Can You Hear My Heart Holds Press Conference For its Weekend Premiere

The cast of the upcoming MBC weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart held its press conference yesterday. I can’t even begin to critique the fashion statements being made, which would be akin to saying a rainbow quilt looks too busy. It’s like everyone forgot about the press conference and was headed to run errands, and then got abducted one-by-one and then shoved on stage to do their thing. Also, I know Kim Jae Won is cute in real life and Hwang Jung Eum is normally beautiful, but these two are hands down the two least attractively styled drama leads I’ve seen in awhile.

Kim Jae Won looks like a vampire butler with his shockingly pasty visage paired with that funeral outfit, and Hwang Jung Eum’s mushroom cap cut totally out-ugly Song Hye Kyo’s version in The World We Live In. But Namgong Min looks deliciously fine (even if his outfit makes me raise my eyebrows at him), and little Kim Sae Ron is adorable beyond belief and her entire outfit is perfectly completed with her teddy bear bag.

I’m checking out CYHMH for the warm family stories and the sure to be delightful side characters. I especially love the official poster, which is like this ray of sunshine beamed right into my heart. The drama premieres this weekend and is slated to be 32-episodes in length.


Can You Hear My Heart Holds Press Conference For its Weekend Premiere — 2 Comments

  1. I love Nam Goong Min bow tie!!!…also how cute is Kim Sae Ron here??….here little teddy bear bag reminds me of my own minnie mouse one when I was her age…so cute!!!!

  2. Kim Jae Won needs some sun now! gosh i can’t believe how pasty he is….wasn’t he famous for his milky white skin awhile back? lollll

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