The Cast of Mary Stayed Out All Night Reunite for Director’s Cut DVD Interviews

DNT Media has released a picture of Jang Geun Seok, Moon Geun Young, and Kim Jae Wook at the official cast behind-the-scenes recording for the Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) director’s cut DVD set (or uncut, still undecided).

The set will be a limited purchase only, will have 7 hours of BTS video and cast interviews, will include a picture book containing 160 pictures, including many never-before-seen stills. It will include a script for one of the episodes, and the episode script will be selected based on the script the fans most want to see.

I’ll summarize DNT Media’s press release of that day. At the recording studio for the DVD set back in February, Moon Geun Young was the first to arrive, followed by Jang Geun Seok. The Geun Geun couple happily greeted each other and then talking quietly and intently with each other.

Kim Jae Wook showed up, wearing a hat, and the three of them started chatting and catching up. The trio watched episode 16 of M3 for the interview, which triggered a lot of memories of filming many of the scenes. After watching each scene, the three of them would laugh, and it looked like the three actors had morphed back into the characters they played in the drama.

DNT Media wants everyone to anticipate the DVD release, where viewers would be able to see the happy interview atmosphere of the three leads. It will be like seeing an old friend, and from that wonderful reunion, viewers will hear about a lot of stories that happened during the filming. I only have two words for DNT Media – THE ALLEY – I better see some BTS of it and the two participants better be grilled about what exactly went on there.

[Credit: DNT Media daum café]


The Cast of Mary Stayed Out All Night Reunite for Director’s Cut DVD Interviews — 33 Comments

  1. aww man…they look adorbs!!…..i’d so buy this but I dont want to rewatch the drama itself….I just want to watch the BTS and my two fav Geuns

  2. my first thought: everyone needs a haircut. pronto.

    and yes, still not quite getting over the irony that KJW is Mu-Gyul in real-life!

    The Geuns need to get together (and I prolly need to finish watching Mary…)

    • Yes, I agree with you, KJW is exactly Mu-Gyul in real-life! :))

      his characters especially in MSOAN and his real-life are very different. 😀

      still love KJW, JGS, MGY anh MSOAN so much 😉

  3. I am sure someone will upload to youtube so I will wait. And before that we will have the comments quoted to us. Asking ockoala very nicely.
    Loving MGY but I keep thinking she is wearing a wig, it looks so helmetty (I know that’s not a word) probably me cause I have no sense of style.

  4. They finally reunite but why do I see some distance between geungeun?MGY with that bob hair makes her like little girl sitting next to adult.hehe.she is way cute.can’t wait for the dvd.hope that they can have promotion in some countries overseas.

  5. I already own a set but I purchase another just to get my hands on the behind the scenes video. Wondering if any kind soul would share the BTS video with us if they get it first.

    Also, didn’t MGY just cut her hair, I believe it’s much shorter now.

    • You mentioned that you already “owned a set”? Where and How? I have been waiting ….and waiting ……and waiting….. for the DVD of M3 to come out but have not heard of any until Ockoala’s update in the above. Can you advise how and where can I get a set of M3 DVD with English/Mandarin subtitles? Thanks in advance!

  6. gyaaaaa.. finally a glimpse of the geuns together!!! so happy to see them.. miss them so much!!! why with the limited release??? i would like to get the dvd set.. but if not, i hope someone will be kind enough to share it with the world.. mgy looked shy next to jgs, maybe she doesn’t want to look too obvious.. ^^

  7. hi there!! mee 2 i want to get that DVD but how?really want this couple soo much!!!how can an overseas get it?OMG i really eager to have that ..please help us!!

  8. I looked at the pictures again. I think they were seated according to the placement of the microphone it just so happen that the microphone of MGY is placed a little bit far from JKS. Anyway they were recording the interview for the DVD isn’t it so they should be nearer to the microphone so that the audio will be heard clearly in the recording. And didn’t the press release said that after JKS came they greeted happily each other & talk quietly & intently with each other? So for me that’s a dead giveaway. I just hope they described in detail how that “happily greeted each other” is.

  9. “talking quitely and intently with each other..” wahhhhh! I wish it was the one they taken and not the pic above! haha..kidding! But looking at MGY at JGS together is such a nice feeling again. My heart is just melting to see my lovely pair sitting together like the KBS moments 😉

    I’m looking forward on the DVD, whatever subs it is idc as long I’m one of those who will get a copy!

  10. “…Moon Geun Young was the first to arrive, followed by Jang Geun Seok. The Guen Geun couple happily greeted each other and then talking quietly and intently with each other.”
    kyaaa… captain… you sure know how to put fire on us, huh??? fire of loooooooooove… 😀
    is it just me or it seems like MGY ssi looks frightened, isn’t she??? I think that’s why her chair remotes from jgs’s

  11. thank you so much for posting this news, dear Captain! 😉

    and i absolutely love the info you shared abt the Geuns’ interaction during the taping of the DVD… 😉

    however, after watching the photo with the Geuns and KJW, i can’t help but notice how much slimmer JGS is than MGY, because he has to do it to get into character for the “You’re My Pet” filming…

    to me JGS is already too slim in Marry Me, Mary, but now he is even slimmer, no doubt also because of the crazily-hectic schedule he has had the past months after M3 wrapped up…

    just hope he takes good care of his health, and not collapse because of exhaustion…
    after all, health is wealth…

    i wonder why the actress (i can’t remember her name!) who acted as Seo Jun did not turn up for the recoding of the DVD?

    anyhow, i do hope kind folks who have had their lucky hands on the DVD and the BTS footage can share the wonderful stuff over YouTube because i won’t be able to get them here in Singapore esp because i don’t own a credit card… 😉

  12. oh, and yes! i can’t agree with you more on what you said :
    “I only have two words for DNT Media – THE ALLEY – I better see some BTS of it and the two participants better be grilled about what exactly went on there.”

    LOL!!! i think your words echoed the thoughts of every single Geun-Geun couple lovers the world over!! 😉

    thank you, Ms Ockoala!! you are THE BEST!!! 😉

      • Hi there, dear M3Lover!
        So wonderful to receive your message!
        I am so touched by your message!
        Thank you soooo much, dearest M3Lover! 😉

        I miss going to the M3 forum too cos ive been busy with school and the kids…

        I am fine, thank you very much for your concern 😉

        How are you? Even though i don’t have much time to read/reply the comments in the forum, i did manage to squeeze some time browsing thru and this is what i can say, in a word – WOW!!!!

        M3Lover! I think you are one of the most loyal contributors to the forum with your highly interesting and entertaining analysis of anything and everything you could find on the Geun-Geun couple! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself reading the posts that i could find the time to read! 😉

        M3Lover, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making the forum so full of life with your undying love and tireless digging of any and every info you could find on the Geun-Geun couple for the reading pleasure of all the Geun-Geun couple lovers the world over. 😉

        Kindly do continue with your admirable effort and please remember how much your effort is appreciated, dearest M3Lover! 😉

        Just like your screen-name “M3Lover”, you have really lived up to being the undying lover of the M3 couple 😉

        Way to go, M3Lover!! Tons of “HUGS and KISSES* 😉

  13. Would REALLY,REALLY LOVE to get a set of said Uncut DVD with subtitles.

    Can our very resourceful Ockoala advise on how and when?

    • Paula, your comment is too short for me to understand what you are trying to say.

      Would you care to explain? Are you saying that Marry Me, Mary is the worst drama ever? If yes, then may i suggest that you do not continue posting such unpleasant comments here because not only do such comments are unwelcome but also unnecessary for you to post them here because this blog has fans of Marry Me, Mary spreading the love for the drama and the actors.

      So, if you are not happy with the drama, please do not taint the wonderful atmosphere here with your strongly-worded and negative comments abt the drama that the loyal visitors to this blog love so much.

      • let it fly KDL honey… let it fly…
        U know this is funny how I see everyone said this drama (M3) is bad and judge according by its low rating, to be honest I was intrigue to watch those kdrama that everyone say good and of course have high rating and highly covered by bloggers, few of them are quite famous talked in many similar blogs like our captain’s playground have here, so… I watched them and sorry to say I was disappointed, I keep hitting the fastForward button on my remotes or strengthen my self that I have to finish watching them, yes… that really happened to me when I watched those highly rating kdramas, why??? because their acting is not convinced me, well this is may unusual for everyone else but when I see a movie or drama I tell that movie/drama worth to see is when I see how the actor play their role convincingly, all out, without a doubt to act their character even for a second, not the story or who’s the actor, cos for me when the actors are convincing doing their role than the story came along, don’t say the story is ridiculous cos ridiculous things sometime happen in real life too… so I never highly considered abt the synopsis of the story first cos it’s gonna distruck me to increase my insight about all the creativity of all the filmakers for all their outcomes that they want to share to the world… that’s why eclipse nominated for RAZZIE awards but not Interview With The Vampires…(which nominated for Oscar), see my points? (sorry for twillight fans)

      • Mysin dearest 😉

        i can’t agree with you more on your wonderfully-clear and insightful comment 😉

        i have experienced exactly the same thing – finding so many of the so-called “highly-rated/highly popular” dramas to be either mindlessly boring or outrightly insulting that i honestly could not understand how they attained the ratings or popularity that they did…

        in contrast, even though M3’s storyline became progressively insane, thanks to the successively insane writing by the writers, but what sets it apart from other insanely-written drama storylines is that it has HEART, thanks solely to the heartfelt and honest portrayals by the 4 main leads..

        which has lead to explosion of love for the Geun-Geun couple by so many of the viewers of the drama…

        which has lead to not just 1 but 2 threads (with more than 1000 comments in each thread and counting…) set up by our dear Captain, Ms Ockoala, dedicated to the spreading of the love and hope for the Geun-Geun couple NEVER BEFORE seen, and probably never to be seen again, in the near future, IMHO…

        Mysin sweetie, thanks so much for your kind words of support… 😉

        i just can’t stand such comments, which is why i have to comment on them… 😉

      • KDL honey… so glad you could cheer-up reading my post,
        I learn a lot from hollywood movies and had learned not to see a movie based on its rate or b’cos of its highly popularity or who are the actors that going to be part of it, at first I only watch movies that highly advertised or in “trend” but the reaction I got afterward mostly pass me just like that, fly so far away, so going to cinema is just a weekend routine and doesn’t leave any (mostly) trace at all, one day I watched tv and Oscar was live broadcasted and remember movie TRAFFIC? it won OSCARs (best supporting actor and few more, if I’m not mistaken), that time I was like, huh??? never heard of it, so I don’t careless, one day I hang-out at my friend house and messing around on his dvd-shelf and I found that he has the dvd, I asked what’s good of it and what is it about, considered that it won oscar, he said it’s good and told me to just go watched and find it out myself, so I borrowed it, I watched it rite after I got home and boom it HIT me… yes, it’s good, the story is usual but packed NICEly with really convincing acting played by the actors and actresses, this is the first time I know an actor named Benicio del Toro, so is people around the world I think, after that I only watch movies that only have high response by criticisms, I mean criticisms that response after they watched the movie, not before or speculated reviews based on the story line or who’s going to play the role or directed it, I have a bitter experience after I watched Australia, Nicole Kidman is such disappointing in it but hands down for Angelina Jolie in changeling, never imagine she could played that kind of role, so I never again peer how trendy or how high the rating goes for a movie as my based… and now I started become maniac of any of Leonardo de caprio’s movies, not b’cos he played in titanic, really, I had to watch that movie in parts cos I can’t stand the boringness (wait, is that a word? anyway u know what I mean) or him in Catch Me if U Can or Aviator, he acted well there but so common, I started liking him after I watched him in Blood Diamond and Body and Lies (with Russell Crowe), damn… that man is really transforming… that 2 movies are not even popular here in my country… and in Shutter Island… wuoooh… two tumbs up for him, so now I openly open myself with “any kind” and digest it with my own thought and taste… nobody again can drag me to watch what they so called high rating/popular, as U said dear KDL, cos mostly I got cheated… and believe me it’s HURT… LOL 😀

  14. i’m happy to see the two geuns sitting next to each other. Although they sat far away but i believe it was because the location of the microphones is far from them.

    • i was thinking the same. they’re a little detached 🙁
      but i really love to see them together again!!!
      waiting for the bts!!!! 🙂

  15. Hi captain, I can’t open the discussion forum for the GeunGeun. It says can’t be found., I was just there this morning.

    • Hi captain it’s true can’t open. Gsi playgound. It was started from yesterday…..& I agree w anyone here that rating’s not everything. So many highrated k drama I found very disappointing. Sorry to say that for me baker king tak gu was one of those kind of k drama. I onlY watched it up untIl ep 7 then had to give it up. While I watched msoan like almost 12 times despite its hillarious story just becos of the geuns chemistry…..h

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