Pre-Production Stills Released of the Upcoming Movie Bad Girl with Mike He and Ella

The upcoming TW-movie Bad Girl (女孩壞壞) with Ella Chen and Mike He held its pre-production costume fitting and first photo shoot of its two lead actors yesterday. Ella plays a hardscrabble high school student who loves her family, and forms a girl gang called Bad Girls to protect the neighborhood and keep it free of crime. One day a movie production comes to her high school to film, and the lead actor Justin (played by Mike) is an arrogant movie star who dazzles all the girls. Due to circumstances beyond her control, Ella’s character becomes the lead in the movie-within-a-movie, pitting her against Justin, and sparks fly.

I have to be honest – these pictures are cute (like, really cute), and word on the street is Mike and Ella have immediate chemistry, mainly because they are easy-going actors who have a great sense of humor in real life, and have known each other for quite a few years. While it looks like Ella borrowed Rainie Yang‘s new hairstyle, I have to confess I like this haircut on Ella way more that her usual butch-manly do that she sports in most of her dramas.

I’m going to have a bit of a hard time buying Ella as a high school girl, but hey, if the movie is enteraining in a silly but fun way, that’s the best I can hope for. Bad Girl will start shooting in the early Summer. This means Vic Zhou and Ella’s movie Destiny’s Pair will likely go into production earliest at the end of the year.

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Pre-Production Stills Released of the Upcoming Movie Bad Girl with Mike He and Ella — 51 Comments

  1. I questioned the “high school” Ella…why can’t it be college..more realistic. O well, drama is fantasy anyways, so if the story is good, acting good, it’s all good. These photos are really cute. Thank you Mike, for looking great (got different stylists probably).

  2. I don’t know why, but I had a really, really hard time envisioning Mike He and Ella together in a drama or movie – they just seem like a really odd pairing, sort of like total opposites, but not even in an “opposites attract” kind of way. But then I saw these pictures and now I have hope. I’m glad to hear that they apparently have good chemistry with one another. I probably won’t see this movie, which is too bad. Now I kind of wish they were making a drama together rather than a movie, just because I have easier access to dramas than movies.

  3. O so it’s the hair….I keot wondering why she looked so different all of a sudden and dare I say girly…not that it bothers me, I adore her to pieces….this looks like a winning couple and the premise sounds really different

  4. Count me in with the skeptics about this couple when I first heard of it. But these pics are seriously cute. Ella’s hair here is a vast improvement over her usual ‘do. I always like her better when she’s playing more girly and less boyish anyways.

    • being pretty is not the only thing that makes people famous. Ella has talents and great personalties, and thats how she got this far in her life. But you (who hates people that are not pretty and wish you could be in ella’s spot right now) has nothing better to do but to judge peoples’ appearance. stop being jealous and get a life.

      • okay maybe i was being a little mean. but don’t jump to conclusions. it’s kinda amusing that you think that just because I think she isn’t pretty means that I’m jealous of her success. don’t put words in my mouth either. I never said i hated her…i have no reason to.

      • OH WOW C you gotta cool sistah…. everyone has a right to their opinion…it was a one liner really…. not so destructive…. believe me I’ve heard worst comments…. it’s plain honesty on Melissa’s part chillax 😉

      • “But you (who hates people that are not pretty and wish you could be in ella’s spot right now)”

        I don’t know why but this comment is hilarious. Rather extreme, wouldn’t you say? LOL

    • Come to think of it I was lost there….was she validating Ella is not pretty? 😮
      Oh gosh let’s drop this topic I’m gonna go crazy I swear LMAO 😉

    • I’m with you Melissa; not to be mean or anything. Ella justttt
      not pretty I’m sorry. On other hand Mike is so (HANDSOME) all around. Mike and Ella just not go together at all. SO SORRY

  5. Ella has a good personalitty. But I won’t be fake and say she is pretty. She isn’t. Also not ugly, but…. just…..

    I really can’t see them as a couple… Ella’s acting is overtop… and also mike and she doesn’t match…. T__T And vic and ella? No, ugh. I’m not shallow, but I confess about these pairs I’m!

    Btw, ella’s hair at leats are pretty, much better than short hair on her^^

  6. I can see their personalities clicking.. both are really fun and outgoing.. All the behind the scenes videos shoul be funny. The pix r cute but I still don’t like her hairstyle (it IS better than DWL)

  7. Hum I agree she isn’t even pretty, the pretty one is Mike He 🙂
    He looks so much better with Janine Chang in his arms ^^

    • I hadn’t even thought of that until you said something and then I went back and looked… it’s the similar expression, set of the jaw, and the way they’re standing. They look like they’d be really believable (at least visually) as siblings… and now I’m afraid I need to forget this entire conversation if I’m going to actually watch the drama with an semblance of, uhm, whatever it is you have when you’re not thinking OMGCEST.

      Although I must say, Ella looks much better with her new hairstyle. The shorter style (like in DWL) was just too harsh for her.

      • Ok that was really a bad choice of T-shirt common who wears Ninja Turtles T-shirt nowadays and that short pants is a winner…gotta send her stylist a “Super Howler” with a jinx….. ok guys hold-up you gotta listen this is why people react this way…the whole package is so wrong….even if her hair is so feminine…but the act and the attire is so bad then yeah personality may not save her in this glam and shine industry….blame it on the weather man I guess….she’s stuck in a “what you see is what you get”… I believe she’d look better on the red blouse she’s wearing less the shirt and a pair of plain rough and torned jeans not shorts, simple is elegant…. 😉

  8. I agree with you…. I too like this cut on her, it makes her look more feminine and younger as well…
    I’m excited about this drama…. I can hardly wait for it to air !!!

  9. why didn’t they try this on Ella earlier? it’s a pretty common bob. the colour is sitting pretty on her too.

    joining everyone in loving this gentler hairdo on her. wayyyyyy better than her longtime butch-cut, which just accentuated her stockiness and rather boyish air.

    neutral about the pairing – we will just have to wait and see how the chemistry maps out.

  10. actually Ella has this hairstyle for quite some time already , even earlier than Rainie , that’s why there’s an article which was published not long time ago saying that Rainie copied Ella’s hairstyle. am not trying to make any comparison right here , just telling the fact since I’m one of Ella’s longtime fans. her hair was even longer than this few weeks ago . and she cut a little bit she when she attended Singapore Entertainment Awards recently . Ella can really be feminine , and she’s getting more and more feminine since last year . it’s just that she doesn’t really want to show off her femininity and she would only flaunt it occasionally . I’m pretty sure non Ella’s fans don’t really know about this. love the new pictures , both Mike and Ella look cute together . eventhough Ella is 2 years older than Mike , I don’t see the age gap between them . it’s just that I’m pretty disaappointed if they make Ella as a highschooler in the movie . the scriptwriter should be more realistic since Ella is going to be 30 in 2 months from now. they should have made Ella as a school teacher or at least a university/college student . not a highschooler IMO. the storyline sounds interesting though and what made me happier is that she’s gonna display some martial arts in the movie. it’s said that she’s also learning for some dance moves specially for this one.

    • …but on the other hand, if I could pass for 16 at the age of 30, I’d take that role in a heartbeat… so I can’t blame Ella in the least if she maybe got a private kick out of the notion of being able to pass for half her age. I would!

      • yerp , Ella definitely looks much younger than her age , it’s just that I’ve been longing for her to have more matured roles . I really hope that this time , her character won’t be as comical as the her previous characters in DWL and Hanakimi . I really want to see her wearing dresses that makes her looks pretty and feminine . Ella may not be as feminine as Janine or as pretty as Rainie , but then for me she has her own unique charm and charisma.

    • I agree peace_lover. It’s so great to see someone who thinks similarly to myself.
      I like the pics, I’m just not on the high school trip or the “they end up together” boat. Being that they are good friends I never doubted they’d have great chemistry but I wonder if it will transfer to romance on-screen… We’ll see 🙂 I look forward to it!

      • yup , me too have no doubt that both of them will have sizzling chemistry together. furthermore , Mike is now Ella’s “junior” in HIM . so , it’s easier for them to get along with . I hope that Ella won’t have to exaggerate comical character in this one. really want to see her portray something different. something that will bring out her attitude and charisma .

  11. I love the pix – very cute! Much cuter than I thot it will turn out. Ella is looking more and more feminine these days. Maybe she is trying to change her “outer appearance” due to her plans to be more active in movies/ acting and she wants more mature and challenging roles. This new movie role is still not a big change yet from her previous characters, but maybe directors/ producers will start offering her different scripts when they see her current more feminine image.

    So if this movie is going to start filming in Summer (that’s June or July?), can she still film New Match Made in Heaven with Vic Chou and Xiao Xiao Bin which till now is rumored to film in May? Vic will complete shooting his current movie in Beijing by end-May….. now I wonder if the casting for Matchmade in Heaven is really confirmed.

    • sytwo , the movie will start shooting on 20th of April and will be released by summer . so it means , the shooting will not take much time to be completed. so , I think , there’s enough time for Ella to shoot another movie right after she finished Nasty Girl . HIM has already clarified that Ella has other movies waiting for her after this one. I really hope that the other the one with Vic will be confirmed too.

      • Ooh, thanks for the reply. So the info. I read about Nasty Girl “shooting in summer” was wrong. Gosh, can they release the movie so fast in summer when it’s starting shoot only on April 20?

        Anyways, there has been so many news that kept quoting Ella and Vic as leads for Matchmade in Heaven, so I guess it is true? Waiting for the press con for final confirmation….

  12. Bromance, yeah! Oops. Mike’s partner is a she. My bad.

    Alright, I’m being harsh but DWL had me say WTH with tomboy Ella being Jerry Yan’s love interest. Completely unrealistic tho I do now that dramas aren’t meant to be that way.

    • Hmmm well being boyish can be sexy attitude wise, it shows that women can be strong in some sense and be masculine as well, but really not losing their feminine touch…. Let’s say there’s this book that say “Why Men Marry Bitches” but then it’s not really what it means it’s just a term to sell the Book, cause it seems being a “Bitch” is a cool word that society conjured, but literally it means confident women who knows what they want. So a word really may mean a lot things at one case….but the aim of the drama I believe DWL was to show how purity of heart may win over looks, generally speaking a big chunk of men (Specially good looking ones) are truly visual so yeah it is seldom that they fall in love with one of their pals (who looks as manly as they are) or it may be one in a million case…sorry to burst your bubble! Yes it’s hard for the target audience (teens) to have this kind of reality cause an extreme fantasy only brings unrealistic goals and frustration, so it will depend on how you will take the drama is it for entertainment or an eye opener (which is very unrealistic). But mostly what counselors would advice is not to depend on these self-help books to find your identity, date yourself and know yourself then you’ll know what you like and go out and date….(descent dates). Drama are for entertainment not goals….it’s an escape from reality every once in a while. Actresses and Actors they wear a mask so they should not get into the character so much!!!! Ciao 😉

  13. sytwo : it amused me too that the filming process is gonna be really rushed . based on Ella’s and Mike’s schedule , it’s confirmed that the shooting will start in 3 days . I guess it’s slated to be released in summer coz students/youngsters will have long break during the period , right ? Ella is very busy with her dance and Kung Fu intensive practice these days. this year is definitely gonna be a very tiring year for Ella and Vic . I know that Vic is also shooting a new film with Vivian Hsu now .

  14. oohhh.. ella .. you’re always so amazing for me.. Your new hair cut.. wow….. even I am a girl… but I really love you, you make all actor who act with you look so close with you.. make them melt with all your act.. ^o^ luv Ella.. Luv S.H.E

    Mike He.. I never thought that he will suitable with Ella.. but all these pictures really make me know.. that I was wrong.. ^o^ they really cute together

  15. what i heard is that Ella is a college student in this movie…is it really true that she will be a high-school student here? çoz i really don’t think so…

  16. wow!!! new chemistry !!! definitely must watch 🙂 WILL THIS MOVIE PUSH THRU??? i hope to see them in tv series also

  17. I simply can’t wait for this movie to be aired out! Gonna search for it high and low till I get to watch it! Hehe, but then.. Some of the comments here irks me though.

    I mean, define pretty. To me, Ella is very pretty. Heck, beautiful even. Both in the inside and outside. It’s just that she doesn’t flaunt that side of her much because of the roles that she takes in and that’s just the way she is. Tomboyish but she’s maturing and taking up a much mature look nowadays which I absolutely adore.

    She’s ready to sacrifice her looks for the sake of the drama serial or movie being good. She’s fitting into character. Of course since her acting are exaggerated, shouldn’t her look be exaggerated too?

    Everyone’s pretty in their own special way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  18. why why ELLA !!!! haaaaa
    can it be another female lead that’s more feminine, cute and tomboy at the same time cause Ella does’nt cuted. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I just have to miss this movie/ I love Mike, but I don’t want to rude my HAA for MIKE.

  19. i like ella as a tomboy. It’s more natural. Whats with everyone wanting her to be more feminine? I absolutely object to having her play a 16 year old. Now that’s just weird. A university student will be much more appropriate. Ella’s pretty, in the tomboy kinda way, but she tends to over act cute in the shows which gets annoying as her looks doesn’t match her actions. Mike he’s just so damn sexy and i love him ttm 😀

  20. I don’t get why you people think she’s not pretty. Because she’s a tomboy? I think she looks much more like a lady and much prettier with long hair.

    I guess most people think the definition of pretty is Megan Fox. ;/

    I’ve seen people look much worse.

  21. i will surely find ways to search for that movie. I really like the way you act and project on and off the camera. I enjoy watching bloopers and I don’t care how many minutes it would take the right dialogue as long as I enjoy your acting in a very natural way…….

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