Drunken to Love You Holds Press Conference for its Weekend Premiere

It’s finally here! This coming Sunday SETTV will premiere Drunken to Love You with Rainie Yang, Joseph Chang, Tiffany Hsu, and Kingone Wang, and the entire cast was trotted out for the obligatory press conference yesterday. I don’t know if everyone swallowed pretty pills, or I’m wearing a pair of rose-tinted glasses, but wow does the main cast look great, especially Rainie and Kingone.

Rainie is so fresh and darling I want to cuddle her cuz she’s so cute, but it’s Kingone that made me do a double take. He definitely lost weight, but beyond that, he’s maturing so confidently it gives him this added charm that I’ve not seen until now. Frankly, there hasn’t been a single promo item from DTLY that I haven’t loved. This drama is pushing all my right buttons.

Special for DTYL (discussing its integration of local art and city architectural sights into the drama):


Fourth and final trailer for DTLY:



Drunken to Love You Holds Press Conference for its Weekend Premiere — 15 Comments

  1. Yes I woke up in the middle of the night just to finish my work only to end up checking your blog Koala Bear ( tell me if you hate the bear ), why because I love being surrounded with a bunch of shrieking women who never fails to hype the excitement out of me 😉

    Okay Rainie gained weight definitely I can see cleavage saying “Hello I’m a woman now!”.
    Okay is it me or is RY wearin an awful lot of bronzer…..her color seems uneven, the girl in the black dress hmmm where did I see her before? In a drama…. ah Tokyo Juliet with Ariel Lin right? Well she’s too white ahihihi…. she look a lot matured!!!! great!!!! crossing over the bridge…. ;-D I love change!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to hear your reactions on this one! I really hope it’s as good as SH.

    You do know you’re my #1 source of info about C-TW dramas, right? But no pressure or anything… 😉

  3. NOt to sound pervy but Rainie actually have cleavage! I mean she was kinda flat before but she was still very cute and adorable. She’s so womanly now that it is surprising. lolz

    I’m still not warming up to the main guy. NEver seen him in anything before. Kinda wish Kingone was lead. The guy deserves to be lead sometime now. HE’s been in so many dramas. Dramagods, please give him a break already!

    • I know! Kingone was awesome from what I saw of him in Why Why Love. I didn’t watch the ending due to school (and thank goodness too because I heard it went down the drain), but he had the second lead acting to a T, the guy needs a break. Whereas Joseph….he seems so…. statuesque and unmoveable. Granted, I’ve never seen anything of his, but I sure hope he does more than half-smile.

      • Joseph has not been acting in TV dramas for a long time. He’s more of a movie actor. Recommend that you watch the Taiwan Dramas “Wish Upon A Star” and “Legend of Speed” – Joseph’s really hot and charismatic in them. Especially adore his half-smiles – so sweet and charming, totally melts a girl’s heart!

    • Actually honey it’s normal to check other women’s body every once in a while
      1st: to compare if you’re still normal (you know you might growing an extra boob somewhere and your not even aware of it) medically speaking it is wise.
      2nd: I love Britney’s and JLO’s abs so probably gonna hit the treadmill again LOL wanna join me 😉
      3rd: I just simply love the most wonderful gift GOD made a woman’s body, when you have learned to appreciate your own body which is uniquely made flat chested or not, you will start appreciating others too…. 😉 Ciao!!!!

  4. Kingone definitely has increased in star quality…the hair, the eyebrows, the face firm structure, the outfit nicely pressed & draped…which reminds me of Mike He’s many a times with strange outfits/colors. Mike He used to be #1 on my list, but with those long mainland dramas and outfits, he’s not #1 any more. There are just a whole lot of competitions out there in K-land & other lands. When Mike said he’s scared of 6pack abs & muscles, I put him off to another list. I started to make my “workout” opinion know through comments on different sites…lo and behold, Mike He is working out, buffing up.
    So, for all our sakes, let’s all demand all our drama actors to workout! It’s a win win for everyone.
    Love Rainie…only 3 more days.

  5. Kigome looks hot… i’ve watch all the dramas that he and rainie plays together and they will soon need one where he’ll play the leading man and she the leading lady. I don’t like where they split Rainie’s hair.. but the cast looks amazing and i’m anticipating this drama so much! But, i can’t watch it until this summer, when school is over and the whole drama is out so i don’t have to wait for the next episodes… i hate the agony.

  6. Kingone has slimmed and suits him; he looks really young in the 3rd picture from top.

    I agree that he should have a lead role. I would love to see him get the girl in a rom-com.

    His bad-guy role in Black and White was awesome, though.

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