Ethan Ruan for the April Edition of Esquire China Magazine

I am by no means a creative person, so when you ask me to conjure up scenarios for my favorite stars to be photographed in, I’d be the first to toss my hand in the air. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell when a concept is wacky, leaving the viewer laughing at the product rather than with it. My first reaction at seeing these pictures of Ethan Ruan? Yes, I giggled and pointed my fingers at the dorkiness.

Luckily, the lets-dress-Ethan-like-a-wannabe-cowboy concept may be a spectacular fail, but Ethan’s playful charm saves the entire shot-for-$5-bucks-in-a-studio cheapness and actually wins me over by sheer chutzpah alone. I know Esquire likes to be weird, but what’s wrong with just letting this gorgeous guy just wear those tight jeans and smolder for me.

See, I can’t even begin to explain why there is a bathtub in the middle of a desert, even if the desert is just pretend, much less wrap my mind around why Ethan is (1) sleeping in the bathtub and (2) feel the need to sleep with a patterned travel bag.

Ethan, clearly you need to come visit me, where I can take you surfing on actual waves. Pillow surfing in a pretend desert? That is for wackadoodles.

I seriously think this entire pictorial has no concept. Ethan just wandered into the studio, acted like the goofball he is in real life, and some dude took a few candid pictures and called it a day.

[Credit: Esquire China magazine]


Ethan Ruan for the April Edition of Esquire China Magazine — 8 Comments

  1. I think the concept was spiky: no matter what a man can’t live without spikes … or I wanted to be a cowboy .. however all I can offer is this: (see the pic with tha bag)

    I don’t like too much his looks ( even I love to bits some asymmetrical guys -one is No Min Woo) but I like his taste when it comes about choosing projects … he and his management are quite smart – nowadays is important the cast too but if the script sucks nobody watches it even they would be put by force in front of the TV

    the guys was first model and after that an actor so I’m glad to see him doing what he knows best- even the concept isn’t really a concept and the photographer didn’t struggle for a second to make him look super good

  2. This definitely made my day, I’m having terrible migraines from howling in freakin laughter :-p This guy is gonna burn the house down….maybe the camera guy really has to go to the John and take a dump sorry but it so awkward… 😀 Hmmm he’s make a good comedian too I guess ;-p

  3. The photos were really like”whuuuuuut!?!” but they’re all so cute! I really don’t get them especially the second one with a baby Ethan curled up in a bathtub with his baby bag but what the hell. As long as it’s Ethan I can’t help but love it! God why does this man have to be so hot!?!

  4. The first picture is definitely the best, because I think it’s the most outrageous in the least stupid way.

    It’s amazing to me that anyone would shoot Ethan in such a strange concept. But whatever. He has enough charisma to pull off a brown paper sack and still look hot. Actually…hmmmm. A brown paper sack might not be that bad… ^_~

  5. At least the photo is geographically correct since bathtub in desert has no water?
    The pseudo-surfing: looks like Ethan’s also crying for help since a tornado is a comin’ from behind him.

    • I think I get it… 1)It’s a dessert at least I have a posh bag I feel safe, 2)let me belt up the camel on the one with the belt, 4)let me ride the hurricane one of the pic, and 5) yeah I’m driving a carpet on the other one, 3) I love the sun so I’m sitting pretty under it, and the last one 6) I almost stepped on a cactus whew!!!! That’s the concept people???? I wonder….

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