Upcoming K-Drama Best Love and Romance Town Release First Production Stills

Upcoming Wed-Thurs K-dramas Romance Town (KBS) and Best Love (MBC) both released the first official stills from its filming yesterday. The competition is going to be fierce come May (with the third competitor being City Hunter on SBS).ย 

My only impression of the stills is that the Sung Yuri and Gong Hyo Jin appear to be sporting the exact same newly-cropped casual shoulder-length haircut for their new roles (except Yuri has more obvious bangs). I would die of laughter if the first stills from City Hunter show Park Min Young with the same haircut as well.


Upcoming K-Drama Best Love and Romance Town Release First Production Stills — 8 Comments

  1. I actually like Gong Hyo Jin’s hairstyle. It looks much classier than Yuri’s, then again that was what they were shooting for. ^^

    • Well, one is a maid, and the other a star (albeit not a very popular one). ๐Ÿ˜€ But yeah, the slight asymmetry on GHJ’s crop is classier than Yuri’s perfect little bowl-bob.

      You know, I think it’s drama fates joke on us that GHJ almost always looks frumpier in any of her dramas compared to the high fashiony GHJ in real life. They dressed her like a halmoni in Thank You (all the more astonishing that Jang Hyuk and Shin Sung Rok would be madly in love with her), and in Pasta she almost got eaten by her hair and her scarves (but OMG I miss that couple – drama went nowhere, but couple was A++++).

      • IKR? I watched Pasta because homg, the chemistry between GHJ and The Voice was OFF the charts and my epic crush on Alex is epic, but her hair bugged me. So very unpractical for a would-be chef, imho. And yes, yes, that drama went nowhere, but the OTP was awesome. \o/

  2. haha actually Jang Nara also sporting new SHORT-haircut
    looks like it’s gonna be like spring hairstyle in Korea XD

  3. Believe me some people look good in that haircut hmmm but some don’t, fashion and fad don’t always suite everyone!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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