Black & White the Movie Holds Press Conference and Will Commence Filming

Has it been almost two years since Black & White hit the airwaves and redefined the scope and possibilities of TW-dramas? B&W rewrote the landscape of idol dramas and family fare littering the TW-drama scene, and brought a breath of action and fresh air to viewers. It’s quite possibly my favorite TW-drama ever, featuring one of the best bromances in any medium. Too bad the long-awaited B&W movie won’t have what made the drama so memorable, i.e. the character of Pi Zi (played by Vic Zhou). Zai Zai claims to be unable to fit the movie into his busy schedule, and I’m done with my recriminations.

The B&W movie (called Black & White: The First Refrain) is finally starting to film (after being in pre-production for well over a year), and the only returning leads will be Mark Chao‘s Yin Xiong and Ivy Chen‘s Chen Ling (yup, no Janine Chang either). Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy rounds out the cast. The movie will be a prequel set three years prior to the drama’s timeline, and the end of the third movie (its planned to be a¬†trilogy) will supposedly align with when the drama starts.

The movie has unveiled its first teaser poster above.

The first movie will include a fighter jet sequence that required Director Tsai to actually build a fighter jet hanger in Kaohsiung and acquire a fighter jet, which was unveiled to the public two weeks ago.

I’m not quite sure how Ivy Chen can film the B&W movie and do her upcoming GTV drama Extravagant Challenge, but until I see Director Tsai shoot his first scene is when I will believe that B&W the movie has commenced filming, since this movie has been delayed more times than anything in recent memory.


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  1. Can someone please explain the appeal of Angelababy to me? With that kind of pornstar-sounding moniker, I really can’t take her seriously …

      • Hey, that makes a lot of sense, actually! Although at least Jessica Alba doesn’t have a porn-star-like moniker. Seriously, that name really bugs me. I think I would like her better, or at least mind her a lot less, if she just got rid of that name. Has anyone not told her that it makes her sound like an overripe porn star?

    • It’s good to hear I’m not the only one with that reaction. Every time I see her name, all I can do is snicker.

      I mean, if it were a nickname (like Zai Zai or Da S or whatever) then I’d expect to see a “real” name for the formal listing, but no, which makes it even worse. It’s one thing to have a porn-sounding name given to you by fans, but if you picked it yourself, that’s just kinda sad.

  2. OMGGGG!!!!! like finally some news about it. On one hand, I don’t mind waiting as long as it is kickass good, but on the other hand, pick up the pace will ya? My neck is getting so long from waiting to hear news about this. Thank you ockoala!

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