Han Hyo Joo in Paris for the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar

It really must be Spring already, because the fashion magazines are all brimming with gorgeous photospreads, one after another. I’m up to my eyeballs in staring at stunning ladies wearing exquisite clothes. But what the heck, it’s all good, especially if the model in question is an actress I happen to like.

I can’t help it – there is just something so likeable about Han Hyo Joo. I only wish that she could become an actor whose skill was in proportion to how beautiful she is and how much I like her (kinda like how I think of Ha Ji Won). But she’s yet young, and I’m got lots of high hopes for her. Her March photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine is beyond sensational – the clothes, her makeup, and every shot is perfectly framed.

I actually prefer Han Hyo Joo in these types of edgy, high fashion shoots, because the juxtaposition of her fresh girl-next-door looks with the fierce visual connection with the camera is totally mesmerizing. She’s got a great understanding of taking photos, and I wish that her restraint would also carry over to her acting. Up next for Han Hyo Joo is a boxing movie with So Ji Sub.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Korea]


Han Hyo Joo in Paris for the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar — No Comments

  1. Holy wow! *___*

    I like her too, but I confess that after watching 40 and odd eps of Dong-yi, I had to stop. Man, not even my love for BSB could make me watch more. I feel guilty, though. ^^’

    Hey, have you read SSH’s interview yet?

  2. I really love Han Hyo Joo & the shoot* BEAUTIFUL ♥♥ So strange to see her places I know tsk tsk. I totally share your thoughts about her, she’s beautiful but her acting is still green. I loved her in Brilliant Legacy but Dong Yi was so-so * Anyway I hope to see her more and hope she’ll become really successful. ** =D

    I don’t know this actress (yet) but the shots are stunning. And, I mean, come on, it’s my town! (Worst thing is that it’s possible I just passed by the photoshoot and didn’t even pay attention…)
    When you live in Paris, you don’t really notice it, but it really does have something dreamy to its atmosphere. It might be the architecture. Anyway, the photograph suceeded in capturing that subtle atmosphere, he can be proud!

    • (and I don’t want to break the beauty of these pictures, but as far as I remember, the door in the 5th photo is that of the historical entrance to Paris’ sewage system :D)

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