MBC’s Weekend Drama Can You Hear My Heart Gears Up for its Early April Premiere

Best Subversive Casting Ever! I just realized that the upcoming MBC weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart has cast veteran Jung Bo Seok as the mentally disabled father of the lead actress character played Hwang Jung Eum. If anyone has watched all 60-episodes of Giant (truly an epic masterpiece), then you’ll likely ROFL along with me, because Jung Bo Seok spent a better part of that drama wanting to maim, kill, dispose of, and generally do away with Hwang Jung Eum’s character, who had the misfortune of falling in love with his son. Oh, and lest I forgot, Jung Bo Seok’s character also killed Hwang Jung Eum’s character’s daddy in Giant (I can’t explain, it’s a really long story).

So now the drama gods are going to make Jung Bo Seok repent by playing the loving simpleminded daddy to Hwang Jung Eun? Brilliant, and now I’m totally checking out Can You Hear My Heart. Well, that, and also my undying fascination with Nam Goong Min, who I cannot for the life of me understand why he’s not broken out yet as a certifiable male lead. Compared to sweet smiling Kim Jae Won who plays the lead here, Nam Goong Min makes my toes curl in all the right ways. Check out the preview released by MBC below. It actually looks not bad.

But I just have to vent for a teensy bit here, so pardon me, but costume designer why the hell did you drop a mushroom haircut on Hwang Jung Eum? Why? WHY? Whhhhhyyyyyy? It’s the ugliest haircut I’ve seen in a LONG time on any character onscreen, probably the ugliest thing next to what Show Luo purposely sported as Lin Da Lang in Hi, My Sweetheart.

I’m going to have to work twice as hard now to overlook that ‘do and concentrate on her character and the acting. I hate it when dramas style a poor and simple character like she was blind and lacked a shred of fashion sense. Ever heard of straight shoulder length hair? Easy to maintain and a no-brainer haircut. Hwang Jun Eum’s bowl cut here gives off the impression that she went out of her way to obtain the world’s ugliest cut from the world’s worst hairdresser. Geum Soon would be appalled.

Preview for Can You Hear My Heart:


After watching the preview, I really cannot stress what a phenomenol actor Jung Bo Seok is. He blew me away in Giant as the brilliant soulless mastermind orchestrating plot after plot for his personal gain and validation. In the preview, his warmth and charm immediately washed away any remnants of Jo Pil Yeon (his character in Giant). Also, totally shallow and completely pointless, but when Namgong Min turned around in the preview, I gasped because he’s gotten even more goodlooking. Yes, handsome does mature like fine wine.


MBC’s Weekend Drama Can You Hear My Heart Gears Up for its Early April Premiere — 12 Comments

  1. OMG! Finally someone who feels the same way about Namgong Min! Haha I love that man and yes he seems to get even more goodlooking. I watched the atrocious One Fine Day for him not Gong Yoo (sorry Gong Yoo fans) and I loved him in it and no one else lol. I cannot wait to check this weekend drama out. Thank You for the heads up.

    • I feel the same way, too. Though I watched One Fine Day first, I didn’t notice him until The Birth of the Rich, then I realized he’s the second male lead in One Fine Day. I guess I was too amazed by Gong Yoo (I was still fresh from watching Coffee Prince ^^). He definitely deserve to be a male lead.

  2. How long is this supposed to be for? I’ve never yet watched a weekend family drama because I run out of patience after about 20 episodes. But this looks good, and maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.

  3. this looks adorable!…cant wait!!
    @estel..I read somewhere that it’s supposed to be around 32 though that’s not been confirmed yet

  4. I read somewhere at first it was 50 episodes in the beginning.. so, I guess it is short to see how the ratings and go from there to extended to 50 episodes or not…

  5. Jo Pil Yeon has been reincarnated because he|| was scary and wanted to redeem himself, but the man above wouldn’t let him have a second chance that easily obviously.

    Back to reality: I’m excited to watch this drama. I was watching All that Sparkles, but I’m getting bored watching it.

    • OMG, is evil Mama Kang from BoF in the drama also?!?! Granted, Jo Pil Yeon is far more evil than Mama Kang, but what’s with all these villains in this drama?

      • Yup, the evilest of evil parents are in this drama together! Hee, I’m so excited. Drop Twinkle or Sparkle or whatever and get onboard this with me~

  6. LOL at the Geum-soon comment (granted she also had a terrbible ‘do in the first quearter of that drama, but the bowl-cut above takes the cake) 😀

  7. I’m just shocked no one has mentioned how close that bowl cut is to the performance wig Mijoo was sporting in Giant?! Obviously the hairdresser was a Giant fan…or not and wanted to take revenge on her!

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