Lionsgate Confirms Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as the Male Leads of The Hunger Games

To no one’s surprise, since these two guys have been on the frontrunner list for what seems like an eternity now, Lionsgate announced this morning that Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have been confirmed as the other two leads for the upcoming movie-adaptation of The Hunger Games.

One guess which one is Peeta and which one is Gale? Hilariously, every one of the leads is going to need hair dye – lead actress Jennifer Lawrence will need to transform into a brunette as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson goes blond to play Peeta, and Liam Hemsworth makes the move from dirty blond to dark brown-haired Gale.

All three leads are around the same real life age, and will all be playing a few years younger. Other than the casting of Jennifer as Katniss, I’m totally meh on Josh and Liam. Josh might be a great choice for Peeta, but his stocky air coupled with Peeta’s stolid personality, I was hoping to use the movie to jump on the KatPee bandwagon, which is the ship with does not end with WTF labeled all over it (which would be the other ship I boarded), but Josh looks like Jennifer’s younger brother, so I guess I’m suffering on my Gale ship forever more.

Liam as Gale is what makes me cringe – he’s a goodlooking enough male specimen with all the right physical attributes to play Gale, except for the fact that he can’t act. And thus far he’s more well-known for being Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend (and upcoming Thor Chris Hemsworth‘s younger brother) than for any acting recognition. Sigh, keeping my expectations way low for this movie, so that I can only be pleasantly surprised rather than seething with rage. Oh, and I highly recommend Elle Fanning for Rue, so get on that casting STAT, Lionsgate.


Lionsgate Confirms Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as the Male Leads of The Hunger Games — 8 Comments

  1. ACK! Can’t they at least swap the actors for Peeta and Gale? Gah, why oh whyyyyyy.

    Expectations for this movie to be decent? Slim to none.

    Also? I’m already cringing because I know, I just know, tptb are going to ruin wonderful Cinna.

    • Butbutbut, Josh is pretty much how I pictured Peeta (stocky, decent, kind), and Liam is what Gale looks like (tall, lean, young-but-mature).

      Yes, if they switched the two actors, I’ve be on the KatPee ship faster than a speeding bullet (yes, I is super shallow).

      OMFG, if anyone dared to ruin the casting of the luminous Cinna, I….I can’t even contemplate that atrocity.

      • Well, I pictured Peeta like you but with a boy-next-door look. And that guy just isn’t it, imho. Same with Gale who’s supposed to be hot as the sun? Er.

        Weren’t you on the KatPee ship while reading the books?

        Yeah, or Finnick? Haymitch? Rue? Effie? A while back there were rumors floating around for Robert Downey Jr as Haymitch and, no, just no. I LOVE RDJ, but, gah, not as Haymitch!

        Btw, I’m sooooooooo curious to see who’s going to play Caesar. ^^

      • Yeah, Liam definitely isn’t my idea of tall, dark and devastatingly handsome. But perhaps Josh will dressed in costume will look cute enough. I always thought Peeta was a cutie pie, but that’s about it.

        No….I was never on the KatPee ship (or someone called it PeeNiss ship, hur hur). I do like Peeta, and I think in the end she made the right choice, IMO, but how she got there was ALL WRONG. Gale’s character was sacrificed for the ending.

      • Honestly? Mockingjay was my least favorite book. Katniss became the shadow of her old self -not that I can blame her, but still- and she spent half the book moping around and sulking, which, fine, but she sounded more like Twilight’s Bella than HG’s Katniss and that pissed me off.

        Word on Gale who was used and discarded by Collins to resolve the love triangle easily. Big letdown!

        And Peeta? Let’s not even go there, okay.

        I’m still in denial about Cinna and Finnick. /o\

        The thing about casting Cinna is…how do you find someone as awesome as him? No matter who they cast, they’re going to get it wrong imo. And yes, yes, I’m being a spoilsport today.

  2. I dreamt of a green eyed monster attacking me from under the bed, and I saw this pic and I said ooh ooh it’s him Liam Hemsworth, ahihihi (rolling in laughter 😀 ) I saw The Last Song hmmm nope I’m not too crazy about the couple (Miley and Liam) I smell foul play. But that nightmare was odd….to be devoured alive (choking!!!!) Well I am looking forward to Thor and Kung Fu Panda 2 maybe you should post that just to break the ice….I badly need clean humor and pure cuddly stupidity to make my day!!!! 😀 The Joy of a Simple Mind ahihihi 😉

  3. Josh Hutcherson is the perfect Peeta. He’s extremely cute and perfect for the role. Liam Hemsworth would have made a nice Finnick though..

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