The Discovery of Affection Confirmed with Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin


Aw man, how did I get so lucky? Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won have confirmed their involvement with the upcoming Hong Sisters’ drama The Discovery of Affection, which is scheduled to air on Wed-Thurs on MBC starting in June.

Seriously? One half of two separate sets of OTPs which comprise my top OTPs of all time getting together in a rom-com? Excuse me while I go do the Rocky Balboa run over there for a minute. *cue the aspirational music*

The man who played Jo Gook from City Hall (one of the most unforgettable anti-hero/heroes of in all of dramaland) and the woman who was Chae Eun Hwan from Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School (to whom I have a Pavlovian reaction towards, when I type the words Sang Doo I immediately start crying and laughing) in the same drama is as solid and potentially epic a pairing as I can conjure up.

Both always have impeccable chemistry with their co-stars, and are such good actors I love or hate them based on how I feel about their character (i.e. they become the character completely). I think I just found my potential 2011 Summer drama crack.

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The Discovery of Affection Confirmed with Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin — 31 Comments

  1. YES! I am SO looking forward to this. I love that the Hong Sisters are finally skewing more mature (not that young is a bad thing, but all four of their rom-coms have had very young actors) and I love that each of these actors has solid acting chops + capability of creating excellent chemistry with costars. I am going to be blissful all day, I know. πŸ™‚

  2. I echo girlfriday’s reaction: YAY! Not that I didn’t like Lee Seung-ki, and it still would have been cute the way they’d had it conceptualized before, but it will be interesting to see the Hong sisters do something a little more grown-up this time around. With You’re Beautiful and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho they skewed a little young; maybe with Gong Hyo-jin and Cha Seung-won being a little older we can get some plot that will lead to some more *cough* mature chemistry. A la City Hall. But times, like, five.

  3. IKR! I whooped with joy when I read the news on Dramabeans. Incidentally, what’s up with the negative reactions to that pairing? o_O I don’t understand.

    Me? I love CSW and GHJ so much and I can’t wait for this drama.

  4. Oh goodness. I am so excited. Cha Seoung Won and Hong Sisters = sure win! Just love it. Can’t wait for CSW’s sexy kiss secens and his beast style face expression..oh man just yummy. Opps sorry…I need to claim down..hehe

  5. I heart these two so will I be watching? Heck yes. Plus, it’s the Hong Sisters. They have yet to write a drama that I haven’t liked.

  6. cant wait for this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ another drama of CSW!!!!!
    love your banner with min woo & min jung (m&m couple)
    one of my fav couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  7. ooh!! interesting!

    also….!! i’m currently watching City Hall. you were harping on about it in another post (or two! hehe) & since i trust your preferences with dramas i thought i’d give it a shot, you know to try and fill the lull whilst i wait for another K-drama that would catch my interest. and i must say i am loving CH! hehehe..!! i find it quite hilarious and the banter btwn the OTP is what gets me time and again! needless to say, i can see why you love the drama so much!

    *squee, squee, squee!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow! I loved GHJ in Biscuit Teacher opposite Gong Yoo. I’m now loving CSW in City Hall opposite KSA. Both in a Hong sisters drama? I see what everybody else is raving about….please count me in! πŸ™‚ Summer, please be here soon.

  9. i won’t deny feeling a tiny tinge of disappointment that Seung Gi gave this up, but I can live with it because I also like Seung Won. I didn’t watch Athena, so my last drama of CSW is City Hall — it’s been ages.

    yey! something to look forward to indeed!

  10. after SG i kindda die…but now very much alive and looking forward to this drama….love it…pls bring it on….now! love the pair…

  11. I’m actually kind of hopeful about this. Hong sisters are hit or miss for me and their last kdrama was downright f***ing boring but I’m curious what they would do with more mature actors & not their usual kiddie litter theme. GHJ is always a draw for me & CSW with decent material is also a draw. So two actors who can act, potentially have great chemistry, with more adult themes and a script that has 50/50 chance of being funny. This could just work…or at the least my eyes will have the pleasure of watching the two of them go at it (hopefully..more mature actors right?)

    • Oh God, *clings* someone else who didn’t think My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was amazing.

      I usually feel pretty in the wilderness about that one. I got really excited about LSG (whom I generally like) not being in this because his being cast gave me horrifying traumatizing flashbacks to Gumiho.

    • You two can third me here. I’ve tried THREE times now to watch MGiaG, and I cannot for the life of me get into it~

      The first time I checked out 2 eps when it first aired and then got bored and stopped.

      Then it was on TV a few weeks later, and I was channel surfing and watched a random later episode, and I was still bored and not feeling engaged.

      Finally, I bought the DVD set 2 months ago cuz it was on sale and I apparently like to throw money away (okay, because I was told it was OMG-so-good-and-I-had-to-give-it-another-chance), and I’ve been watching it when I exercise and damn its boring me to death.

      Why? Neither LSG nor SMA sucks in it, and they are cute and have good chemistry. I just don’t get why I don’t get MGiaG?

      • I admit I fell asleep one too many times while watching MGiaG before I got the hint that MGiaG and I were not meant to be. And I’m an insomniac. I gave up after ep 5. LSG may be noona killer for many but not for this noona unless putting me to sleep is akin to slaying.

        Now CSW I can get behind. Oooohhh yes. And finally I have someone to call oppa for once.

        @ockoala Psst. Give the dvd to langdon. She likes it.

      • whew! thank you, ockoala! i thought i must be weird for not getting into the groove of MGiaG. the idea of an animal loving a human and vice versa is kinda lost in me. maybe i have not tried really really hard to watch it again so….

      • As a die-hard MGIAG fan I just had to speak up. MGIAG was magical, romantic, hilarious, and made me cry so many happy and good-hurt tears. I love it when 2 people are willing to sacrifice everything, even life, for each other. I recently rewatched ep.2 and it is a little slow, but I was sooo in love by the end of ep. 3. When folks say they just don’t get MGIAG it’s almost akin to not liking ice cream or puppies to me. Oh well, the unappreciation makes me love it more πŸ™‚

  12. soft, I think it will be starting filming in April. Airing time is June, after Royal Family.

    Just wondering, why nobody has started its thread @ soompi yet?

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