Joe Cheng and Janine Chang at the YSL Spring Collection Show

It’s been a slow news cycle in terms of me covering Joe Cheng, since Joe’s currently airing TW-drama Channel X is a giant stinker that for the love of Joe I watch week to week and then go rinse my eyes out in saltwater afterwards. Thankfully Channel Crap is ending soon (to be followed by Drunken to Love You), and Joe’s starting to go out and about. He was at the YSL Spring Collection show in Taipei with Janine Chang this week, and they look so good standing next to each other.

Janine has actually already worked with Joe before, in a TW-drama called Honey and Clover, which I have yet to watch. This just means that all Janine needs is to work with Ethan and then she’ll have covered the basis for all three musketeers.


Joe Cheng and Janine Chang at the YSL Spring Collection Show — 11 Comments

  1. She is so pretty.

    This is not related to the topic, but Koala, do you know anything about Ivy Chen’s drama with Hu Ge? I’ve seen the trailer months ago but it’s still not out on tv.

  2. Babe, Joe will be vacaying in ur neck of woods after he wraps up StinkerX to celebrate his dad’s bday and visiting sis. Look out!

    And Next magazine is making a cover out of SQ dating Eddie Pang.

  3. Watching Honey and Clover is the biggest mistake in my love affair with Joe Cheng. Maybe because I’m used to Joe being pursued (and chased literally) by the girls in his dramas so it didn’t occur to me that there will come a time when he’ll do the pursuing. And I mean pursue, in the most un-Zhi Shu-way possible. There are laughs, yeah, but there’s just too much slapstick that I found some scenes even uncomfortable to watch.

    There was also a scene I couldn’t believe Joe would ever agree to doing. A humping scene (I hit backspace multiple times for this for I can’t come up with a better term or how or what to call it) with the other lead actor. I was like, “OMG, he DID NOT just did that.” My Joe-Cheng-is-gay-so-what stance sprouted a lot of bubbles. “Did he enjoy doing the scene?” “Was he uncomfortable?” “He did that to prove he isn’t gay?” “Because if he is, he wouldn’t agree to doing it, is that it?”

    And that’s why I hated H and C. Because it made me question Joe when I used not to care. I find Summer X Summer a lot more interesting than H and C.

    Oh yeah, the other lead girl, the small one, when first stills of Mary Stayed Out All Night came out, MGY’s look reminded me of her.

    • Hmm haven’t seen her next door type look, but she tilted her head as if she was about to fall, that small face is not to carry that big kind of earrings, and the dress definitely destroyed her bosom and her shoulder blade somewhere around the armpit part where somehow it’s bulging up….I guess 😉

  4. That bad, heh? Poor Joe. Hopefully he’ll recover soon and his next project will be all kinds of adorable. *crosses fingers*

  5. I wasn’t a huge fan of the H & C plot line and I’ve heard mixed opinions about both the J-version and TW-version (which I’m curious about since the story has a lot of J-humor, etc). But the manga was pretty popular (which I can kind of see). But Joe and Janine really look good together. And I’m totally feeling Joe’s style lately 🙂 Hopefully they’ll come back together to do another drama.

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