Romance Town Releases Additional Stills of Sung Yuri and Jung Kyeo Woon

While I may not be interested in Romance Town, it could very well be the dark horse in the Wed-Thurs battle. Frankly, I know better than to bet on ratings winners, I much prefer to lay my chips on which drama I expect to enjoy the most (BestLoveBestLoveBestLove). More stills have been released from Romance Town, including the first official look at leading man Jung Kyeo Woon, who looks appropriately chaebol-esque.

In addition to the spate of hair-cuttings amongst the leading ladies, there have also been a spate of the leading ladies dressing as high school students. Sung Yuri will be doing it for Romance Town, as will Jang Nara for Baby-faced Beauty and Park Min Young for City Hunter. Please for the love of god do not let Gong Hyo Jin dress like a high school student for Best Love. It was barely convincing 8 years ago when she did it for Let’s Go to School, Sang Doo, it ain’t going to work now either. Romance Town premieres after The Thorn Birds.


Romance Town Releases Additional Stills of Sung Yuri and Jung Kyeo Woon — 11 Comments

  1. why does chaebol men always have to wear unappealing neckerchieves??….I really wished Jung Kyu Won hadn’t picked the role…..he’s already played cold chaebol about 3 times now….. but then again its a staple role for any kdrama actor i guess..le sigh
    Sung Yuri looks sweet in the uniform though I still think Jang Nara was the most convincing

  2. Excited for this. Also for best love, but I have to check my oppa here to see how his cold character will be! Hope oppa do good^^ also like this actress.

    Btw, ockoala, I’m really curious, do you watch Thorn Birds? What do you think about this drama? Is good? Kisses^^

  3. Well frankly I was shocked to learn that Gong Hyo Jin just turned thirty last year. I thought she was already approaching her 30s in Let’s Go to School, Sang Doo

  4. Jung Kyu Won is looking good as always. Plus his haircut is better than the one he had on Sign (not the most important thing, I know…)

  5. Wow I personally love romance town e best as I am a big fan of sung yuri. She is super sweet beautiful. I hv been waited so long for her drama, hope to see more of her dramas after romance town.

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