Written Preview for Episode 8 of 49 Days

The preview for episode 8 of 49 Days doesn’t tell us anything of import, but what the heck, at least the characters continue to intersect more and more. Other than Scheduler, I do not like any character in this drama (though I adore most of the actors). Kang is like an 8 year old boy with his emotionally stunted and tempermental behavior. Min Ho is a sleazy douchebag and In Jung is an emotionally weak and carelessly cruel friend. Yi Kyung is a cipher, and a self-absorbed one at that, what with killing herself in a way that might affect other’s safety (heard of sleeping pills, lady, please take some instead of walking in front of oncoming traffic). Ji Hyun is the one character I dislike but is gradually growing on me. I hope these characters get more depth and maturity in the coming episodes, because right now it’s like watching a fantasy Saved by the Bell, Korean edition.

Written preview for episode 8 of 49 Days:

In Jung has just entered Min Ho’s house to see when she sees an apron-wearing Ji Kyung working there, much to her shock. Ji Kyung sees that In Jung can just walk into Min Ho’s house so casually, and Ji Kyung’s expression freezes and turns impassive.

In Jung makes up an excuse for why she is in Min Ho’s house to Ji Kyung, but immediately upon leaving she starts to throw a fit on the street. Min Ho is unconsciously starting to find that Ji Kyung is on his mind. Kang finds out that Ji Kyung is working at Min Ho’s house, and he starts to get upset again.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by 49 Days Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


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  1. Ok who’s the guy with the head band I kinda like him in My Fair Lady with Eun Hye is that right hmmm….I find him pretty cute ahihihi flutter there goes my heart…. 🙂 I like nerdy but not uptight guys….dreamy!!!! 😀

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