Song Joong Ki Channels Manly Chic for Cosmo Korea and New CF with Ga In

I’ve heard another completely unsubstantiated casting rumor – that Song Joong Ki may be the lead for a Summer drama called Fly Again, which may be Yoon Eun Hye‘s next drama. She’s apparently unable to do Sweet Scandal since she’ll be busy with her movie publicity for the next month. If Fly Again becomes a reality, I think it may just be Song Joong Ki’s breakout leading man role. Please make this into a reality drama gods!

And what impeccable timing, as his endorsements and magazine shoots have been veering markedly mature and, dare I say it, masculine recently. As opposed to gorgeously androgynous. His photo spread for Cosmopolitan Korea magazine is hip and sexy, while his upcoming CF with Ga In is OMG-the-handsomest-I-have-ever-seen-him.

Song Joong Ki and Brown-Eyed Girls’ Ga In were interviewed while shooting a CF (for eyeliner, apparently), and Ga In adorably grumbled that it was hard to shoot with Song Joong Ki because he was prettier than her. Heh, I feel your pain girl. I would hate to stand next to Song Joong Ki. But I sure do love to stare at him. I would have trouble breathing if he stared at me and touched my cheek the way he is doing to Ga In in their CF.

I think Song Joong Ki is such an easy actor to watch onscreen – he has this effortless delivery and lively presence. With added masculine leading man gravitas, he is a formidable next generation leading man candidate. I’d say his main rivals for the same plum roles would be Yoo Ah In and Kim Soo Hyun, both of whom I absolutely adore as well.

[Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea and Baidu Song Joong Ki bar]


Song Joong Ki Channels Manly Chic for Cosmo Korea and New CF with Ga In — 16 Comments

  1. The fangirl in me just died and went to heaven!!!…Song Joong Ki getting a lead role?!!…opposite Yoon Eun Hye?!…*pinches myself real hard*…yup still awake!…..aaaaah!!……If this is true I’ll be glad she’s not picking up the other drama ‘cuz I honestly wasnt getting any good vibes from it ‘cuz it was the writer from HTTG and all….but this just totally made my day…This and the fact that Kim Soo Hyun just got cast in the Ocean’s 11 movie with Lee Jung Jae…like I said the fangirl in me is on coud 11 right now

  2. That pic where SJK is flying in mid-air looks…………interesting…….. I was looking at this pic with bottom half hidden and when I scrolled up, I was like OMG that looked like two pics pieced together. Anyone else feel that way about this pic?

    • Wow! I thought it was only me thinking they resemble in some ways. Just watched the Hana Kimi Taiwan. In some angles they really look alike. Only Jiro Wang is slightly tan compared to Joong ki. They both have comical roles too…

  3. I’m so looking forward a new drama where he will play the lead. This guy deserves it. He’s a good actor not to mention super good looking as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    His “pretty” face reminds me of “my” Lee Jun Ki!! ^^

  4. He looks good as always! I just love his cuteness! Even though he is flower Joong Ki he is still very manly!!! Love him in Running Man! I hope its not a rumor and It will be his new drama as the main actor plus with Yoon Eun Hye! I’m a big fan of the two. Thanks as always Ockoala! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. yeah! in any hairstyle or get up, song joong ki looks soo angelic..let alone breathtakingly handsome,,I could ask for oxygen via nasal cannula anytime. =))

    I agree with this article..along with the opinion that song joong ki and yoo ah in (coz they’re both my favorites) would be the next generation leading men..they have that presence on screen that even though they’re not the main characters, people remembers them because they made an impact.^^, yoo ah in might even be the next song seung hoon (hotness very noteable) =)

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