Song Seung Heon Picks Kim Tae Hee as his Ideal Girl during Interview

Awwww, my Heon oppa sure knows how to give fan service. Song Seong Heon, Song Joong Ki, and Yoon Sang Hyun (three guys I absolutely adore to watch onscreen) were shooting a CF together when an entertainment news program interviewed them. They were asked the usual “which girl is your ideal type” question, and Song Seung Heon winnowed down his list until he ended up picking Kim Tae Hee.

My sister called the other day to tell me that she finished My Princess, and she very much liked the OTP, and that was about it. But the OTP was very cute, and the rest not so much. If Jung Woo Sung can end up dating Lee Ji Ah after filming Athena together (they both are suffering from PTSD from working on that abomination of a drama is my conclusion), then Heon-Hee shippers can keep the faith! Especially after Song Seung Heon so openly stated his preference.

What’s funny is that the interviewer made him pick specifically between Kim Tae Hee and Lee Yeon Hee (his co-star from East of Eden where it was rumored they were exceedingly friendly with each other), and he immediately picked Kim Tae Hee. Sadly though, half the men in Korea pick Kim Tae Hee on a regular basis as their ideal girl, so perhaps it isn’t too telling. Still, they’d make beautiful babies together.

Song Seung Heon interview:


Song Seung Heon Picks Kim Tae Hee as his Ideal Girl during Interview — 32 Comments

  1. I would love to see all 3 of them in a drama or movie too. Are they belong to the same agency? I would like to see the whole interview as well.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I’ve never really thought Kim Tae-hee was that attractive. Certainly not ugly, but never the peerless beauty that everyone else seems to think. That being said, I adored her and Heon-oppa together. ^_^

    • I agree with you. I knew who KTH was by reputation but never saw her in anything until MP. Frankly, I think she’s past her prime. That cap in this post really highlighted the the areas that mar her beauty. I know that KTH is known for being a “natural” beauty (i.e. no cosmetic procedures), but there’s nothing wrong with slowing down time is there? After all, it’s pretty obvious that her paper ads have all been photoshopped. I think that KTH is prettiest when she doesn’t smile since that tends to accentuate the wrinkles near her eyes, her post-nabial folds, and her large teeth. However, her friendly neutral expression is very pretty. I remember the scene from Episode 2 when HeonHee are sitting on the swing and she says: “Aren’t I especially pretty when I smile?” That scene stuck in my head because I remember thinking, no, you’re least attractive when you smile. Understanding that even least attractive for her is still pretty attractive.

    • Really? I think she is beautiful; she’s a natural beauty. I don’t know why I think they have something. I may be wrong.

    • i think kim tae hee deserved it..she is really beautiful and have a good personality thats why song seung heon picks her as other..yeah you are right there something in kim tae hee’s beauty that everybody attracted to her..

  3. Awww, how much do we love you Miss Koala? I know you aren’t much of a shipper like us but thanks for being supportive of HeonHee! We owe you a treat if they indeed get together in real life! <3

  4. Aww, Oppa!
    Even though half the guys in korea pick KTH has their ideal girl I think our oppa has a better chance cause they worked together and got to know each other. So if i had to bet i think our oppa has a better chance at winning KTH heart!

  5. 1stly, thanks ockoala v v much… you’re a gem.. yay…

    still watching MP BTS. so cute… KTH does have some fine lines.. those are called laugh lines and it is completely ok according to the experts.. still it is hard to find natural beauties in Korea, for that I think she is a rare find.. front view, side view, she is still good… A wise ahjumma once told me that women look their best when they are just ripe, I mean when they are 30. peace…

    off topic, allies are punishing Libya as we speak.. let’s pray… much thanks to everybody..

    • In Stairway to Heaven which I fast played, she already had laughh lines and she must have been in really early 20s then. I think those laugh lines are natural to her. It looks like she is a natural girl as her hands are not delicate either. She’s beautiful the way she is.

      Yoona is pretty and a decent actress (saw her in 9outs) but if she wants to be taken seriously, I think she should quit that horrible girl group SNSD. ugh

  6. Hey Seung Heon Song! Why don’t you court Kim Tae Hee? You two can make a nice couple. You can have pretty and handsome babies. You said that your ideal girl is Kim Tae Hee , so go go go. Kim Tae Hee is very very pretty and you are handsome, so BINGO! I bought the DVD Korean drama ” My Princess’ and i watch it over and over again. Im so in love with the drama, with the two of you. .. If you and Kim Tae Hee would be sweethearts oh… i will be the happiest person in the world…. Sarangheyo…

  7. i was really never a fan of korean dramas but wen i watched MP i was addicted to it… both cute and adorable people…i agree to them you both KTH & SSH look good together, as a fan we are hoping that the to of ended up together

  8. Maybe we loved the drama not because of the story but there were two good looking, adorable and very good leading actor and actress giving life to a story. To SSH and KTH, please make another movie for us!

  9. my apologies if i offend anyone, for me i prefer SSH n Kim Ha Neul… she is a beautiful lady and if you have watched 2D1N, you will agreed with me that KHN is actually a very lovable and friendly person. She has acted with SSH twice and i believe their chemistry was awesome. KTH sorry i have never considered her a beauty and really do not understand how men think she is …. in fact there are lot of actresses who looks more beautiful then her….. well its just my opinion so no offence meant! lastly i hope SSH n KHN will make a movie / drama together………

  10. The beauty of a person it’s not only in a physical aspect but within her attitude on how she mingle people around her. And KTH has an appeal that’s why some men admired her.

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