Park Shin Hye Channels the Pretty Doll Look for the April Edition of Elle Girl Korea

Park Shin Hye transforms into a living doll in this set of stills for the April edition of Elle Girl magazine. I’m actually quite looking forward to Festival, her upcoming drama with Jung Yong Hwa, which is scheduled to premiere in early July following Best Love. I hope she sports longer locks for her role as a university music student specializing in the gayageum, because I find Park Shin Hye looks her best with long flowing locks.

I’m excited she’s reuniting with Jung Yong Hwa, because as much as he was a walking block of wood in You’re Beautiful, I actually thought they had better chemistry than Park Shin Hye did with Jang Geun Seok. With What’s Up and The Musical shelved indefinitely, that leaves Festival my one remaining musical drama for the year.

And a quick update on Park Shin Hye’s upcoming TW-drama Hayate the Combat Butler, co-starring George Hu. The drama was originally slated to air in April (like, right now), but that ended up being just a rumor, and GTV still has not opened a website for this drama, nor does it appear any promotional activities are in store in the near future. GTV has indicated that it will air in 2011, so I would hedge my bets on seeing this drama towards the tail end of the year.

[Credit: all pictures from Elle Girl magazine]


Park Shin Hye Channels the Pretty Doll Look for the April Edition of Elle Girl Korea — 13 Comments

  1. Huh. I didn’t even recognize her in these pics. Lovely photoshoot, though.

    So, uhm, do you think we have to give up on What’s up, Poseidon and The musical? Because I’m still hoping we’ll get to see them and that’s slowly killing me. If they’re like Birdie Buddy…Gah!

    I actually thought Jung Yong Hwa in YaB was much, MUCH better than, say, Kim Hyun Joong in Boys before flowers. Both were block of woods, but at least JYH touched me whereas KHJ…well, you know.

    PS: I watched the first 10 mins of Manny. It is cute. *giggles*

  2. Okay I love the tan colored gladiator shoes and the wooden bangles on the 1st pic (Zara?), love the top the Chinese collar blouse, the green pants and the shoes sitting on the bench pic so Mango looking!!!! And the white blouse with books on the last pic…. but not really her fan…. ­čśë ciao!!!!

  3. Wow these pictures fit her so well. I’ve seen her other photos but I think these are some of her best. Just love the look!

  4. So cute! Doll_like indeed !
    OmO her eyeS so big…T.T envy ><

    But her chemistry with Jung geun suk was very strong … BTW she has good chemistry with all her Co-StarS ^^(Kekeke I'm YAB fan)

  5. Super Super cute!, nice photoshoot!

    I agree with tom tom, PSH had great chemistry with all her Co-Stars, even with HongKi (Jeremy!, I miss you!)…I think the chemistry between them (the 4 Anjells) was great!. But now! I am looking forward to Festival. I think that ShinHwa couple rocks!

  6. I have to say I didn’t recognize her at first! But I think this concept suits her – she has the round face and eyes that really make her look like a doll.

    I’m looking forward to Festival, if only as an alternate-couple version of You’re Beautiful. I didn’t actually mind Jung Yong Hwa, even if I loved the character more than the actor. It’s gonna be interesting to see them together.

  7. shin hye is so adorable and cute in this photoshoot…she is doll-like…
    i just love park shin hye and im looking forward to FEstival..i agree that shin hye looks good with anybody paired with her ( i guess it is also a talent) but i super love her with any of the anjell guys..they are good friends thats why her chemistry with them are the best..
    aahhh..seems that hayate will not push through with the april 13 playdate…i am also excited to see her in a taiwanese drama and curious to see her play the bratty nagi….

  8. ‘… because as much as he (Jung Yong Hwa) was a walking block of wood in YouÔÇÖre Beautiful, I actually thought they had better chemistry than Park Shin Hye did with Jang Geun Seok.’

    don’t get mad, but i’m rather surprised by yr opinion becos i thot the entire drama hangs on the chemistry of park shin hye and jang geun suk! ­čśÇ but i guess every one’s got their own view. and who knows, this new drama might start an OTP of its own!

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