Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En Reunite for Producer Yu Zheng’s Upcoming Historical C-drama

I’m confused, when did Ming Dao suddenly become producer-writer Yu Zheng (the man behind this Season’s ratings hit time-travel historical drama Jade Palace Lock Heart) best friend and go-to main lead? First news broke that JPLH is going to have a movie sequel, which somehow wouldn’t focus on the drama OTP but instead have Ming Dao playing the lead general. Buh?

Today news outlets have confirmed that Yu Zheng’s next mega-idol historical drama (he’s calling it his follow up to JPLH but this time set in the early Han dynasty as opposed to the Qing dynasty) will be called The Emperor’s Beauties (王的女人), and will star Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En. Double buh? Did I get punted into a twilight zone or something, because neither would be my first pick to play Xiang Yu (項羽), who becomes the Hegemon King of Western Chu (西楚霸王), and Emperess Lu (呂后), the first documented Empress in Chinese history.

I have a super soft spot for Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En because they were my first TW-drama OTP since Prince Turned Into Frog was my first idol TW-drama (though I’ve watched a billion non-idol TW dramas in the 80s and 90s). But neither would be my pick for a historical drama, and definitely not in roles as meaty and powerful as real life political figures.

The other female lead, the famed Consort Yu (虞姬), has yet to be cast, but Yu Zheng has revealed that it’s going to be quite a big name. Rumors are floating around that model-actress Lin Chi Ling is interested in the role, which is apt since she has experience already playing the beautiful wife of a powerful general in the movie Red Cliff. Filming starts in April.

I am curious in a morbid way to see what story Yu Zheng is going to rip off next for his mashup idol historical, and how the hell Ming Dao can convince me he is one of the most powerful conquerors in Chinese history.

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Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En Reunite for Producer Yu Zheng’s Upcoming Historical C-drama — 11 Comments

  1. I am somewhat surprised that Chen QiaoEn isn’t going to be Consort Yu. Whenever I think of Xiang Yu, his concubine Consort Yu immediately follows in the same breath.

    Can Lin ChiLing act? I’ve never seen in her anything, and I admit, I tend to have lower expectations of Taiwanese actresses’ acting abilities compared to that of their mainland counterparts, many (most?) of whom have graduated from the top film academies in the country.

    • Also, how in any way is this supposed to be a “follow-up” to Gong/Palace (Lock Heart Jade)? It doesn’t look like it’s going to be another time-travel story, and I certainly hope Yu Zheng doesn’t do a second ripoff of Hana Yori Dango; once was way more than enough. In terms of setting, this seems like it’d be a lot closer to his other drama Mei Ren Xin Ji/Schemes of a Beauty.

  2. Bzuh?

    I really dislike both Ming Dao and QCE so I am groaning at this news because, otherwise, I find YZ’s dramas pretty addictive. I hope he falls out of love with Ming Dao quickly because the thought of having him star in all other future productions of YZ is terrifying to me.

    Re: QCE – well, I dislike her as well as Ming Dao, but since she’s playing a woman noted for her brutality and interesting methods of getting rid of people, perhaps it’s not a disadvantage.

    Also, it seems more like a prequel to Schemes of a Beauty (which featured Empress Lu in a prominent role) than JPLH.

    Hmmmm, which manga could YZ rip off for this? Maybe Peach Girl? Just because Lu Zhi has a habit of killing people who displease her, others see her as evil. They cannot tell that beneath the poisoning and drowning facade is a lovely woman looking for love, especially since her best friend, Concubine Yu, always goes for what Lu Zhi wants and takes it. So, when Concubine Yu asks Lu Zhi which one of the imperial pretenders she likes, Lu Zhi, who has laways had a thing for Xiong Yu, lies and instead points to Liu Bang. Who knew a whole amazing love story was going to develop from this? 😛 😛 😛

  3. FINALLY there’s confirm news about this!!! B/c I hate all the rumors about Palace 2 the drama or is it the movie or what not…confusing! Anyhow, I’m looking forward to this b/c of Qiao En! Although she has act in other dramas after FTLY, I haven’t seen her since so I hope to see her in a new drama! But Ming Dao…bleh~~ is he turning into the new Yu Zheng lover boy or something next to Mickey He? His name keep getting attached to Yu Zheng lately and is getting on my nerves…I’d rather see Qiao En pair up with another actor b/c that’ll interest people more with unexpected chemistry that you never expect to be there…I think that’s why Feng Shao Feng and Yang Mi are so loved by the public now from Lock Heart.

  4. Gosh is Yu Zheng the most powerful producer in china right now? Every where i turn, i see his name. As much as i love Ming dao, i wish he would go back to doing TW dramas. I know he’s advancing towards mainland but i’m being selfish. I want him back. TW isn’t the same without him all this time.

  5. WHUT.

    At first I was just baffled, absolutely boggling at the news that Ming Dao was going to be cast as Nian Geng Yao in the upcoming Gong movie and supposedly “the main lead”, because it seemed so out of the blue – I mean, why Ming Dao? But with this news, it’s starting to look like Ming Dao must’ve charmed Yu Zheng out of his socks somehow and he’s going to be his new muse aka Mickey He 2.0. Whyyyy.

    I don’t particularly like Ming Dao, but I find him most likeable when he’s paired with Chen Qiao En, so I don’t mind the pairing. The whole “follow up to Gong set in the Han dynasty” thing, though? WTF. Forget the fact that it makes no sense that you’d have a follow up to a drama set in the Qing dynasty set in the Han instead; this is a historical drama, Yu Zheng! I know you’re trying to go more mainstream “idol” with your historical series now, but really, Ming Dao/Chen Qiao En? Gong might have been more like an idol romcom with a historical backdrop, but neither Yang Mi nor Feng Shao Feng were quite what I would’ve called “idols.” Ming Dao must’ve been all kinds of awesome on the set of Mei Ren Tian Xia, for Yu Zheng to rush to cast him for a historical movie AND drama before MRTX has even aired.

  6. I like Chen Qiao En, so I am watching this for her. But I must confess that I wonder whether she can do the role well. I really hope that she can pull it off and prove all her critics wrong (crossing my fingers nervously). We never know, she may surprise us. I find Empress Lu quite a fascinating historical figure, more so than Consort Yu. So I am happy that Qiao En is given this role. Historically, she is one of the three most powerful women in China, the other being empress Wu Zetian and empress dowager Cixi. And while Lu is known for her cruelty and ruthlessness towards her enemies, she is also regarded as a capable ruler who knows how to select capable ministers and whose polices while she was in power laid the foundation for the Han dynasty. If they follow history rather than the farewell to my concubine version, Empress Lu should be quite the complex and interesting character.

    As for Ming Dao, I am not really a fan. But I think that he can be a solid actor if given the right role. I think that he is good at slightly evil characters, so I am surprised that he is not given the role of Liu Bang, which seems to suit him better.

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