C-Drama Bu Bu Jing Xin Holds Media Event and Releases Full Trailer

Upcoming Qing Dynasty time-travel and palace intrigue C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) held a media event this week to introduce its first trailer (and likely as a head-toss to its rival Jade Palace Lock Heart, which is ending its broadcast this week). I checked out JPLH when it first aired, and its not to my liking, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that BBJX will be as good as it looks so far.

Trailer for BBJX with English Subs:


I love the fact that all the stars showed up at the media even dressed in their Qing Dynasty outfits, except for lead actress time-traveler Liu Shi Shi, who went with a gorgeous flowing dress to accentuate her modernity.

Watching the trailer, my impressions are that this drama is as stunning as the stills indicated, the acting seems to be uniformly top-notch, I love the chemistry between Nicky, Shi Shi, and Kevin, and the tone and vibe (serious yet lively) is totally my thing.


C-Drama Bu Bu Jing Xin Holds Media Event and Releases Full Trailer — 18 Comments

  1. I watched all of Jade Palace Lock Heart. I had gotten really fond of the story. This drama has a totally different feel to it even though it’s based basically the same era & its characters. It looks very interesting and I will try it when it comes out. I hope it has plenty of romance cuz that’s what I look for in any drama. This drama also seems very serious whereas Jade’s had moments of comedy.

  2. If you watch a lot of C-dramas, maybe you could answer a question for me: why are they always dubbed? Is it due to actors having wildly different accents? Or is it because of sound-recording flaws? Or something else? Any idea at all?

    • I’ve asked this question before and someone told me it’s because it’s cheaper, less trouble, eliminated backgroud/actual site’s noise, unappealing accents & voice tones/inexpressive dictions of certain actors.

      BTW, when will this drama air?

      • also it might be dubbed because the actor does not speak mandrian. for example the guy playing 8th prince is from Hong Kong so he might be saying his line in cantonese so they dubb into mandrian. the two queens in jaded places drama was also from hong kong and they were saying their line in cantonese

  3. What the hell? The trailer’s music, from 1:07 to 1:50 approximately, is that of New Moon’s theme song. As in, New Moon, Twilight. It’s The Meadow, by Alexandre Desplat – I’ve been playing it on piano. Why is this song here, isn’t it plagiarism? Oo

    • Plagiarism? Unless TPTB pass it up as a creation of their own making and/or if they didn’t pay the rights to use and/or alter it, then no, it can’t be said it’s plagiarism.

      • Still, as much as I despise the Twilight movies, it bugs me that they can actually use another film’s theme song for a drama’s trailer… What’s more, the two have absolutely – and hopefully – nothing to do with each other. Unless one of the Princes turns out to be a freaking glittery vampire. But let’s not hope that XD

    • No need to be alarmed, Cdrama (and Kdrama and many other dramas) do that all the time plucking a whole chunk of score fr everything under the sun. eg Flames of Ambition has a SW/Baek SooBin theme that’s plucked straight out of an ancient J anime that’s stuck in my head since I’m 2. Maybe it’s some underlying meaning, but pretty sure it’s not properly credited/rights bought.

      I’m pretty sure not a note of the bkgd music is original.

      I kinda love they blasély used chunk of the Last Emperor’s theme ~ 8min mark. cheeky and cheesy, yet I kinda play that theme in my head every time I saw the red walls of Forbidden City.

  4. Whew, so much drama! I guess that’s the point, but man, I’m glad that’s not my life.

    On the flip side, it does look stunningly gorgeous. You have to admit, East Asian traditional dress is almost always amazingly colorful, complicated, and detailed. Too bad “traditional” American dress is jeans and a t-shirt.

  5. Hmmm, I loved JPLH to bits and this looks too dreary for my tastes. But I’ll check out the first couple eps, because you never know…

  6. don’t think i’ll watch this even if i’m a fan of kevin. i can only take one storyline once. even if it is different. 😛
    Loved Jaded Palace Lockheart.

  7. Honestly, my main interest in this show is the costumes and art direction. The characters and story don’t really pull me in as of yet, but the production values are hard to ignore. The JPLH comparisons are kind of inevitable, but it’s kind of too bad because I think they really are very different animals. But I’ll definitely be checking this out.

  8. Its been a super long long time I’ve watched a decent C-drama.. I havent found many that caught my eye since Wind and Cloud (I think that maybe Tw-drama) but this storyline is interesting.. wake up and you’re in the qing dynasty? How often does that happen to you? Hahaha.. plus I’ve seen Nicky Wu in a good amount of dramas but never in a traditional drama.. Anyone know when this is going to air?? Want to watch it soon! 🙂


  9. I have watched Jade Palace Lock Heart starring Yang Mi, William Feng and Mickey He. I have to say that the drama is super awesome. This one looks kinda similar after I i read its brief summary. The characters are almost the same. I wonder if there will be anything different since it is also traveling back to ancient time.

  10. omg i love this drama movie actor!!!! the lock palace heart movie the male character is so good looking as this movie character,,,,got my blood boil,,,, wanna watch it so bad! someone tell when this out! will ya!

  11. It’s too bad to know that many people are already “sold” by Gong, and thus, will not give Bu Bu Jing Xin a chance. Damn you.. Yuzheng, you are such a wicked asshole.

    Bu Bu Jing Xin is known as one of the “mothers” of the Qingchuan (Qing travelling) genre. The original novel, released many years ago, reached 100 million views on the internet. Storywise, it’s much better, more historical accurate, and deeper than Gong.

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