Video Preview for Dream High Episode 16

I can’t believe tomorrow is the big finale for Dream High! I’m been preoccupied with other drama matters lately, which is a good thing, otherwise I’d be totally anxious about how the drama will all end. The final video preview is out, and watching it makes me smile ear to ear. DH was truly a wonderful surprise from start to, hopefully, finish.

Video preview for episode 16:


The production is going out of its way to keep the final episode plot points completely under wraps. There has been no written preview, and now the video preview is purposely moody and vague. My spoiler-loving self hates it, but I know tomorrow I will thank the DH team for making me squeal with delight and surprise.

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Video Preview for Dream High Episode 16 — 10 Comments

  1. I’m already rewatching in anticipation of withdrawal symptoms…how can Sam-dong be leaving us???? ~sobs~

    However, rewatching it has made it really clear that Kim Soo-hyun in the glue that holds the whole drama together, plotwise. Things are much, much more interesting with him around. Here’s hoping he gets the girl…which I don’t think will be much of a problem. I think the writers will do everyone justice, and as long as Jason and Pil-sook have a HEA (happily ever after), I’ll be happy. Hwaiting, Milk Couple! ^v^ O/

  2. i’m a little behind with this drama (unlike m3 i’m waiting for spanish subs, so i hope tonight i’ll be watching epi 14). but i think this drama was a nice surprise, and i don’t want it to end, not yet!!!
    so i’ll have lots of trouble with spoilers until next week, when epi 16 sub spanish will be out….
    thanks koala, waiting for your comments on the finale!!!!

  3. Aaagh, I can’t wait for subs to come out! This drama has been such a surprise. I remember when the promos were coming out – a cast of idols, a pop singer-producer, a pretty familiar premise…what could go wrong? And then it turned out so snarky and unpredictable and fun. Now for Sam-Dong to get the girl!

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