Mike He Discusses His Kissing Prowess and Ranks His Co-Stars

Recently Mike He, who just wrapped the drama Mei Le, Go co-starring Cyndi Wang, was asked about the steamy wedding night kissing scene he filmed with Janine Chang in Sunny Happiness. Apparently audience spotted tongue, and he claims that he has developed the ability to make it seem like he’s french kissing his co-star but he actually isn’t. Um, yeah, you keep explaining, Mike, and I’ll keep not believing you.

He was further asked to list his top three kissing co-stars, and Mike went with Cyndi, then Janine, and finally Rainie Yang. While he did not ranked them vis-a-vis each other, Rainie was later told she came in third by a reporter at an interview for her own drama (really Mike just said her name after the other two ladies). Her face immediately froze, and she told the reporter to inform Mike that Joseph Chang has already surpassed Mike. The reporter noted that it’s not a good idea to piss off a female star. The TW-media conducts the stupidest interviews, but then it gives us these gems.

Mike and His Kissing (English subs):


The best part about this interview was hearing that MLG has a lot of steamy kissing and bed scenes. Which is about the only thing I’ve heard about this drama that interests me. But I’ll believe that Cyndi can do a good onscreen kiss when I actually see it, because thus far she’s about as exciting as a flopping fish.


Mike He Discusses His Kissing Prowess and Ranks His Co-Stars — 23 Comments

    • But in fact Mike didn’t “rank” who come first, second and third, per what he said. He just said those 3 girls are the top 3.

      • Yeah! That’s smart of him…I remember he once said Rainie had the best lips to kiss.

  1. (Her face immediately froze, and she told the reporter to inform Mike that Joseph Chang has already surpassed Mike. )

    nice one Rainie luv it! need to see Joseph Chang’s kisses first b4 ill decide to jump off Mike’s bed :D, but… i love mike he.

  2. haha….isnt it too obvious?? Although Rainie and Mike drama already a long time ago. But still, he did mention Rainie’s name. Oh God, where will they be reunite again??

  3. rofl Rainie cracks me up. her expression was priceless… Mike shoulda said “in no particular order” when he mentions the 3.

    • I know! That probably slipped his mind because I don’t think it was in any particular order. Rainie always put him in the top ranks…

  4. Um, yeah, you keep explaining, Mike, and I’ll keep not believing you.
    THIS. So much! LOL

    What kind of question is that? Poor Mike!

  5. I REALLY don’t get why Cyndi is called the Princess of Cuteness when her eyes are weird, her nose not pretty, her lips not natural, her voice whiny and she looks like a well kept old auntie. She seems a nice and gentle soul but she’s no way romantic drama lead material. Now Rainie…she can do no wrong in my book and I always wish her to be paired up with super handsome actors in a com/rom.

    • I just had a heart attack. That’s the screenname I use on many sites… It’s so weird to see someone else using it here. o_O

    • I second that! If Cyndi were the princess of cuteness then i really dunno what Rainie is… goddess of cuteness??

      So Mike He is a plus for this drama but Cyndi is a big minus for me. Have yet to decide whether I’ll watch it…

    • I know right! That was hilarious! And so was Rainie. Their friendliness is wonderful. Definitely want to check out both dramas.

  6. Mike Mike Mike Mine Mine Mine. It’s become my mantra that I utter every time I see him. I bet Mike only mentioned Cyndi for promotional reasons. I approve of Rainie and Janine, but not Cyndi. At least, not yet.

    • LOL this is soooooooo funny and cute!! thanks for sharing!

      and in fact Rainie confirmed what Mike He, that he has his “tactic” to make it look like a french kiss while not. how the heck did he “train” that? hmmmm

  7. LOL @ Chen Lin’s respond. Yeah I’m curious to see how good (kisser) Joseph is. He’s not as good looking as Mike or any other Taiwan actors out there but I still find him attractive, idk.

  8. I feel so nostalgic right now because my very first drama was devil beside you. which means the very first drama-kiss I saw was between mike and rainie. if I’m not mistaken it was rainy and they were lying in the middle of the road. I remember having been weirded out by it.. hahah good thing I watched on and didn’t let that scare me off.

  9. Can we have a Mike post every week at AKP heaven PLEASEEEEE?! XDDD

    he’s a teasing smile on his face when he’s mentioning the top3. I bet he did it on purpose without really ranking them just to spite Rainie.

    I’ve yet to see him not convincingly kissing/frenching some actress on screen. I’m sporadically watching Marry Me! and Love Contract and he has no less sizzling making outs than those with Rainie. Maybe Hebe is the only one not appreciating his ‘skills’?!

    • Did he make out with Charlene? Did she act like her toes were curling? I cannot survive watching Calling for Love just to see the make out scenes.

      I’ll try to bring Mike updates just for my twinnie. 😀

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