Chun Jung Myung for Basso Homme 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

I’ve been watching Chun Jung Myung in his first sageuk The Duo, where he’s sporting an unfortunately unflattering historical hairdo, but some seriously lovely black threads that befits his first foray into the sageuk genre. With that said, it’s a refreshing juxtaposition to see these new stills from the Basso Homme Spring/Summer 2011 collection, where PIE is looking even more fresh-faced than usual. And dare I say…shiny? There is nothing terribly special about the clothes, but PIE is cute enough to warrant his own post.

After looking at these boy-next-door pictures, I am even more convinced that the scruffier the PIE, the more I adore him. His upcoming movie is Blue Salt with Song Kang Ho and Shin Se Kyung, where I am thrilled to see him tackle a gritty movie and a rough role.


Chun Jung Myung for Basso Homme 2011 Spring/Summer Collection — 4 Comments

  1. You know, I wouldn’t date a man who dressed in any of the clothes featured here, but I don’t mind cooing at Chun Jung Myung while he wears them. Man is as cute as a button here.

  2. In some of the pictures, he looks like his channeling a little Geun Seok, especially in that trench coat.

    (Mrs. Koala, did you see the extended bed scene in “Sunny Happiness”?)

  3. At last, CJM appears again! He always have this cheekiness blends with his handsome figure, which makes him somekind of awesomeness. OMO..drool again..hehe 🙂

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