway, just 5 episodes of tamra to go and i can start drooling for mike hee once again. *evil smile*

  8. I’ve been reading here for a while (found my way from DB) and finally delurking to say thank you so so much for writing about SH!!! I don’t usually watch Tdramas either but thanks to you I started it just yesterday. 36 hours later, I am at episode 21! TOTALLY sucked into this and it is as awesome as you said it was!! This might just be a record marathon for me.

    I hope you do end up recapping because i would totally lap those up! which I almost never do. Way too many exclamation points were used but I can’t help it; got really excited when this post popped up in my reader!! More goodies!

  9. anybody knows how’s the ending ? I’ve alraedy watched ep 25, but the final ep consists of many scene from previous eps. So actually no final eps. Do u have any info ockoala ? I really enjoy every update from you. Its really special and very update. And your taste of drama is the same. M3, MP and now SH. Hope to get your answer soon, thanks a lot.

  10. SH is my Latest Happiness! very cute drama indeed, i feel that SH is better than Happy & Love Forever, but i love HLF coz of Mingdao & LYF

  11. I do marathon too watching this series…fiuhhh, never get bored seeing the Xiang brothers :p. Ockoala, u rite! I just registered my self as mike he’s fan girl 😀 he is sooooooo adorable *love love love*

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