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My mind has been blown with the activity going on at the GeunGeun discussion forum here. I’m trying to find a work-around with how slow the original discussion forum is loading since the comments are upwards of 1000. For now, I’ll start a new thread for everyone to continue with the fun times.

I also bring some Geun-Geun updates – after the Codes Combine signing event, Jang Geun Seok rushed off to meet with Moon Geun Young and the production team of the Mary Stayed Out All Night DVD release. At least now we know they actually have one documented meeting, and that the M3 DVD is going ahead as planned.

[Credit: picture courtesy of Sukey at Baidu Geun-Geun bar]

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    • Thanks Cecilia for bringing this news. Yeah, I had a “hmmm” kind of reaction too. But as I mentioned to sheng below, I decided not to worry about it since I do not know the context of her message. Oh, I just hope she’ll decide to work on a new drama project in 2012 soon…Have a good evening! :D

  1. Hi geunies!
    How’s everyone! Hope you’re all doing fine.

    MGY updated her cyworld: http://moongeunyoung-ifc.blogspot.com/2011_12_01_archive.html
    Excerpt from JGS interview in Toho Cinema mag:

    In mGy cy there’s something written that says, ”Did you know? That in this world there is no person who is able to fully understand me……”. And Jgs’s statement about his ideal wife, ” I hope my future wife has her own work too, and not become insecure waiting for me……” # speculation, I think MgY is not in a good mood when she wrote that..Or maybe she just had a little argument with ‘someone’?Thinking that he doesnt understand her.. Hopefully not..And that ‘someone’(^_*), wants her to accept work already so that she’ll get busy and to avoid being getting insecure because as we all know, he’s now collaborating with beautiful girls lately (^_^)…just speculating guys keke!!!!

    Btw, I had a weird dream last night about MGY…In my dream MGy is pregnant..I don’t know why I come up with that dream hehe..

    Have a nice day everyone!!!!

    • Thanks sheng for sharing your thoughts on MGY’s latest cy update.
      When I first read it yesterday, I got worried but quickly stopped myself since I recall
      reading similar sad if not depressing cy messages before only to read explanations
      later from other fans that say there’s nothing for me to worry about.

      And if I were to closely re-read her message “That in this world there is no person who is able to fully understand me”, I think there’s nothing alarming or worrisome about it. For it is a fact that applies not only to her but also to us all. But what’s missing in her cy message that we only get to read is the context of that message.
      I wish I know but since I don’t and I have no means of finding out, I decided not to fret about it. Instead, what’s worrying me is the lack of news about her next drama project. She seemed happy in KHJ’s wedding. But why is she not even rumored to be considering a drama in 2012? Is she focusing on graduating next year? If yes, good for her. But why not officially announce that she’s out next year for school so that I can stop worrying? Sorry for being a selfish fan. ;-)

      Until the next breaking GeunGeun news or MGY cy message update…

    • sheng, i think it’s for approval by the site moderator, something like if we the content we submit are legit or just spam……

    • Hi sheng! :D

      Cecilia is correct. Also a comment goes into that “waiting for moderation” mode if it has more than one hyperlink.Looking at your previous post, you did have 2 links – the first is a link related to mgy and the other link is for jgs. This is a wordpress security feature to prevent spam. Captain or the Admin of Koalasplayground will be the one to approve the comment so it leaves the “waiting for moderation” mode and becomes fully displayed. Hope this helps. Have a good day! :D

  2. Thanks @ bashful, @ cecilia for the info. Now I know. You’re right bashful, I should not be worried (^_^). I forgot that she’s always like that. I think , I focused to much on the little info she gave us through her cy messages w/c mostly very trivial..And you’re not alone, worrying about no news of her next project, we all do. Right geunies?keke (^-*). I won’t call it selfishness but loyalty. We love Mgy and we just want to know what’s the latest about her.. Regarding if Moon will be graduated next year, her agency announced it already,( http://moongeunyoung-ifc.blogspot.com/2011/11/moon-geun-young-going-back-to-korea.html )..And if they said also that after she came back she will consider a new project..I think she’s more careful now in choosing a project after the chaos they’ve been through im MMM..Or her agency is just doing a great job to keep it a secret not until they finalize everything.. It will be unlikely if she won’t have any project next year, she’s a brilliant actress..I understand if she doesn’t have work this year coz aside from she’s studying she did also two dramas and a stagepaly last 2010..Our anticipation of Moon’s next drama/movie is too much already…(^_^)!!!!

    Be safe everyone!!!

    • Thanks much sheng for providing the link where MGY’s graduation next year was announced. Ok, that’s good news to me. Even if we don’t see her in a drama next year because of the school, then for sure we can expect to see her in 2013, a year after she graduates. :D…But that soooo long of a wait!!! Oh well, something just reminded me that “Patience is a Virtue. Patience is a Virtue. Patience is a Virtue.” Okay, talk with you all in 2013 then…..Just kidding. ;-) I know JGS’ “Love Rain” drama is something we can look forward to next year. But I couldn’t and don’t want to see JGS with another lead actress. Am I being a selfish GeunGeun fan? 8)

      • Welcome unnie!! Hayzt..hopefully we won’t wait that long..I think she’ll be graduated by march/april next year..I’ll cross my fingers that on the 2nd quarter of 2012 she will consider doing a drama/movie again.. Same here, I’m not really into Jgs/Yoona tandem, I just can’t picture out of them doing a lovey dovey scene together..I could watch JGS ” You’re My Pet ” w/ KHN..but not with Yoona. I’m sorry to her fans but I can’t help to compare her to MGY..not only when it comes to chemistry w/ JGS but as an actress as well.. but for the sake of JGS, let’s just support Love Rain.. I just hope that JGS won’t do too much fan service for that drama w/c is impossible keke (^_^). JGS is a ‘ King ‘ when it comes to fan service..All we can do is to be more patient, patient, and patient.(^-^)!!! As much as we want mgy and jgs to be together always, it can’t be..They need to be paired with different actress/actors also to widen their horizon.. I guess we’re just more worried of JGS being with other actress than MGY with other actors coz JGS is always rumored having romatic involvement with his co-star…It’s just work…
        And I’m hoping KBS will reply to the fan message you sent!!
        Have a blessed day to you and to everyone!!!

  3. btw, I didn’t know that Mgy was offered also to be a lead actress in saeguk drama Dong Yi but she decline due to her studies..What I knew was she should be the one in Goong instead of YEH. Wow, if Moon accept all those drama she will definitely be on the top now, not that she’s not famous right now..I think her priority is more on studies now than doing a drama, she’s not getting any younger anyway..I think she’s doing one thing at a time, just like what she’s doing now. BUt she’ll be graduated next year hopefully we can see a lot of her next year. Mgy figting!!!!!

    • sheng, you’re awesome! :D I didn’t know that. I’ve not seen “Dong Yi” but know it scored high TV ratings. I’ve seen “Goong” and love YEH in it. It’s okay with me too that MGY declined those 2 popular dramas due to her studies. She is still a young actress and I believe there are more wonderful drama project offers await her…If only KBS read our fan message and consider our suggested drama stories and offer them to MGY and JGS! ;-) This reminds me, I don’t understand why KBS World has not responded yet to our fan message. Their Contact page says they will try to respond to fan messages as soon possible. Dear angie, by chance did our geungeun email account receive any replies from KBS lately?

      • hello all.
        Been a long time
        I didnot know too that Dong Yi was offered to Moonie. I know she was the first choice of Goong which later was given to YEH . I’ve seen some parts Dong Yi and Han Hyo Joo is okay. ( not bashing if someone her is a hard-core Han Hyo Joo fan. Im not really into her acting. Im sorry but still I like her. I think she is just very lucky most of her dramas are written properly. Anyway no regret if Moonie dropped it, she had proven that she is superb in Saguek. However, I sometimes think what if ( well just what if) she accepted the Goong. This skyrocketed YEH to stardom too. Not that Monnie is not popular. Hell she is very popular. Her popluarity is always associated with respect and credibilty. It is just that I want to see her in those beautiful dresses and of course her acting. But I dont regret it afterall I trust her decisions. This girl knows what are her priorities and have a vision in her life which adds why I lke her the most.

        re-echo.. Yes, prayers to all my co- Filipinos. All will be well.

        Merry Christmas all Geungeun lovers!

  4. Hello fellow GeunGeun fans ! :D

    Just want to share a JGS related news from the KBS World site:

    It appears JGS is opening his own YT channel, giving his fans a more behind-the-scenes look on his daily life. OMG. A GeunGeun fan can only hope that a certain MGY will make a cameo appearance on one or more of those behind-the-scenes. ;-)

    Wow, either JGS really loves the camera or he is just so enterprising to come up with this idea! 8)

  5. Hello Geunies!

    @Sheng, Cecilia and Bashful..on MGY cyworld message. Let us not think our Prince has got something to do with the message. I always believe that everything, personal life specifically is always smooth sailing and these two are smart to understand the nature of their work. Besides, Isn’t always some fans claim that all her messages are for them?! maybe it’s for them? lol . So no need to fret yourselves about it, okay! ;)

    But I am in unison with you guys about Moon plans on finishing her studies and future plans on her project. Hopefully this year, she’ll do one. I really miss her acting. :)

    Merry Christmas and GeunGeun fighting!

    • Hi pipa! :D

      Merry Christmas to you too!

      Agree with you not to worry about mgy’s latest cy message, and to support mgy’s decision to give priority to her studies.

      And Thanks much for letting me know about Big Bang’s rendition of 2NE1′s “I am Best” is in YT. It was awesome and fun! Lucky were the fans (and mgy) who saw it live. Thanks again and GeunGeun fighting too! :D

  6. hi.. i’m a silent reader here.. really love geungeun couple.. ^^
    i just wanna ask you all one question, i’ve been watching this video :
    and i’m curious who’s “the red girl”? she’s so close with suk? i’m not worry about yoona at all.. but that ‘red girl’ really makes me worry huhu… :((

    • Hi uuns! Welcome.. I think she’s Son Eun seo..I’m not sure. And I didn’t see something that need for you to worry.. They’re just promoting their drama and JSG is always like that. He likes teasing his co-star..But he looks cute when he is doing a tongued-out. He reminds me someone who likes to do that also..(^-*). One of their similarities!!!.Anyways, just like what @pipa said, don’t fret yourself okay! keke (^_^)
      Have a nice day to you! GeunGeun ftw!!!

      • ah.. thanks Sheng.. it’s a relief.. really this geun2 virus is going to make me crazy. haha.. ^^
        have a nice day too y’all!! GGC ftw!!

      • I read from someone i know..that woman has a lot of haters cos of Minho of Shinee and cos of Heechul of SJ. I don’t know but this woman is not familiar with me. Maybe @sheng you can search it for yourself if it’s true.

  7. @pipa,bashful merry christmas to you both..hope you’re doing well..And to all the geunies out there, may you have a blessed christmas and a happy and fruitful newyear! GEUNGEUN fighting (^_^)!!!!!

  8. Hi geunies! Any news about the KBS awards night? Hope either MGY and JGS or much better if both will attend, specially Moon since we don’t see her that often..Btw, I’m really looking forward to the time that psh, mgy and jgs will attend an event/awards night..I haven’s see them in one place/occasion except last 2009 SBS awards night where both Geuns hosted and psh performed with A.N.JELL.And we observed how jgs behavior that night..Since then it’s just jgs-mgy, psh-mgy. Like last KBS 2010 both Geuns attended and won some awards. Then, this year Baeksang awards were MGY and psh won. Lastly, SDA 2011 where psh hosted and both Geuns are nominated but Mgy only Moon got an award and unfortunately both didn’t attend..So I hope I can see the 3 of them together. It will be a lot of fun if none of them doesn’t confirmed yet about the love rumor..I’m sure either ship will be happy..(^-^)! Sorry guys, just my thought!!!..
    Btw, congrats to JGS for winning the ” Hallyu Grand Award ” in the 19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards last Dec 15.

    Have a nice day everyone. GeunGeun fighting!!!

  9. Thanks for the beautiful banner Captain. Hi everyone ! God bless you all always. Always lurking around but nothing much to say. Gud nite.

  10. Hello! Thanks for the beautiful banner Captain. Hi everyone ! God bless you all always. Always lurking around but nothing much to say. Gud nite.

  11. Hi pipa!
    I hope you and your family are ok.
    [ off topic ] Let’s pray for the Philippines..Filipinos are in the midst of mourning right now..My heart goes to those who has been affected by the typhoon Sendong. This could be the most destructive storm to hit the country this year.. The volume of rainfall for a month fell for just one day. The number of casualties are almost 700 and hundreds are still missing. It was a tragedy that the nation joins in grief during what is supposed to be a season of joy.

    Btw, about son eun so. I don’t know her either. I just saw her name when ms okoala did an update about LR additional casting..About her and minho and heechul rumor here’s the link http://www.koreaboo.com/index.html/_/general/shinees-minho-has-fallen-for-son-eun-seo-r1827. Actually, I’m not interested about her and I don’t find her a threat to our GGC.

    Have a blessed night to you and to everyone!

    • we are very sad indeed…..i hope more people will open up their hearts in helping our brothers and sisters there in mindanao.

      i wish you all a peaceful and spirit-filled Christmas!

    • Hi Sheng!
      The sad situation happened in the Mindanao region while i am located here in Manila, but still thank you for the concern. It is such a devastating situation that happened to my fellow countrymen in this time of the year. The death continues to rise and as of late it gone to a thousand. I pray that despite these they will come out stronger and continue to have faith everything will get pass.

      Regarding that girl, me either. for me she is just like you know who.. :)

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  13. Good Day/Evening fellow Geun Geun fans,

    Just want to share this news from the KBS World site:

    Jang Geun-seok, Youngest Of Top Richest 1% of Celebrity Land Owners

    JGS is really amazing! I hope he remains kind to people around him and who adore him.

    P.S. I join you in praying for the flood victims in the Philippines. May they be rescued safely and their basic needs be provided soon.

  14. Hiya! Long time no post..

    An interesting tidbit I came across earlier.. Suk’s wants to play with a girl tomorrow as he’s done filming.. I wonder who that is? =)

    What do you want to do tomorrow?ㅡ I want to play with a girl. RT @AsiaPrince_JKS: “@jkm0915: @AsiaPrince_JKS 장근석 내일 먼저 무엇을 하 고 싶어?”ㅡ여자사람이랑 놀고싶음
    (cr: Lovesears blogspot)

    Joy to world! Hope you enjoyed the little gift I brought you.. Maybe I bring more?.. Maeri Christmas! ;)

  15. Last year, it was “Saranghe your, Maeri Christmas!” This year? Hmm.. Saranghe your GY sshhiii? Hehe. It was indeed a delightful pc of news. Komapwo Quirkie!

  16. Wishing everyone a miraculous blessed Christmas and a hope and dreams come true for the coming year and more happy years to come!

    • Same to you Smiley_iris. I believe this year is a blessed year for the all the online friends we made in this special GSI Team forum. Here’s to another blessed and GeunGeun filled year! Cheers!

  17. Merry christmas bashful, smiley_iris and to all the geunies out there!! Wishing us all a prosperous and blessed newyear!! Let’s continue shared our love and faith not just here in this wonderful ship but to everyone!. This year, I’m so lucky to be part of this forum though it may not always a smooth sailing but it’s a place I want to be..Thank you Ms Koala for creating this playground, for the GSI Team for providing us news and very enjoyable speculations/hints from the GGC, to the GeunGeun lovers/fanatics, who keep on supporting our adorable couple and to all the silent lurkers who enjoyed reading this forum..This have been a year of a beautiful journey and I pray it will always be for the years to come!!!(^_^) GEUNGEUN fighting!!!

    P.S. Jgs and Mgy, make 2012 a happy and memorable year for us pls…Amen!!(^-^)

  18. Btw, just got this news:
    [NEWS] Actress Moon Geun Young is doing training to focus on creating a healthy body. Moon trains herself physically mainly is because while shooting ” Cinderella Sister ” she had pain on her belly also vomit, which found that she got a Hepatitis A. Therefore, she realized the important of a healthy body. Later the article mentioned, she’ll be comeback wether tv drama or movie in 2012.

    Source: sportseoul
    cr.geungeun fb acnt.

    Love this news. I’m glad that she’s doing a health check..Poor MGY, she had a hard time i’m sure when shooting CS but she still did a great job.. Love her more!!! And I guess, this article just confirmed that we will see more of MGY next year!! Yehheyyy!! I’m so happy!! I hope we can read this full article…

  19. —alleycat here! ^^ Hello, sisters! Long time no post… just want to greet Ms. K and everyone a very Merry Christmas and cheers for another wonderful year ahead! :D

    I hope we see our GeunGeun early 2012. (or maybe at the KBS 2011 awards days from now. ;) ) They’re terribly missed…

    Take care, y’all! Have a blessed holiday! =^o^=

  20. Sheng, I ditto all you said here, we are so blessed! And in a strange way, we got to know each other thru GGC. I am happy meeting you all thru Internet and thru GGC. I do hope that they make our new year more happy. Take care everyone and have a safe, fun and blessed holiday.

  21. Ho Ho Ho! Maeri Christmas GeunGeun lovers and have a blessed one! I am so happy that our couple gave us a wonderful year by giving so many unforgettable moments and lots of hints that we all enjoyed investigating and cherished those days. I hope in the coming year despite them not working together we will still continue to see hints from them ^-~!

    To my fellow GSI team and your family, to Ms Koala..thank u guys! All the best i wish to all of you.

  22. Good morning to all my beautiful Geunies here. :)

    Just want to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. :)

    May we all have a year filled with love. :)

    GOD Bless you all. :)


  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! May the Lord always bless us all with love and prosperity, faith and honesty, loyalty and sincerity in our lives……May He also continue to shower the same on our lovely Geun Suk and Geun Young who have brightened our days this year, no matter that they are so far away from us physically. Nobody admits it publicly but we have been given loads of hints from various credible sources, including themselves, that they are together privately. So let’s pray again that their bond remains strong and sincere, and that one day we will all see them walk together to the altar in that wedding of a lifetime we are all waiting for….

    Be happy ya all!! GEUNGEUN FIGHTING forever!

  24. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! May the Lord always bless us all with love and prosperity, honesty, sincerity and loyalty in our lives…. and may He continue to shower the same on our lovely Geun Suk and Geun Young who have brightened our days with their sweet young love this year. Nobody admits it publicly but we have been given loads of hints from various credible sources, including themselves, that they are together in private and that is what we believe in our hearts. So let’s pray again that their bond remains sincere and strong and that one day we will all see them walk together in that wedding of a lifetime we are all waiting for…. Stay happy, you all!

    GEUNGEUN FIGHTING!!! Forever! Yah!

    • Ah…sorry for being redundant. I did not think it was posted the first time so I made another post… kekek!!! impatient me…. sorry. ^_^

  25. Hello GSI Team Forum Friends!

    Just want to add my New Year greetings…To all of you:

    Happy, Healthy and Harmonious New Year!

    May 2012 be filled with more Geun-ness and Geun-love! :D

    Take care. Cheers. Peace.

  26. Hello all Geunies!

    Did you all see Moon at KBS awards? I was able to watch the latter part of the show and that’s where Moon appeared as a presenter. Our girl is so gorgeous in black tube gown. She presented two awards and one of them is award she won last year for CS, for Moon Chae Won. Saw them hug on stage and fans cheer them. What a nice friendship they have. :) I hope someone would be kind enough to share any clip of her here. :)

    • Hi pipa! :D

      Happy New Year! I saw MGY in the KBS 2011 Drama Awards show last night too. Loved her gown and hairdo and her reaction for Moon Chae Won’s winning. Hopefully anytime soon, we’ll learn about MGY’s next drama project.

      • Hi Bashful, Happy New Year too!
        I was happy that after hours of finding link to watch KBS awards, i was able to find one in time when Moon came out to present the award. I’m so happy that i didn’t miss the awards and how stunning she is that night one hour before New Years sets in my place. Loved it!

  27. Oh and btw…

    2012 is Coming!

    Before 2011 Ends,

    Let me thank all the good Geunies like you all and Captain K!
    Who made ’2011′ so much beautiful for me and for our couple.
    I Pray you be blessed with joyous and fruitful years Ahead.
    Keep safe all!

      • Happy New Year to you too, bashful….

        Last night, I tried to watch the KBS awards in our cable but I fell asleep. I caught a little when MGY was giving the award to Moon Chae Won. Did you see the 5inch heel shoes she was wearing? My sis wanted me to buy for her those kind of shoes so I have to try them. I’m afraid I’m always gonna fall when I walk on those shoes…they look good on her esp the stilleto-like heels. i had to buy the hardy ones (thick) coz she’s 50 compared to a 24yr old, lol. She was very lovely…..It’s good that daddy Kim Kap Soo was her escort although we wish otherwise,hehe.

  28. I love that Moon Geun Young being an A-list actress and top actress that she is, and being one of in demand actress by KBS, gave her and also great actor Kim Gab Soo, a deserved one, the honor in presenting the top award of the night. It’s nice to know KBS appreciates them and their share in the industry. Looking forward this year Moonie will do another project with KBS, another challenging one, that hopefully this year we will not only see her presenting but gets another top award. :) Who knows our wish will come true to see Suk and Moon again at the end year..together. ;)

    Happy New Year everyone!

  29. Dear lovely ‘old’ GSI gang,
    Here’s hopin’ your New Year will be filled with many heartwarming moments of Laughter , Joy & Thanksgiving ! May you all abide in Our Lord’s Love ,Peace , Grace & Mercy ! Cheers !

    • What a treat. I am not a geun geun but was ecstatic to see your comment after all the disasters in that part of the world. Ditto to your wishes.

      Pipa, dear heart. May you always keep that light shining.

      • Hey there Sonia! So surprised to see you here cos I know you are no more a geungeun. Still, good luck to whoever you want Moon to be with.

        And thank you for the cheer up. I know my country is very unlucky when nature works but we hang on to our faith to survive such difficulties times. Happy New Year. :)

  30. Happy New Year!!! I wasn’t able to watch KBS awards night but MGY was gorgeous. Everything fits her.Her hair, her gown and I love her shoe. I wish I could wear something like that..I tried but I always fall and end up wearing ballerina shoes lol. Anyways, I’m really glad to see MGY presented the award to her dearest friend MCW, who looks beautiful as her. KBS showed how they appreciates MGY’s acting by making her a honorary presenter.But hopefully, she will do a drama or a comeback movie this year!!!! And to see with Sukkie again will be awesome!!

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  32. Hi everyone, wishing you all a blessed holiday and prosperous new year. May our wishes and dreams come true soon.
    Hi Sharon, where have you been? I hope you are alright, haven’t seen any post from you for a long time.
    Take care all of you and God be with you always. May God bless and guide us all the time.

  33. Hello GSI lovers! How’s everyone’s New Year!

    Recently i read from some source that Moon indeed were offered the role in the Sageuk drama The Moon that embraces the Sun but rejected it. Did anyone heard about it? I wonder what made her declined it? Could it be cos of her studies, the character she will portray, scheduling conflict, it is not from KBS or what not? How about you guys.. any guess why she didn’t accept it? For me, and just for my own pleasure, she didn’t accept it cos her lover there would young and handsome that someone might be jealous to see her doing romantic moments and might not handle it! kkk… Pardon my imagination ladies! ha ha!

    • Hi pipa,

      Happy New Year! :)

      I’ve read that too but only from fans comments and not from any official announcement. I’m guessing it was also because of conflict with her schooling. And of course, it could also be your speculation. ;-) But one more possible reason is maybe saeguk dramas are too taxing for her health. Per sheng’s post on December 23 (above), there was news saying MGY is planning to do some physical training this year “to focus on creating a healthy body”. Maybe at the time “Moon Embraces the Sun” was offered to her, she was not physically prepared for it.

      Hopefully very soon we’ll learn of her new project. :)

    • Hi pipa,

      I just came from SoompiMoons facebook page and it has the clarification on who really rejected the “Moon Embraces the Sun” offer. It was Namooactors and not MGY and that MGY did not even saw the script. I’ll let you visit the site for the explanation of Namooactors why they rejected it:

      I forgot to add above (and I had this thought even before reading the news from SoompiMoons) that another possible reason is that MGY is a lead actress while the offerred role in the “Moon Embraces the Sun” imho is of a supporting role since it appears the focus of that drama is the prince/king.

      • Howdy Bashful..Anneong haseyo!

        Thanks for the link. I have no access to FB here at work so it will check it out later. With regard to your reason she might be the second lead, if it is, i think her agency knows whats best for Moon. Though i know there is nothing wrong with being a second lead but Moon is not just their prized actress but a highly respected one in the industry that she deserves a better role. I still think Moon will do a saeguk drama, if not this year hopefully in the future. Who knows opposite JGS! ;)

        And oh..M3lover joked that Moon prefer the title “Moon that embraces the Star!” *wink wink* ha ha!

      • You’re welcome pipa! :)
        Hey, I like that joke. :) Thanks M3lover . Of course, Ms. Moon would prefer the title “Moon that Embraces the Star“. For all we know that could be real the deal breaker. ;-)
        Have a good day chingu!

  34. Annyeong~, GeunSisters! ~alleycat~ here! Long time no post! ^^ How’s your 2012 so far? I think for me bigger and heavier things are ahead… anyway, hope you’re all doing well! :)

    Ms. Bashful, Ate Pipa, so it was Namoo who turned down MoonSun… as much as I miss seeing Moon gracing my TV screen again I think her management made the right decision, considering that she’s busy now with her schooling and all, also with her physical training. As for our dear GeunBoy, I haven’t had the time to read recent news about him, I only peek here and there once in a while… but from what I saw, he’d been working hard for Love Rain and among his recent interviews, (which I only read a few lines XD) I could tell he’d matured a lot; and so adorable as always. ;) I hope we see them again together soon.

    A little off-topic– I’m so happy that the Philippines was chosen to be the location shoot for Bourne Legacy. \(^_^)/ This was such a big boost for the Filipinos, I think especially for the tourism industry, after all the country’s been through in the past year. :)

    Take care, everyone! *GeunGeun hugs*
    Mero mero! ♥ ☺

    • Thanks Cecilia. I did not know it either. She’s really down to earth. When she made a mistake in that performance, she just re-started and continued on as if no big deal. Her fans were great too. If I read the eng sub correctly, they encouraged her to sing the same song again so she can practice more playing the guitar. MGY, on the other hand, tried to negotiate by asking if she can do a song without playing the guitar. Both sides were funny! :)
      Oh, I hope she signs on a new drama very soon. The bad publicity brought about by her not doing the “Moon that Embraces the Sun” is making me worry.

      Btw, Happy New Year to you!
      Also, Happy New Year to alleycat who posted above!

      And what are those seemingly misplaced-looks-like-an-advertisement kind-of-posts?
      Is our forum under attack? I hope not.

  35. Happy Tuesday fellow GSI-ers! :)

    Have you seen/read the news about MGY not graduating this February? Apparently, she is lacking some units in order to graduate. If that news is true, does it mean we won’t see her on TV dramas for another year? The news I read (from SoompiMoons FB) does not say. What do you guys think?
    Are graduations in Korean universities held only once a year? If so, I hope she will now have time to do a drama early this year…When again is JGS’ “Love Rain” drama scheduled broadcast?

    • I think they’re targeting March broadcast in Korea for Love Rain. I just hope we see MGY earlier than what she was planning since she might have the time to do something in between……

      • Thanks much Cecilia for your reply. Okay, so i guess i have 2 months of aimlessly wondering around the k-dramaland. ;-)

        Oh how I wish MGY signs up on a new drama project very soon preferrably this week. ;-) …This reminds me, we still have not gotten a response from KBS about our drama story suggestions. I wonder if I messed up in sending it. Arrgh. Dear angie, if you have some free time, please check our GeunGeuncouple email box. Thanks!

        Dont’ know the weather in New York lately but stay warm Cecilia. :)

    • Hi Bashful!
      I don’t know how school works in SK and when their school period is but isn’t her English crash course in Kaplan were taken in between school second semester? That she skip some subjects in order to go to Kaplan..the reason she can’t graduate yet this year?

  36. @bashful, today the therm says 24.6 F outside (9:25am) but the sun is shining so that’s a plus as long as there is no wind. mind you, this is below freezing pt already kaya i should bundle up. i need to go out to get some fresh air. my friend invited me to eat some chicken soup, don’t know if i have allergy or colds (teary eyes n runny nose). anyway, nakakainngit kayo, mainit daw ngayon diyan (jealous, heard it’s warm) there now.

    i can’t tolerate a lot of dramas now. i start one and then when i find the story too unrealistic or too corny, i stop. i even watched dong-yi but i think i stopped at 25 or so coz it was too long. so now, the movie/drama that MGY stars who should be good, otherwise it would be a very big disappointment. i watched painter in the wind through the end even though i found the last few episodes “slow”. i liked the story and she was really good.

    our couple is really very quiet now and the playground is also quiet. i miss the fun we had……but they need the privacy so they will get to know each other very well.

    • Thanks much Cecilia…SoompiMoons FB had a post yesterday on apparent misinformation about this news. In reading the article you shared, I do not understand how it can lead to a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation as to why MGY is unable to graduate this month or next month. Arrggh…I guess some fans or readers just want to be negative at times. :( Good thing MGY fans are alert and courageous in defending MGY and for posting the correct explanation or news about her graduation status.

  37. I was suggested this blog by means of my cousin. I am no longer certain whether or not this put up is written by way of him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You are incredible! Thank you!

  38. Not qualified to graduate cos she is not capable to finish school is so different to unable to earn enough credits cos she has to take a leave of absence to study abroad! What kind of journalism those who reported do? and those people who easily pass judgment without even understanding the real situation?!! Shame on them! I’m glad those concerned individuals cleared the real circumstances why Moon will not be included in coming graduation of SKKU. I don’t think is the person who would neglect studies..the girl knows her priorities!

  39. Hi everyone! Hope you guys are doing well..Been very busy from work lately. Anyways, how unfortunate for MGY not to graduate this feb but she will, eventually. I’m just a little pissed to some articles and comments that came out, saying that she can’t graduate because she doesn’t put much effort in her studies. It’s really unfair. We all know that MGY is a good student, having a high grades and very dedicated. She even declined some big projects to prioritize her studies. I just hope that despite all this negative publicity including the rumor of her declining the ” Moon Embraces the Sun ” drama, she still remain strong and happy..The press hss been tough to her lately but I know she will face this with grace and positivity..Mgy fighting!!!

  40. MGY’s chirbit song, Fiction by Beast came out when JKS went to Japan. it has a catchy tune and very good recall but i couldn’t imagine why a very mature woman like me would be attracted to this kind of song (don’t like rap songs).


    engl translation, this is a cover, not Beast but they did an excellent job (not a direct translation though). there is hope in the story(like their own story) than the original one which is very sad .


    • Thanks Cecilia for sharing this. I too like the beat of this song. :) Once again, MGY shows her excellent taste in music. :) One other good song of this same band/group is “Dreaming”, which is included in the “Me Too, Flower” OST.

      Have a good week!

  41. ladies, did you see the new post of ms. koala that she’s gonna retire from this website bec of her new job. well, i hope we will still hear from each other in another GG blog in case she shuts this down. sad ……

    • Hi Cecilia,

      Yes I saw it. I was gonna ask about this Forum but after re-reading the news, it seems AKP will still be up and running…But if in the future, this Forum will be retired, well then yes we’ll try to keep in touch…Especially if the GeunGeun couple becomes a reality! ;-) ;-) ;-)

      Take care!

      P.S. Have you checked out “Moon Embraces the Sun” drama lately? The Captain is re-capping it and I like the story so far…Am trying my best not to think “what if” while watching this drama so I can still enjoy the drama and not miss MGY so much…

      P.P.S. I just read a movie review of “Blue Salt”. The heroine of that movie was played by the same actress in “Tree with Deep Roots”. She was also MGY’s co-star in “My Little Bride”. I wondered whether this long hiatus from both drama and movie projects is going to make it more difficult for MGY to get another project. In the meantime, the younger actresses appear to have “overtaken” her as far good projects. This has made me a little sad for MGY. :(

  42. Hey! Where’s everybody? Anybody home? It’s so quiet in here…

    It’s February…..desperately waiting for some good news….

    She said in Cyworld, “I’m not sure.” I wonder if he wants to come out public now but “she is not sure” yet if it’s ok?

    I wish…. she would be sure soon….

  43. Hello all..it’s been awhile.

    I feel that our ship our sailing smoothly so i’m happy the way it is. ;) I am just waiting for them to collaborate again in another awesome project hopefully soon! Their chemistry on-screen is just incomparable not to be given another one. But for now let’s enjoy them working with other people doing more challenging roles. :)

    GeunGeun fighting!

  44. Hello everyone!

    It’s been a long time since I last posted here.

    Before anything else, I would like to thank you Captain for the Moonie and Won Bin banner! I love it! <3 <3 <3

    It's been quiet these days since Moonie is still in hiatus but what the heck, as they say "No news is good news!"

    Hope everyone had a nice day today! Geun Night! ^_^

    I want to share my latest GGC MV to all of you. Enjoy! :) http://youtu.be/usl0CRdGrdQ

    • Thanks much catmeow80 for your MV. :) It ease a bit how I miss the GeunGeun.
      And wow, they really had many “touch” moments. ;-) So their seating close to each other during KBS 2010 Drama Awards should not have come as a surprise then. :lol

      Have a good weekend!

  45. Thank you so much, catmeow80.I had a big smile on my face watching the mv. I really really miss them.I don’t post here a lot but I do check this place every single day for news about our couple.
    I hope everyone is doing fine.

  46. Hello Fellow GeunGeun fans!

    How are you all doing? I hope you’re all well and in good spirits.

    Please excuse my long absence. I blame it to lack of any significant news about our favorite Geun couple. But I’m not begruding them since as the cliche goes “no news means good news.” ;-)

    Today catmeow80′s MV inspired me to post and to revisit the MsOAN drama plot.

    Could the drama plot have been more exciting if KJW’s character turned evil, like do revenge against Mae-ri, since his Dad still loved her Mom while married to his Mom? Then Myu-gul character could rescue Mae-ri and therefore shine as the hero.

    I’ve always felt that they revealed the secret marriage between Mae-ri and Myu-gul (episode 7?) too soon. While we know Myu-gul will end up with Mae-ri no matter what, revealing the secret marriage too soon reduced the suspense for me… Oh MSOAN memories…

    Hey, anyone looking forward to seeing JGS’ “Love Rain”?

    SoompiMoons FB had a post on namooactor saying we’ll see MGY this year. Oh I hope namooactors delivers on their promise!

    Take care everyone. (^__^)

    • Bashful,
      Genki?! It’s been a while for me as well. I do occasionally check in to see if there are any new development. JKS is so busy lately I don’t think he even has the time to go out to have a drink with his friends…girlfriend…
      Well, he’s an “idol star” now so unless things tone down a bit, I guess he won’t be coming out (about his relationship with MGY) anytime soon.
      That’ll be the day we’ll all start ranting again! Hoohoo!
      Take care GeunGeun shippers. Mahalo~!!!

      • Hi MikiMouse,

        Genki desu. Arigatoo. How about you? I hope you’re doing well too.

        Just read in KBS World website an article about JGS and his upcoming drama “Love Rain”. Apparently, they went to Hokkaido to film one of the scenes. Despite the cold weather, the article said JGS still found Hokkaido a “pleasurable” place. Isn’t he always diplomatic? But then again he has too since he has lots of fans in Japan! :)
        “Love Rain” will first air on March 26 after Dream High 2.

        I think I’ll watch “Love Rain”, at least the first 2 episodes. That the drama will give us double dose of JGS sounds interesting enough! :) Shall we come here and exchange our first impressions of it on the weekend after it airs its first 2 episodes?

        Take care and hope to read your next post soon and the next posts of fellow GSI Team members! (^__^)

  47. Hello Captain! :D

    Thanks for the banner. I’m happy to see we still have loyal GeunGeun fans sharing their artistic talents in creating banners showcasing the GeunGeun couple. Bravo to the artist! :D

    By the way, I read in SoompiMoons FB that in a recent interview, Jung Il-Woo said he would like to work with MGY in a project. How super awesome if that happens (even though I’m a GeunGeun fan), do you agree? :)

    Hello to fellow GeunGeun fans currently logged on to Captain’s wonderful AKP site! :D

  48. yes, i would tolerate jung il woo coz he’s a very good and “cute” actor although i haven’t watched the return of iljimae. i will eventually. i’m still a ggc though. hello to everybody…..

    • Hmmp. not sure about the chemistry but who knows?! Hope they can work soon. I love his cute eyes and his smile. I have not watched him in Return of Iljimae. I saw him in 49 days and Flower Boys Ramyun Shop and his acting is Okay. Be back soon Moonie

  49. I get a little excited to hear Jung il woo dream of working with Moon in the future..i have not seen his work but i can say the guy has a cute eyes..love her smile too!

    And LR 5.8% initial ratings? that sucks.. still i read some peeps are liking the drama so far..good to know that.

  50. Moon Geun Young & her co-star in Marry Me,Mary Jang KeunSuk was featured on “The Naughty Girl and The Indie Boy” Thai magazine .
    When asked Moon Geun Young about the most impressive thing she found in Jang Keun suk.

    She said “As everybody knows,about what kind of a person he is, He is very good looking, in the eyes of woman, i think he’s very charming, whatever he did always looked great, like what he did in the break time, he’s always cute, sometimes he looks like a naughty kid, but the most important thing (i think) he is a genius and pure/sincere (laughing)”

    credit: Pat Cri Cri + I Love Jang geun suk FB

    • Thanks allygirl for sharing this news. Isn’t it amazing that M3 still get publicity, after more than a year since its broadcast? :) This reminds me of a recent post in SoompiMoons FB page saying there’s a TV broadcast in Japan of the making of M3. Though I’m a GeunGeun couple fan, I couldn’t believe there is still demand for M3 until this time. This couple is really awesome! :)

      MGY’s answer to the interview question is so honest and squeeee-inducing, isn’t it? :)
      Thanks again for sharing this news! (^__^)

    • hi allygirl… thanks for sharing this news… i love it since MGY has been quiet and there’s been not much going on for our couple… this is really a vitamin for me… ^_^

  51. I am watching Love Rain for the Love of JGS. It was okay, so slow and nothing special. I just like seeing Sukkie in my cam. . MGY drought again

  52. hi my fellow GGC lovers!its nice to meet you all here,im new member and im happy to read all your comment here and also im happy that captain post some news about them!im taking my time to read all the news about them that posted here..so i have so much cathing to do..awww sucks how i wish i know this group before but only late last year i discover about them when i was looking some dvd to buy and i never thought that there is korean dvd here(im working abroad)its good to be a GGC FANATICS!GBU

    • Hi jen! (^__^)

      Welcome to the GGC neighborhood! It is indeed wonderful that you found us here. :) The news about our favorite GGC has been slow lately. But I wonder if this will change since MGY’s birthday is coming up very soon. Oh, I can’t wait!
      Have a good weekend! :)

  53. It’s late but May 6th is the 26th birthday of our lovely Moon Geun Young!

    I wish her all the best! Good health and a happy heart! ;) I wish that this year we will see her great acting again. We love you Moon!

  54. @bashful

    thank you so much for the warm welcome:)i hope this forum will come alive again..ive seen all your comment from top to bottom wheeewww its takes me days to read all the comments its so long kekekeke…i felt like ive known this group for so long after reading all the comments and all the hints of our favorites couple..now eveytime i wake up im so excited to open my laptop to see if theres a news about them esp.MGY…urrrgggg i miss her so much:(anyway im a regular commentare in fb page kekekeke…

    • i’ve been lurking but when i saw MGY’s pix in the banner, i felt compelled to comment…she hinted in her BGM that someone’s leaving. i miss the activity here.

  55. H’yall! I’m sure all the geunies out there are all doing fine!
    Just wanted to drop a comment…I was over at the QIHM’s FB and shipping the couple as well. I felt they had the chemistry similar to JKS and MGY but at a mature level (if that make’s sense…). ANyway, with Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na becoming a real couple, I feel it is a matter of time for our Geunies to admit their feeling for each other and bring it out in the open. They are still young and need to focus on what’s important right now. MGY needs to graduate, JKS needs to become the “Prince of Asia” (lol, he’s such an entertainer!). Till our dreams come true, FIGHTING! GGS 4ever!

    • Hi MikiMouse :)

      Thanks for your post. Always good to hear from fellow and long time GGC fans.
      So, you were caught up also in the QIHM’s fandom and couple craze? :)
      I have seen and read only the few of the later episodes and liked the actors and story too. Best wishes to the couple!!

      While I share your hope for the Geuns, the cynic in me thinks it is unlikely to happen. Both MGY and JGS (especially JGS) have high-profile careers and “jealous” fans that they would likely shy away from making such public declarations.

      LOL at your comment about JGS needing to become “Prince of Asia”. I thought he is already. :D Speaking of the Prince, did you hear/read his latest album “Just Crazy” reached a major feat? This is the article where I read that news:


      Until our next posts…Take care.

  56. Thanks Captain Koala for the lovely banner picture showing my favorite MGY! :)
    Oh I can hardly wait for her return to the drama universe.
    Geun Young-ssi, pali, pali.

  57. Hello fellow GGC fans! :)

    I just read from the KBS Global website that JGS will be appearing in a Japanese TV music program to be broadcast on July 1st. I am wondering if any of you has access to watch this program and if you can kindly share with us how JGS performance turns out.

    Here is the article I read…I’m not sure if that is his album cover. If it is, it is an awesome cover…Notice the butterfly…:)


    • ooooh, thank you bashful!
      I have access to NHK programs but it’ll depend. If it’s on BS channel I don’t think I can watch it live. I’ll try to find it somehow!

      I’m sure it’ll be posted on Jang Keun Suk Forever site, they are up to date on everything!


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