The Main Cast of the Hong Sisters Upcoming Drama Best Love is Confirmed


It’s a done deal! After a week or so of mostly confirmed MBC reports, news outlets are now fully reporting that the upcoming Hong Sisters drama Best Love (formerly The Discovery of Affection) will star Cha Seung Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Yoon Kye Sang, and Yoo In Na. Whew, I didn’t realize I was holding this pent up breath until now. No doubt about it – this is my most anticipated Spring drama in the slew of new dramas coming in May.

I am almost incoherent with excitement just typing this all out. Anyways, as a treat for Cha Seung Won fans everywhere, below are some stills of the the sexy man himself, who returned to his model roots and walked the runway yesterday for the F/X Spring/Summer collection.


Don’t ask me how Cha Seung Won makes horrific clothing like that look smoking on him, even if I worry he’s about to start speaking Russian at any moment.

As for the drama, supposedly Gong Hyo Jin plays an over-the-hill girl band member who enters into a variety show pretend marriage with Cha Seung Won’s top male star, who so happens to be the secret ex-boyfriend of Yoo In Na’s character, who is Gong Hyo Jin’s bandmate in the same girl band. Yoon Kye Sang is a doctor of Oriental medicine who somehow gets involved with these three stars. Best Love is set to premiere on May 9 on MBC following Royal Family.

[Credit: Yonhap news]


The Main Cast of the Hong Sisters Upcoming Drama Best Love is Confirmed — 12 Comments

  1. KYAHHHHH!!! He looks absolutely whack in those runway shots, but runways are always like that. How he can keep that straight (and smexy) face while wearing that is a mystery to us all. ::rubs hands in glee::

  2. I must say I’m not sure about his looks (tssk..he looks like a spy!) but he’s such a good actor. This is a dream cast, and 3 cheers for able to watch YKS in drama again!!!

  3. *squeee!!!! i can barely contain my excitement!!!
    i cant wait til this drama comes out! 🙂

    and holy moly he looks HOT in those shots (even with those clothes! hahaha!)

  4. Yeeessssssss! I’ve been thinking it’s high time for someone to use the premise of We Got Married in a drama, but I was beginning to think I’d have to write the drama myself to get it on the air. Trust the Hong sisters to finally use it. I hope this rocks my world.

  5. I’m more intrigued in how CSW would play as the ex-bf of Yoo In Na… as she does seem a bit too young to me. But I have faith in CSW.

  6. you made me laugh so much with that Russian spy side of CSW : so well seen ! I am looking forward for this drama ; I think it will be real fun .

  7. first, how can CSW look so hot???? omg i really love this man. i want one for myself!!! how can i find one??? where???? hope they’re for sale ;). those clothes looks awesome on him (and i agree with you all, the clothes are horrible!!!!)
    i’m finishing CH (only 2 more epis) and i’m hurting so much (epis 17 and 18 are crying to death stuff) i miss the drama already, so i’m really happy to see CSW again!!!
    may won’t come soon enough

  8. While I’m all for non-heteronormative attitudes, I wonder who thought dressing a man who is that smokin’ in an outfit that I would wear was a good idea?

    Because, while most of the outfits here are amusing, that red one? What the fuck? It just looks silly. (Well, sillier than the overblown mafia furs and the suit that bears all your cleavage for the fangirls to touch, I mean, ogle.) I’ve never understood high fashion, and I never will.

    Also, can’t wait for this drama! I won’t be able to watch it until June, but it’s a lovely thing to look forward to after finals.

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