Ella to be the Leading Lady in Two Upcoming TW-Movies With Mike He and Vic Zhou Respectively

After wrapping the upcoming drama Mei Le, Go and The Other Shore 1945, respectively, both Mike He and Vic Zhou have selected a movie as their next project. By the cursed movie fates, and to my utter horror, the leading lady for both men will be Ella. I let out a high-pitched shriek when I read this, and then started fervently praying that both movies fall through. I am severely allergic to Ella, and I cannot for the life of me sit through any of her dramas, be it Down With Love, TW-HanaKimi, or The Rose. It’s not that she is a bad actress, it’s just that I personally cannot stand her screen presence.

The Ella-Zai Zai movie is called Destiny’s Couple (天生一对), and will start filming in May. Zai Zai plays a single dad, and his son is of course played by child actor du jour Xiao Xiao Bin. The movie will be filming in Shanghai and Taipei. No clue how he and Ella cross paths, but if the movie is good I think I can stand watching her for two hours just to enjoy my Zai Zai on the big screen.

The Ella-Mike movie is called A Bad Girl (女孩坏坏), and it’s still in the planning stages. While I can somewhat see Ella with Zai Zai, I cannot for the life of me imagine her acting opposite Mike He. What an odd coupling. Supposedly Ella also has a third movie scheduled for this year, a period historical, but that one doesn’t have a leading man attached to the project yet.

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Ella to be the Leading Lady in Two Upcoming TW-Movies With Mike He and Vic Zhou Respectively — 62 Comments

  1. Ooooh!….I’ve come to like Ella a lot since DWL even though I was very indifferent to her in The Rose…the premise for the Ella-Vic Zhou movie sounds cute so I’ll try to check it out once it releases

  2. i’m not a big fan of ella. I mean she’s great in her girl group but I think i would prefer a different girl as the leading lady.

  3. I’ve never been able to watch ella either-her characters always seem one-note (and the same time and time again) and ultimately come off as annoying.

  4. My dear koala, I feel your pain.

    Same here, I could not even finish TW-Hana Kimi because her personnality (or at least, what she conveyed of it through her character) just made me cringe all the time. I thought it was due to her acting, so I watched some interviews hoping to change my mind about her, but Alas! I still cannot stand her, for some reason… Yes, it’s very irrational, sadly X)

  5. I’ve only seen her in Down With Love…and I wasn’t that impressed. I didn’t think she had much chemistry with her costar. And O.o? on her pairing up with Mike…? Yeah, I don’t see them having any chemistry at all. Hmm.

  6. The first time I saw Ella acting was in Hana Kimi. Since I loved the whole concept it was OK. Wu Zun wasn’t a better actor either. Fortunatelly the plot was funny and there where other actors such as Jiro, Danson Tang and the cute gay doc.
    Later I saw Green Rose and Down with Love. I didn’t like it in those two. ZaiZai and Ella doesn’t match. He is a quiet lonely guy and she is a tomboy. Mike and Ella probably suits better, as long the story is funny. She can’t play serious characters, I just can’t imagine her acting seriously.
    Let’s wait and see how the outcome will be.

  7. I’m sorry, but I happy to hear this. I like Ella and I always wanted to see her do something with Vic Zhou and Mike He. So I’m hoping it goes through. I want to see how it would go. Now, if Joe Cheng and her can do something together again and get together this time I will be happy. LOL….I probably the only one who feel this way.

    • no, i like Ella also, so u’re not alone, it just dat, mayb she shud try diff role, coz in hana kimi and DWL, the role is quite the same..

    • I also feel the same 🙂 I looove Ella and all of her dramas, and I am really excited for her movies. It’s her first film, so I want to support her.

  8. Yikes! I don’t like her screen presence either. I actually don’t like how she acts, too? I mean, meeeh. /o\

    While I can somehow see her with Zai Zai and not fail completely -his charisma can hold a movie all by itself- I just can’t see the same thing happening with Mike He. Mind you, I loved Mike in SH, but he’s not as strong an actor as Vic is imho.

    My 2 cents.

  9. Vic can do tension, and he’s a great actor, but… Ella’s strong point seems to be bubbly friendliness, and that doesn’t seem to work so well with Vic’s intensity. In “Sweet Relationship”, it balanced since the lead actress’ role eventually developed intensity to match his, but it nearly imploded the heart of “Wish to See You Again”, IMO, because Michelle Chen is so close to girl-next-door low-key… it took awhile for them to develop chemistry of any intensity (plus, Chen’s a damn fine actor in her own right). I dunno… maybe just watch, and do two-second skips through Ella’s half of any conversation?

    Or maybe we could take her out at the knees and replace her with Ivy Chen. Now, there was someone who totally smoked up the screen with Zai Zai, and they barely had a kissing scene & a half! That was some seriously hot chemistry. Which gods do we have to please to get another vehicle with the two of them?

    • I agree. I just couldn’t imagine Ella in a serious and intense scene with ZZ, which makes me wonder if it’s gonna be a romantic comedy. If it is, I truly doesn’t understand the reason ZZ took it. I thought he wants to do more drama roles. I heard another rumor saying he’s gonna play in a war movie. I forgot the precise title, but it starts with ‘Saving General…’
      However, perhaps there’s something about the character in this movie with Ella that made ZZ interest in doing it. All this time, he’s proven he’s good at picking roles.

  10. I like Hani Kimi because of Jiro, & Wu Chun. Ella was confusing for me…she looked manish when as a girl, and looked girlish when disguised as a guy; either way, not pretty to look at on screen. In down with love, she was better, but I keep wondering why so many see magic in her when all I see is a neighbor next door boring type. So, my wish is, if Elle will make a movie, choose Vic cuz I don’t like him either. As for Mike, please choose better.

  11. I agree,I didn’t touch any of her dramas,and felt so sad to hear these news.
    I hope the movies well do good anyhow.
    P.SWhy isn’t Hebe doing any dramas?

  12. Wow, Xiao Xiao Bin is raking in on the F4 dads. Just need Ken Zhu (although, where the heck is he anyways?) to round it up! 😀

  13. You are not the only one having trouble imagining Mike-Ella couple.. I am neutral to Ella (Down with love was ok), btw, is her hair always short?

    This will be the 3rd (4th?) drama of Xiao Xiao Bin! I feel like he is the only child actor.. He is good though..

  14. There must be a real dearth of actresses if they want to cast Ella as a romantic lead. She alternates between can’t act and overact, is great at pouting (very horrifyingly) and frowning (very menacingly), and her mannish ways and gruff voice confuse me. And that hair!

  15. lol…like what most of the comments were stated, i too agree that i don’t like her acting presence as well…i don’t know why but i just don’t, maybe because she’s not girly enough

    • Ohhh I have no problem with boyish women so love Angelina Jolie….hmmm somehow she totally lost all the women scent somewhere….why???? 🙁

      • Yap, absolutely agreed, she doesn’t have the women feel at all, too boyish to my liking 🙁

  16. Honestly Mike He looks so mature for Ella the tandem it’s pure mortal sin, incest I guess.
    Vic and Ella hmmm from what I saw from Black and White he seems to be very flexible, I find a hidden Mr. Hyde he may look soft outside but I see a fierce aura somewhere…I’m scared I wonder if he can tame Ella….for real Ella is so opposite of what she plays, so sickening timid when she’s so freakin outspoken she should get out of her box. I’d love to see Ella as the villain what dya think? 😀

  17. ughh ella? say it isnt so!! i have nothing against ella (i love s.h.e) but she should stick to being a singer, LOL. forgive me for being shallow, but she doesn’t seem to match with any guys she costars with….her voice is really gruff and she’s very masculine, lolll. can we get a vic and ariel collab here?? now THAT would make me soo happy! haha

    • Amen to that, sister!! Me wants too a Vic-Ariel drama, movie, whatever, ASAP!!
      Now that would be aces and sparks!

  18. Your not the only one. I mean she seems sweet but her face reminds me of a doughnut and not really the leading lady type. She’s more of a tomboy and her in any romantic scenes always makes me cringe.

  19. “Not Zai Zai!” is all I can think. I have never been able to finish even one episode of any of Ella’s dramas — she is just the most off-putting actor in terms of going OTT so far, so fast. I just plain don’t like the characters she portray,s due to her performance.

    Definitely second the calls for seeing an Ariel Lin and Vic Zhou collaboration. Now that would be something to look forward to seeing…

  20. I watched her version of hanakimi and all I could think of was why are the actors pretty except for her. There are some actresses that are not really beautiful in the traditional sense but they come off as pretty and cute to me, either because of their acting or their real life character. Ella just doesn’t do it for me. And yes, you can call me shallow because I like my actors to be pretty, and I want the same for the actresses too. I thought there was no other annoying actress than Ariel, but then came Ella.

    • Well I like Julia Stiles and she’s not pretty Ella did play pretty well in Hanakimi so well she’s trapped in the freakin character in her career. 😮

  21. Oh Girls! my heart just bleed about the things you said about Ella……ever since hanakimi I have grown to love her, so imagine i’m her fan for almost 4 years now, and she have grown up to be a beautiful lady……she is more feminine now, ever since Selina’s fire accident she never cut her hair, I think its a symbol of her genuine friendship with her, since Selina cut her hair because of the incident, I admitted at first she was an eyesore, but when research and gain information about how genuine kind down-to-earth actress /singer she is, I ate all my words for saying all the bad things to her…..
    and thank ockoala for sharing the good news because I haven’t had a clear news of this, I thought it was only rumors, but when you posted the article I was jumping in joy….not until my heart fall because of what you said to her…..
    anyway I’m just sorry girls if you don’t like her, it does not make any less of her……

    • What did I say to her?

      I wrote – “It’s not that she is a bad actress, it’s just that I personally cannot stand her screen presence” which is my personal opinion and hardly anything that would belittle her or besmirch her as a person or an actress.

      • Ahhihihi heating up in here send the snow machine 😀 Looks versus acting skills awesome!!!! 😀

    • I agree with you lovejoy. I didn’t like her too at first. Trust me, I also said those words like she’s such an eyesore, doing all those faces bla bla bla. But when I truly know her, she’s just so humble. One artist who helped the staff before the event, the lady who gave up the seat for Selina and Hebe and ran by herself, the lady who took Selina’s forfeit plunge because of her height phobia and ended up in the hospital because of spine injury, the lady who intiate to move the speakers in one event. She’s an angel to me 🙂

      • Ok she’s kind, from what I remember she touched Chun’s butt in national TV in SG and youtube, she hugged Aaron so tight I think she intended for him to feel her chest (so awkward), and she was pretending to kiss her sister in the neck in DWL bloopers, behind the camera she is a freakin male….women act nicely believe me 😀

    • Thank you 🙂 I began thinking, aren’t there anyone who loves Ella anymore? Seeing haters of Ella and sending harsh comments makes me die a little in the inside. Just because of her character, doesn’t mean she is like that at all. Honestly, she’s the most inspiring actress I’ve ever seen. Because of her personality and all. For example the situation you said above about Selina.

  22. I dont no why some of you crazy people dont like ella “screen presence”
    she is my idol!!!!!
    and is amazing

  23. >.< nooooooooo!!! Why Ella, why??? I mean… AARRGGHH…

    Like you Koala, I don't know why I can't stand her, I just… don't. I hope I don't hurt anyone's feeling here (though I know for sure I do… *sigh)

    sorry Ella's fans, it's just that I don't like her, I have nothing against her, though. 😀 hehe… peace!

  24. i really don’t like her acting, so dull and boring and her face is irritating to look at on screen that’s why i don’t bother to watch all her dramas though her leading actor is one of my favorite.

  25. OMG!!!!!! I am excited!!!!! Luckily for me I LOVEEEE and ADOREEEE EEEELLA. I’m neutral with Vic and Mike so I’m okay with the pair.

  26. It is just so hard to accept that a girl without any effort can have loads of good stuff waiting for her without using herself to have projects unlike those bitches who can be used by producers and buys awards!

  27. I pray hard that Ella’s character in those 3 movies are different from what she had portrayed before. she’s actually a very beautiful actress when she dressed up . and she can be really feminine whenever she wants to . non fans won’t really realize this fact as they rarely follow her news/updates. I pray hard that Ella will prove to those dislikers/haters that she’s not as bad as what they think of . go go Ella! I’ll support you all the way . “Bad Girl” sounds interesting to me .

  28. Okay, wait.
    WTH. Are you guys saying those stupid words to Ella just because you like Mike and ZZ?
    I mean, gosh. Ella is such an angel. I love her all. I don’t care if she acts like a tomboy and her acting skills isn’t good enough for you. Because for me, she’s damn perfect. She’s very down-to-earth and that’s the reason why I love her.

    And, do you think I want her to be paired with those two? LOL.

    So yeah, no offense.

  29. i like Ella no matter what people said, a very humble and down to earth girl, but for the sake of acting, i really love to see her act in diff role, i realize it too, in hana kimi and DWL, she can be quite annoying for some people, but i’m still looking forward to this two upcoming movie, hoping to see her acting got improvement…yeay ^^

  30. I myself find Ella interesting, I actually enjoyed her in Hana Kimi but I can see how for some her character would be annoying. I don’t know I find myself rooting for her and attracted to anything that might star her. Contrary to what many have said I actually found she had a lot of chemistry with her male counterparts. I guess it could have something to do with my preference for the underdog and she seems to fit that, she is an actress that can look quite plain and also quite beautiful. To me those types of actors/actresses are interesting to watch. I would like to see her take a different role, and I agree with the comment about her starring with Joe Cheng again I would like to see that pairing. So I’m all for a drama or movie with her in it, although I typically watch drama’s and not movies. I guess I am an Ella fan.

  31. I don’t get why, but I’m one of Ella’s fans. Her acting is good. And don’t judge by looks only. I hate that, when someone act as a leading girl or guy, some people just judge by the looks. I wonder how you will feel if someone say something bad about your acting.
    Don’t post stuff saying “By the cursed movie fates, and to my utter horror, the leading lady for both men will be Ella. ” Who cares, whoes petterier, at least the movies rate rised.

  32. Dude, this post is getting troll spam, which I shall promptly keep deleting, so stop posting under different usernames and cease with the vitriol and name-calling.

    I don’t like Ella = my opinion. You like Ella = your opinion. People are free to have their own opinions, which even boggles me that I have to explain this to you. This is my blog = I can write about whatever I want. Disagree politely, but I broker no profanity or ceaseless spamming.

  33. well i just love Vic so much. He was my first Asian idol since Meteor Garden days. I follow his TV career and i’m so amazed by his flexibility and depth. I’m so glad that my brain picked him up among the F4 (specially over Jerry Yan – no character development in my opinion – Sorry JY fans). He has proven many times over that he can portray different types of roles.
    One time I saw Ella, her mouth was hanging open most of the times. Probably it was in Hana Kimi and although I wanted to see the TW version (I just love the Japan one), I just skipped it altogether. And then DWL was shown here in the Phils. and Ella portrayed the same type of character again. She’s like the female Jerry Yan. No evolution – just your typical tomboyish girl next door type.
    I can see Ella pairing up with Mike He, because didn’t MH paired up with Rainie Yang (another stereotypical actress) in one drama? But with VZ – I don’t think so and I don’t hope so. If the story of Destiny Couple is what I imagine it to be, then my vote goes to Ariel Lin too. At least Ariel can do dramatic scenes and she actually looks good with ZZ.

  34. I like Ella soooo much! Sorry…I’d notice that this page if full of negativity towards Ella. I think Ella will be fine in these two movies. I like her amusing acting!

  35. “Destiny’s Couple” screams “pass, pass” for me. And this comes straight off the heel of another dud “Cohabitation with Fashion” that sounds just as dumb.

    What is ZaiZai thinking when he was picking these projects? Not that he has such a stellar “big screen” resume.

  36. If Vic Zhou picking a role, I believe he saw there is something strong/special on that character and challenging enough for his career.

  37. i hope all ella’s project will push thru, wish to see her in tv again maybe in period comedy hehehe ….. maybe with leading men hu ge or peter ho or joseph chiang

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