Ha Ji Won Featured in Elle Korea and Additional Stills from W Korea

Y’all know I love Ha Ji Won, even if her character and all of Secret Garden drives me nuts. Since wrapping SG, rumors have Ha Ji Won’s next project being potentially joining Jang Dong Gun in a drama about the President of Korea (which seems to be quite a popular topic recently, what with Go Hyung Jung doing Daemul and Choi Soo Jung in President).

Ha Ji Won is featured in two high fashion magazines this month, the first of which is a pictorial she did for W Korea shot in Los Angeles. I brought some pictures of that photoshoot in an earlier post (here), but now the rest of the stills have been released. In addition, Elle Korea did a feature of her when she attended the Prada fashion show in Beijing, and she looks so stunning she makes me weep for not being her.

I love everything about the way she looked at the Prada fashion show – elegant, simple, sleek, chic – exactly what I expect a movie star to look like at a black tie event. I continue to love her W Korea fashion shoot, and these addition stills emphasize how she really captured the city aesthetic paired with an edgy sensibility. I don’t recall ever seeing Ha Ji Won with such a vibrant hair color, but I must say she owns it and makes it look sensational.

My sole worry for Ha Ji Won, which I’ve only recently considered perhaps a stumbling block, is that I hope she continues to push her acting talents and range and not fall back on the fact that she is such a mega super star now. I found her SG performance weaker than anything I’ve seen in her portfolio, and it gave off the impression that she was playing Gil Ra Im like a parody of all Ha Ji Won scrappy characters of yester years.

[Credit: all pictures from W Korea or Elle Korea]


Ha Ji Won Featured in Elle Korea and Additional Stills from W Korea — 13 Comments

  1. I can’t give a comparison opinion, since only seen one older movie she was in…but I was also not impressed with key lime, both how character was written (or more to point NOT written) and her portrayal. As far as I could tell there were two expressions: vaguely angry and deer-in-the-headlights (with or without tears). I think she just didn’t have much to work with, though. Key Lime is a completely forgettable character.

    But daaaayummm girly is hot. Love that last picture with green outfit.

    • I concur…

      she did impress me in the first ep in the very first scenes when she entered the vvip room and retrieve the bag thought…
      but after that… her character became.. kinda… soft?

      hehe funny enough i liked her portrayal of joo won in key lime’s body more… (and that is kinda really funny since i didn’t like the soulswitching much xD)

    • Oh come on, it’s not that bad. I haven’t seen HJW in anything before Secret Garden but I thought she acted well. Her character was indeed limited but I think she did as good as she can with the role. She is especially good with acting with her eyes which is always a big plus for me.

      • I don’t think there’s a bad coffee about her acting in SeGa…she portrays the role very well…she has to do some switching in that K drama.

    • I think it’s more of a writing problem. It seems like the writer chose to create a really layered, complex male lead and kinda sacrificed Ha Ji Won’s character to acheive it.

      I think she did a good job, though, especially when she was playing JooWon-in-RaIm’s-body. Those scenes still make me laugh.

  2. This photoshoot if beautiful. She’s simply stunning in these shots.

    Er, Jang Dong Gun as a President. Again? Wasn’t he in Good morning Mr President (or something along those lines) not too long ago? Don’t get me wrong, characters are characters and they can be very different even if the job they do is the same (I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing JGS as a musician/singer. Heh.) but…gah. Not another President!

    • Ditto… She was great in Hwan Jin Yi and explosive chemistry with JIS.. then again, JIS displays great chemistry with all his female leads except wooden Lee Bo Young..

  3. these photos slaps Ra Im in the face. She is gorgous indeed, so why didn’t SG play it up during the “kiss” with Hyun Bin that got everyone swooning? the style of her hair there, and the award show, and her dress made her look so butch. i mean i know that her character is a more supposid “manly” characer, but this scene was suppose to be everything but that. sigh…..

  4. I fell in love with her chemistry with JIS in Memories of Bali.. that drama drove me insane just thinking who does she really wants?

    HJW looks so fine in these pictures. I love her cause she’s talented, beautiful and stylish… wish her all the best. If she will be paired up with JDG next, it’s gonna be awesome for sure 🙂

  5. I love SG, bcause she and hyun bin be a so sexy together. Yummeh. Lol. like seriously, when they do get along and kiss and aww its all so cute. But Gil Ra Im was by far Ha Ji Won’s weirdest character. Oh i think Ha Ji won, def gave a superb performance playing her, especially showing how confident she is at her work place and how she loves it then how there is such a definite lack of that in her day to day life. How less than a woman she feels, and how she has a complete low self esteem (which hyun bin’s character totally builds up. He like gives Gil Ra Im character some boost) but her Gil Ra Im character was just too weak in total and that is so not Ha Ji Won to me. Ha Ji Won, is way too kick ass for that. But all in all I still loved it. My gosh even in “sex is zero” which i didnt too like the film, Ha Ji Won’s character was kool.

  6. hi! i want to ask what year an month did ha ji won posed for elle and vogue magz? i hope you don’t mind anwering my question. And also the same question goes for hyun bin. thanks in advance!

  7. I’d watch most of HJW previous drama & movie.. In my opinion, she potrayed the GRI image well.. The SEGA script writer potrays GRI as a pretty, cute, boyish and cool character.. Tho GRI appears boyish, she still have girly side of her.. So to conclude that GRI is some sort of like a hard cookie on the outside but have soft melting chocolate on the inside (Molten Cookies? mmm yummy, will try to create that and bake it ;p) hehehe.. sorry, got carried away as I love cooking n baking..

    To continue my comment, perhaps we frequently look HJW character as a strong lead actresses, it doesn’t mean that she’s being to soft in SEGA… She’s just potraying GRI image well =)

    Anyway, I’m happy reading the article & comments.. Love HJW & HB to be a real couple ;p hehehe

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