Moon Geun Young in the April Edition of W Korea Magazine

Moon Geun Young is busy with school and not currently involved in any acting projects, so as a fan it’s always a treat to see her in any media product. For April’s W Korea magazine, Moon Geun Young models the designer threads for the F/X Spring/Summer collection. The concept was to showcase a young lady pulling out her mom’s old clothes and putting it on in an edgy and modern way. If I thought Moon Geun Young had a heck of a lot of hair as Mae Ri, she’s one upped herself right here. And yet, she always manages to pull it off. She looks stunning in a baroque way.

[Credit: W Korea magazine]


Moon Geun Young in the April Edition of W Korea Magazine — 22 Comments

  1. I love the concept of this shoot and her confidence in pulling this kind of clothing. And i agree how stunning she is here and nice posture is noticeable in pic 2.

  2. Just when I think I can’t love her more, she does or says something else and I’m all starry-eyed again.

    LOOOOOVE the first pic so much, but the whole photoshoot is gorgeous.

  3. I heard they compliment her and think this is why they happy have her than model when they asked her to show sad her more.

  4. When I first saw the pictures I thought ‘what have they done to you’? But after reading the concept, I thought ‘yeah I see that’. She has such a little girl face that I think she can sell the ‘I dressed in mommy’s clothes’ concept. Moon Geun Young to me has become synonymous with beautiful. I pray that she finds happiness and peace in her soul.

  5. Oh so i’m not the only one who think she is not pretty..her eyeS alwayS confuse me !where the F**K she alwayS looks at HER NOSE?

  6. I think both of you … (Sam and Sos) should have enough knowledge when u guys want to comment regarding a person’s beauty. For me, the more I look at the pic, the more beauty of her revealed… just look at her genuine eyes, u can simply fall in love with her…W mag is known with weird concept.. so it is acceptable to just fit with the concept…

      • Dude, it’s your opinion, not a fact.

        Have your opinion, but don’t say it’s a fact unless you can substantiate it.

  7. “She’s focusing on school right now” of the reasons why she’s not only my biggest girl crush but also role model…she’s got so much going for her in the entertainment biz but doesnt neglect school because of that….I LOVE her!!!
    I think her eyes are the best feature…like scarlet I think that she has very genuine and expressive eyes.

  8. Moon has the most expressive eyes. I really admire her for her hard work and for always remembering her priorities (like school). No wonder tons of people (old and young alike) look up to MGY. Kudos Moon.

  9. ahhh, I see someone keeping on saying “MGY is bla bla.. and it’s a fact .” Wierd though.
    Since I see someone repeatedly says “It a fact!” then they won’t prove anything , just mere their opinion .
    Please, If you say it’s a fact then you have to prove it through statistics figures .
    If it is your opinion then it’s OK. However, if you really don’t like her that much, why you are bother to follow her news and pictures ? Unless you are so jealous and she is bother you that much .
    Do you ever see Korea media saying MGY ugly?
    How can she become Korean little sister if she is not pretty and cute?
    Don’t tell me that Korean people are blind. MGY has always named one of the top most beautiful actresses in Korea since she was young and until now .
    To you, “crossed eyes” are somewhat not beautiful . However, in some Asian cultures like south east asia., young girls with crossed eyes are considered cute and charming in their own unique ways . When I was young, I read a lot of Asian novels, and sometimes famous writers even described girls with crossed eyes in their unique charm ways that made me dream to see them in real life ..hehehee
    My cousin also had a little bit of crossed eyes and she is so beautiful that she had many guys follow her home when she was 18 . I was so jealous of her hehehe.
    So please don’t say ” it is a fact” unless you can prove it !

  10. (sajm & sos) ha! ha! ha! is your IDOL perfect…… I doubt it. MGY wins the Top Excellence Award and this is a FACT!!!! in my very own opinion she’s the most versatile actress and a good model.
    she’s not trying to be cute and beautiful not like others ha! (remember) not like others…..! co’z shes already is.

  11. sam nd sos i love u both fr standing up for wt u think n nt going wd all dese crazy ajummas who r forcing nd ganging up on u.personaly i think her actng s gud bt kind of same ol the she s nt gud lukng engh,like hw we xpct stars to b.

  12. the fact is when she was korea’s little sister the crossed eyes are cute…but at her age now she can’t be Korea’s little sister anymore…she can’t be cute with those eyes anymore. She can’t be beautiful iether…because there’s really something wrong about her face.That frail body with that face i don’t think so. oh yaeah she maybe beautiful in her pictorial bec. that’s photoshop eh. But look at her other pics. I never read about her in any beautiful korean list which are always topped by classic beauties like SHK, KTH,LDH,LYA. Are the fans of MGY blind or crossed eyes too.

  13. Well here’s the fact and not opinion she has Crossed Eyes..If you can’t see that…well you’re blind. Why deny it when it’s too obvious. And she’s not ugly…just unpretty. Never seen her name in any Beautiful list.

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