Won Bin and Moon Geun Young for Basic House Korea Summer 2011 Collection

Basic House Korea released some teaser stills from its upcoming Summer 2011 collection, and I glommed onto them like a cat on cream because its been too long since I’ve seen Moon Geun Young in the public eye. Her hotter-than-ever co-star Won Bin is back as well, but I’m used to not seeing him around much since he goes years between movies. This batch of Basic House stills look much better that the previous set, probably because the spokescouple is more comfortable with each other. But I must say the clothes are exceedingly uninspiring. Oh well, I can always enjoy the pretty people in the clothes.

I love Geun Young’s hair in these pictures – I know she cut it short in real life so this is likely a hair piece, but the easygoing mussy look is wonderfully breezy on her.


Won Bin and Moon Geun Young for Basic House Korea Summer 2011 Collection — 19 Comments

  1. I like MGY’s shoes and the blue top, but I agree that they aren’t too inspiring. What is with these boring clothing shoots? Her hair piece is very much envy-inducing though.

  2. Sorry, ockoala, but I just have to bring to your attention the little typo on the title. Have a good day and thanks for all the stuff you’ve been writing. =)

  3. Out with YEH and KHJ and in with Won Bon and MGY. Okay, MGY looks hella cute, but Won Bon is too old. The age gap is visible. Now, if it was KHJ and MGY, that would be hot.

    It’s not that I don’t like Won Bon’s, but Basic House style is definitely not his forte… especially for his age.

  4. In first pic won bin an geun young look alike and they say that if you look alike then its destiny.hehe anyway both hot and cute,I don’t see age gap,I don’t know which,is it WB that look younger or MGY look bit mature to shorten their gap but true,whats with the cloths?

  5. Won Bin never grows old. He look exactly like he did in Autumn Tale. Moon Geun Yong is exactly the same too. Trust them to make uninteresting clothing still look good.

  6. May be it’s just me.. But I really don’t see the age gap here. Won Bin doesnt look bad in the clothes. It’s the outfits (imo) that seem to be lackluster..

  7. this is the 1st time i find Moon Geun Young beautiful…usually i just see her as cute..pretty and all those kind of adjectives..but now she’s gorgeous..i think it’s the hair and make-up..

  8. Basic House should’ve just ask Jang Geun Suk to do the photoshoot with Moon Geun Young, period. They would’ve looked so cute, young and lively together and those clothes would simply fly off the shelves!

  9. I don’t see why everyone’s complaining about the clothes.. It’s called BASIC HOUSE, they sell basics. Personally, I think the clothes look nice. Simple, clean and classic. MGY’s hair in her previous photo shoot with Won Bin was gorgeous and suited her so well; the same goes for this new one. They’re wearing Toms in both photo shoots. I want a pair. 🙂 Oh, and bowties FTW!

    I recently purchased two items from Basic House on sale and so far, I love them to death. 😀

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