Jung Woo Sung Confirms that He’s Dating Lee Ji Ah

When you are caught strolling the streets of Paris, sometimes the most logical explanation is the only explanation. Jung Woo Sung has pretty much confirmed that he’s dating Lee Ji Ah, though his words were more like they have a positive feeling for each other. He wanted to make an announcement at his fan meeting later this month, but the news broke unexpectedly when they were snapped together in Paris last week.

He doesn’t feel right talking about relationships when the world should be more concerned with the disaster in Japan, so he didn’t elaborate any further. Jung Woo Sung is a very private and reserved guy, so this is confirmation enough for me, and I neither expect nor need any explanation for why or how long. I’m happy if he’s happy. I have to say that Jung Woo Sung had way more chemistry with Lee Ji Ah in Athena than he had with his leading lady Su Ae.

I’ve been wanting Jung Woo Sung to date some of his co-stars for a long time, most notably Son Ye Jin from their A Moment to Remember explosive chemistry. If I had any say in it (which I don’t), I would have never picked Lee Ji Ah, because I can’t stand her acting. But it’s their real life, and as a fan all I can do is hope he’s happy if it works out, and that he’ll be just fine if it doesn’t. Now I’m off to make me a voodoo doll. Some bitch done steal my man.


Jung Woo Sung Confirms that He’s Dating Lee Ji Ah — 17 Comments

    • totally agree with you on her sujini character being my fav heroine too! it’s what made watch through style just because she was in it and i had promised myself that i would watch everything lee ji ah was in. ^^

      jung woo sung is who introduced me to the world of K-drama from watching him in AMtR.

      and i’m soooooooooo happy that they ended up together in real life instead because i was so rooting for them to get back together in Athena.

  1. My only thought is WHY?

    But then again I’m basing that on her acting. She’s probably great in real life. I hope.

  2. to be honest i’m kinda curious to know when they started seeing each other ^_^
    oh well, if he’s happy then i’ll be happy for him as well!

  3. awwwww…Koala do u need a hug?….well let’s just hope that even if her acting sucks she’s a gr8 person in real life….I do think she is hardworking though after watching bits and pieces of Athena, it seems like she put in a lot of effort into her action sequences and for some reason seemed more fierce than Su Ae…’course m=no one can beat my girl crush, Kim Su Yeon, when it comes to being kick ass but LJA didnt seem too bad…so anyways, I wish them the best!

  4. I do think that LJA is great!!!! I’ve seen her in The Legend, Beethoven Virus, Style and Athena…. She’s good for a beginner and hardworking too!!! not to mention.. very pretty!!!

  5. I am happy for them. They both are lovely and hope JWS&LJA have a most wonderful time together, forever and ever…..

  6. Hmmmm…. I kind of agreed with the owner of A Koala’s Playground. I love to see JWS and SYJ dating in real life. But Soo Ye Jin is such a great actrees. She had chemistry with every leading actors in her movies/TV series. But, I have never seen such great chemistry between JWS and his leading actrees in his movies — not as much as him with SYJ in a Moment to Remember. Well, anyway…. Who knows it will lead to a marriage or not?… *shrug her shoulder*

  7. yup..go do a voodoo doll…hahahahahaha
    been a SYJ-JWS shipper since A moment to remember days. Nahhh…. never mind. He will change his mind after the marriage/divorce scandal. long way to go…. hahahaha

  8. Hmm!!i reaily loves lee ji ah alot..her behaviour is just like mine in the legend!!actually i never thought LJA and JWS were couples…anyway they fit each other as couple…if they were to marry… i am wishing them happy married life!!! I have alway promise myself that i will see lee ji ah oneday because i love her alot and also she is a very talanted actress…I LOVE YOU LEE JI AH!!!

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