Coming Home Enters Post-Production and Crew Releases BTS Stills

I love Weibo. Weibo is my friend, because it brings me goodies galore. Y’all know I love Zai Zai (Vic Zhou), and his upcoming drama Coming Home is one of my most anticipated dramas of the year. Filming was completed last month, and the drama has headed into post-production. It’s a China-Taiwan collaboration, and I haven’t heard any definitive airdates from either side of the shore.

What I have heard is that the title may be changed for the third time – it went from Pacific Steamer 1949 to Coming Home and now it may be changed to to The Other Shore 1945 (彼岸1945). The production crew members have released a slew of BTS pictures of its two leads Zai Zai and Janine Chang. All I can say is Zai Zai in period costume makes my knees go weak.

My Zai Zai looks sooo gaunt (he lost weight to play the role of the army medic with torn loyalties and loves), but Janine looks breathtakingly beautiful. I feel a little like I’m cheating on Yun Jie-Yong Yong, but I have to admit that I am dying for the third Zai Zai-Janine collaboration to finally produce a love story between them onscreen.


Coming Home Enters Post-Production and Crew Releases BTS Stills — 14 Comments

  1. call me crazy but is it just me or is zai zai channeling some major tony-leung-esque intense gazes here……….. hmmm..the potential

      • ok so i’m not the only one… my sanity is intact.
        i sense potential serious actor vibes here.. there’s this world-weariness in his eyes so like tony leung… really grown up from his meteor garden days..

  2. Thanks 4 the heads up Ms K,
    So it’s a period war drama? Sort of kinda Road no 1 of So Ji Sub, but the difference is Vic will play doctor instead of a soldier and Janine my girl will play Japanese them in modern type drama like drunken to love you style
    Ms.K, can u give us the synopsis if u don’t mind? Coz right now I’m making my own conclusion base on the stills u shared…. Can u enlighten us. Thanks a bunch….

  3. I thought that was Tony Leung at first too due to his intense gaze… Zai Zai look like him with his gaze.. Zai Zai look really skinny and tired… I do hope he get rested and stay healthy.. Also, Janine Chang look soo pretty… From what she is wearing, will she speak Japanese???? What Period time is this too???? I would like a synopsis too.. pretty please….

  4. Chingoo, we have a problem now. He looks all grown up and alskjflksdhflsdkfh. I think my crush on him just became 1000 times bigger and stronger. Holy wow!

    Can’t wait to watch this!

  5. OMG…I must agree w/ you guys, Zai zai’s all manlier & his eyes alone projects so much more depth!!!
    I’ll be so watching out for this drama!!!
    Thanks, Ockoala…again!!!

  6. Zai Zai is a profresional, he looks skinny coz his performance, it’s emotionally hard, he’s a militar medical on time of war!!! He has not looks like a “prince” or “macho man”. ZZ is a big actor.

  7. At first I heard that HOME/THE OTHER SHORE will be aired in the end of May.
    But till now still there is no confirm ??
    Hoooo, can’t wait to watch the drama.

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