Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed as the Leads for Lie to Me

It’s confirmed! Oh praise the drama gods, ye benevolent and crazy deities up above. A pairing that I dare not even dream about until a month ago because it seemed so impossible is now officially a reality – the production of Lie to Me have comfirmed that Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan will be the leads for the upcoming romantic comedy. Both are on my personal list of favorite actors (near or at the top of the list to be honest), and both can coax chemistry out of a log or a wet sponge.

These two ooooze charisma by the bucket loads, and are so beautiful my eyes hurt just gazing at their gorgeousness. And now I can officially say it – the Coffee Couple is born! (YEH did Coffee Prince, KHJ did Coffee House). But this also puts me in a quandry – I can’t decide which drama to recap come May, this or Best Love? Oh woe is me and my plentiful drama plate next month.

I don’t even care who the second leads are, to be honest, and frankly as long as the script has plenty of angsty emoting and making out, I’ll be happy. I feel so utterly shallow, but I already judged myself so no need to judge me. Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan actually presented at the Baeksangs as a presenting couple, and they looked so good together back them I had heard the mumurings of them acting together in the future. Now I can scratch this off my drama bucket list.

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Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed as the Leads for Lie to Me — 38 Comments

  1. Now with lacks good kdrama since DH over,may give loads good drama.hope you can do both.because best love and this contain good actors,gorgeous couple that can deliver chemistry.so can’t wait for it.

  2. WOW…such GREAT NEWS!!! YEH & KJH are 2 of my most favorite KActors!!! What a TREAT!!!
    Please…PLEASE RECAP this drama…Ockoala…I BEG YOU!!!!

  3. i personally don’t really like her (except for Goong) but i LOVE him. SO totally watching this! i hope you recap this 🙂

  4. aw man…now I’m going to have to watch this being the YEH completist that I am…..I’ve softened a bit to this drama after hearing that the writer wasn’t the main one for HTTG, she was the assistant or something…plus the premise sounds hopeful…..May sonds like the exact opposite of March which is full on heavy dramas and May is full of trendy’s (Which are exactly my type of dramas) sole exception being Ripley….the sad part is that I started out not being keen on any and now they all look promising to me…I’m going to have a really hard time that’s for sure

  5. Coffee couple – lol, PERFECT! Now I know there is a Drama god, because he just answered all my prayers. I can barely sit still even now. Soo gonna watch this!

    Why is it still April? T.T

  6. Please note, writer Kim Ye Ri is supposedly talented. She is one of the writers who actually was chosen by broadcasting station (SBS) in a formal process, which is considered a very difficult selection process, unlike many writers who enter the business through other channels. [While the writer was selected to work in ‘Heading To The Ground’, it is said that she left the project in the beginning. She was to gain some experience with ‘Heading To The Ground’ as an assistant writer, but left without working on it. So for anyone who didn’t like ‘Heading To The Ground’, please note that she wasn’t the one who actually worked on it.]

    taken from CDBLOOM @ YEH.net

  7. Not so keen on her (and the writer or director), but very keen on Kang Ji Hwan!!!
    Hopefully his contract dispute or whatever won’t cause any problems. Poor guy has been lying low ever since Coffee House.. sighs..

  8. Because I love Eun Hye and I like KJH and because I know this is a rom-com, I will watch the drama. I like all the projects of Eun Hye except one (I love Goong) and I like Coffee House, I am excited about this new project. And I am sure it will have one of the best OST’s.

  9. I like YEH so I’m looking forward to this! 🙂 I’m not too sure about KJH though as I didn’t get to see Coffee House or any of his other dramas. I found him a little bit OTT in Capital Scandal which I didn’t finish. It seemed as if he was acting in a play rather than a drama, or maybe that was what the role called for.

  10. Not a big fan of Kang Ji Hwan but I’d just watch about everything Yoon Eun Hye is in.
    I was hoping for a Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo pairing but will still watch this regardless.

  11. Not really a big fan of Kang Ji Hwan but will pretty much watch everything that Yoon Eun Hye is in.
    I was really hoping for a Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo pairing but will still watch this regardless.

  12. I like YEH but man she does like wearing skimpy dresses and I can’t breathe looking at her she slouches I think she feels the dress will slip off anytime. 😮 And the make-up is too glossy I mean I like the glossy that Faceshop and Etude had on their blushes but man if it’s entirely the cake powder she definitely looks like a cyborg. I like her, she’s fit for romantic comedy roles, like Song Hye Kyo, I didn’t feel her too much in Stairway to Heaven, I like her in full house cause in World’s Within she was a brat. 😉

  13. KHJ starred way back in 2007 in a drama entitled Capital Scandal, now he’s in for Sweet Scandal drama, good thing they changed the title. 🙂

  14. haha Ms Koala I can imagine your dilemma for picking one to recap – Best Love or Coffee Couple? oops i mean Lie to Me.

    May surely looks like a wonderful month for tv drama (not only for k-drama)

  15. for me KHJ is the face of true korean actor, I mean not to much of plastic surgeries. If there is… I think only enhancement. YEH is a true blooded beautiful korean actress with finesse and sexiness and oh very strong sex appeal . If mixed with western actresses we can freely say that she is korean. I like them both. I know this will be a big hit considering that they can act well and both moccalicious is their own right.

    • So tell me if Rain went through plastic surgery it wasn’t successful he ain’t that handsome, but he’s oozing with sex appeal 😉 So who exactly went through surgery with Korean men? totally curios!!!! 😮

  16. Ms Ockoala,

    How old are you? A Korean ? and hey, you fluently write English and you know everything. I open your site first before opening to others. We feel that we are updated if I first read yours. Anyway, thank you and I thank God in heaven for giving us a brilliant ockoala who willingly shares ideas and keeping us lol. thank you….. words are not enough

  17. I only watched half of Coffee House cuz the girl had no chemistry with him. This new drama sounds interesting and i will check it out.

    • Which girl? Park Si Yeon? Ham Eun Jung? Because er, he had loads with PSY and I wasn’t even into that pairing that much. I mean, I could see why that was the OTP but I was shipping the other.

  18. Hey! Ockoala
    “”I don’t even care who the second leads are, to be honest, and frankly as long as the script has plenty of angsty emoting and making out, I’ll be happy. I feel so utterly shallow””
    You are definitely NOT alone!! he he… looking 4wd to your recaps re CoffeeCouple?

  19. “Coffee couple” that was awesome wasn’t even thinking (or expecting) about it that way! You are truely an amazing writer! I will look forward to this drama! They’re some of my favorite actors too.. =]

  20. Hmmm.

    It’s pretty exciting!

    I think their team up will be truly HOT.
    They’re both ready for matured roles same as intimate scenes.
    Hope their drama will be a success!

  21. i’ll be waiting for this!!! YEH is one of my faves and in live KJH very much in hong hil dong. but pleaseeeeeeeeeee please recap Best Love!!!!!

  22. yay!!! this just made me ran out of my lurking mode again. this couple is just awesome, ooozing with appeal. I love them both. and I dont really care much {at this point} about anything. I can even swallow a not so good script if there’s lots of making out.. hahahaha
    can’t wait!

  23. OMG OMG OMG!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Totally made my day! I watched the Baeksang before too and I also was wistful about them pairing up for a drama… THANK YOU Drama Gods!!

    Will this drama compete against Best Love in the timeslot?? I hope not.. Because I will be torn…..

  24. OMG…what an exciting summer is ahead of us. I don’t think I will gain any sleep from Lie to Me, Best Love, City Hunter, Maid and who’s know what on the T-Dramaland (Extravagant Challange, Drunken to love you) and C-Dramaland (Bu Bu Jin Xin) and J-Drama (Good Life) if they all air in the month of May/June/July…I will need extra strenght ….lol

  25. YAY YAY YAY!

    Have you decided which one you’ll recap? I’d say watch a few eps of both and then decide? Okay, I’m useless. Find someone who helps you with the recaps so you can review both? I’d volunteer, but I’m terrible at recapping an ep unless some time has passed and I’ve had time to digest what happened, my irrational squee is gone only leaving behind the legit squee. Yes, I’m the kind of person who squees about everything as soon as she watches an ep. Only later sanity returns, you know what I mean?

    I think I’m more excited about Best Love but then again, we know more about that drama so maybe that’s the reason? IDK, IDK. I’m def watching both.

    • Are you offering to recap? 😀 That would make my day, sweetie!~

      When I watched M3, I just got this urge to recap it, does that make sense? Whereas when I watched SG, I had no such urge, even when I loved SG way more than M3 when both first premiered.

      I think my recapping decisions are made on the fly and on a whim. We’ll see which drama touches pushes my recap button.

      • Dude, I would so do that if my recaps were half decent!

        Yours? Are wonderful. You try to stay objective throughout the whole review and only in your “My thoughts” section your opinion and squee come across.

        Me? I can’t do that. Most of the times I end up squeeing even when the squee is not necessary at all. I can’t help myself. As I said, right after watching an ep my emotions are “all out”: if I liked the ep, even just a teensy bit, I’m usually giddy (I call that the kdrama-fever for a reason!) and if I didn’t like it, I can be very harsh. I can write half-rational recaps only after a while and for some reason I’m sure your readers usually refresh your blog very often cos they can’t wait to read the rview?

        When I watched M3, I just got this urge to recap it, does that make sense?
        That totally makes sense to me. ♥♥♥♥♥

        Let’s wait till the dramas air and then we’ll talk some more? No promises, though.

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