Yoo Ah In in London of Art Story for Hazzys

Yoo Ah In (one of my favorite young actors) in London (one of my favorite cities) = a match made in Koala heaven. I would give my right kidney to hang out with Yoo Ah In in London and go pub crawling and get drunk and mock the Beefeaters at the Tower. Having a chance to stare at his adorable visage would be icing on top of the fun times cake.

Have a boatload of pictures from Yoo Ah In’s trip to London, which have been chronicled by Hazzys as London of Art Story. Hhhhmmm, shouldn’t it be Story of London Art? Ack, who cares about grammar when more Yoo Ah In for everyone is all that matters!

Now that Yoo Ah In had his fun prancing around London, I respectfully request he hie himself back into my television screen and start a new project soon. I highly recommend the upcoming Jang Hyuk saguek Tree with Deep Roots. I am fully convinced that Yoo Ah In needs to act in sageuks forever more, and always wear black and look like a ninja. My personal ninja.

[Credit: all pictures from Hazzys]


Yoo Ah In in London of Art Story for Hazzys — 17 Comments

  1. The only thing I can say is O-M-G, HOT pictures… Great eye candy for a long week of studying and more studying for the weekend!!

    Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Nope. If I’m gonna roast in hell because of him, you’ll have to share. And yes, him+ Jang Hyuk+ saguek goodness = heaven = me roasting in hell some more.

  3. OHMYGOD! *sighs dreamily*

    Chingoo, you better put huuuuuge warnings (“hot, hot pics inside” or something). I almost had a heart attack!

    YAI, the noona-killer! And I never thought that description could be a literal one. Haha

  4. Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God. Oh. My. Ovaries. I-I-I…..I CAN’T TAKE THIS HOTNESS.

    WAI, OH WAI?!? Tonight has been a memorable Friday indeed. A lot of SuJu and Big Bang spazzing. But this? Dear drama god in dramaland. I wants him, I do. I know, I know–I need to share! Oh man, all this hotness tonight is turning me into an emotional wreck. I can’t even-I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!! *runs away from The Pretty*

  5. yoo ah in and london?! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    what a perfect combination!
    can i came to london with him as well?

    and got to agree that he can just play sageuk drama all the time!
    he looks great(aka hot!) in sageuk clothings!
    we miss him in the screen as well!

  6. i luuuuuve this kid! does he have an older brother that looks exactly like him?

    hi ockoala! i’ve been reading your blog the last couple of months but didn’t realize that you were based in london.. i’m new in town and it’s always nice to know that there are kindred spirits nearby! 🙂

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