The Other Shore 1945 Releases Two More Trailers

Oh man, I don’t know how I’m going to restrain myself until this drama airs the proper version I want to watch. The Other Shore 1945 with Vic Zhou and Janine Chang released two more trailers, and I’ve translated all the dialogue below the video. Word is that the drama will air in late May in China, and early July in Taiwan. However, the Chinese version will in fact be dubbing over the Taiwanese dialogue, leaving all the characters speaking Mandarin. The Japanese dialogue portions remain intact.

The Chinese television commission has long had a rule that there can be no regional dialects on any television show, period. Foreign language is fine, but a regional Chinese dialect is prohibited, mostly an antiquated rule to promulgate Mandarin Chinese as the official dialect amongst the hundreds of regional Chinese dialects out there. Since Taiwanese is a regional dialect, it’s a no go. That means I’m going to have to wait until July to watch the drama on the Taiwan airing, which will have all the languages spoken as the drama intended. The two new trailers look awesome, so have a look.

Third Trailer for The Other Shore 1945:

Unknown Soldier 1 (speaking Mandarin Chinese): We have to quickly retreat.

Unknown Soldier 2 (speaking Japanese): Tai Ying-san

Soliders (speaking Japanaese): Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move!

Voice reading letter (speaking Mandarin Chinese): Xin Fei, I am fine in the army. Please do not worry, and take good care of our daughter.

Mother (speaking Mandarin Chinese): Jian Yun. Why do I feel that this telegram from your father, sounds like he is writing a will. My heart feels exceedingly unsettled.

Jian Yun (speaking Mandarin Chinese): Mom, from now on, wherever your home is with dad, will be my home.

Fourth Trailer for The Other Shore 1945:

Title card:

Coming Home
Father always said that our ancestors came from Tang Shan
I never knew where Tang Shan was
Until the Japanese army conscripted me
From the immigrant territory of Taiwan, I stepped onto the Tang Shan soil
The Tang Shan army also doesn’t know where Taiwan is
So I was treated as a Japanese man, a POW
They want to send me to Siberia
Me, all I can do, is to keep running……

Chinese soldier 1 (speaking Mandarin Chinese): Name, rank, origin, since arriving in China have you killed any civilians, have you raped any women?

Chinese soldier 2 (speaking Japanese): *repeats the question asked by the soldier and translates it into Japanese*

Su Tai Ying (responding in Mandarin Chinese): Su Tai Ying, I am not a Japanese person, I am Taiwanese. I have never killed anyone. I am a doctor, I only save lives.

Soldier 1 (speaking Mandarin Chinese): You are not Japanese?!?

Japanese soldier in detention (speaking Japanese): Army doctor-san?

Su Tai Ying (speaking Japanese): Oda-kun, have you seen my aniki (Japanese word for older brother)? Oda-kun, have you seen my aniki? *looks through the dog-tags* This army tag is my brother’s. Where did you find it? Oda-kun? Oda-kun!

Japanese soldier (speaking Japanese): To ensure mutual destruction, our Major tossed a hand grenade into the medical clinic.

Chinese soldier 3 (speaking Mandarin Chinese): Halt! I will kill you if you take another step.

Chinese soldier 4 (speaking Mandarin Chinese): Put that gun down!

Su Tai Ying (speaking Mandarin Chinese): There is a soldier dying inside. Will you let him die just because he is a Japanese soldier?

Su Tai Ying (speaking Japanese): Please don’t close your eyes. Open your eyes, Oda-kun.

*Tai Ying unleashes some pissed off kick-ass*

Chinese soldier 5 (speaking Mandarin Chinese): I’m taking this person away.

Title cards listing all the actors, starting with Vic and Janine.


The Other Shore 1945 Releases Two More Trailers — 12 Comments

  1. I alternately squee when I read your posts about this drama or think it’s going to be too much for me to handle. Like, you know, too emotional? So, I’m kinda torn. To watch or not to watch?

    And OMG I shouldn’t find Zai Zai that hot when he beats someone up like that. There’s something wrong with me, don’t you think?

    • Me too. What to do? I want to watch it, but then again I don’t. This may be one that I hold off on until it’s completely aired and then marathon it. That way I get all the crying done at once, instead of dragging it out for weeks. That is, if I can bring myself to watch it. What to do, what to do? …Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t even stay away from the trailers.

  2. I am so excited for this drama. Thank you for sharing.

    Question. How many languages do you speak exactly? Korean, check. Mandarin, check. Taiwanese, check. Japanese(?), check. English, check.


  3. Vic is versatile…..yup I’m gonna need a lotta hug therapy after watching this…..bloody drama….so it was really wise to take Mandarin lessons and I might end up losing my American accent….I lost my accent for a while when I taught Koreans and keep putting “ah” at the end of each verb like “eatah” for eat or “ih” “bus-ih” for bus, and I had to kill the articles for a while man I lost good grammar flow…..and Italian keeps “eh” at the end of each sentence….rising intonation….arghhhh stress level on high 😉 Anywayz I’m not fluent in any of it….and Characters are hard to read….Korean is like syllabicated…. waaaahhh no more Eng sub forever 🙁 Maybe I’ll stick with Mandarin and French…..good luck to me 😉

  4. Are the trailers dubbed? Something seems a little off in the Mandarin delivery, so I’m guessing the Taiwanese is already dubbed out for the trailers?

    (Sheesh, why does China get the broadcast before Taiwan? Why do we have to wait an extra month to see the real thing!?)

  5. I still think Vic needs to gain weigh, he is so thin. I miss him old appearence… like he looked on Silence…

    But still very charming 🙂

    Is just that he and Hyun Bin were good looking and got too thin …. Vic I know why, Hyun Bin I don’t…….

  6. Zai Zai’s acting has gone a long way from his F4 days….I’ve watched ALL his dramas & have seen how he has improved over the years…
    Hopefully, this drama would finally give him the awards & accolades, he greatly deserves!!

  7. Looks like a great drama and you can tell that Zia Zia’s acting is the best as usuall. I think all Zia Zia fans should watch this regardless of being afraid that it is too emotional. We need to support his projects, which is easy to do since he is so talented that I would probably love his work even if I were not a fan.

  8. ohhhhhh thank you for the trailers i’m a new zai zai fan and i reaaaaaaaally love him i think he has a very special aura he is so attractive and frankly the best looking asian actor out there he reminds me of kaneshiro takeshi other actors look kinda artificial but vic has a natural appeal though i think he is too thin and should put on more weight ( OMG he was so damn hot in mars) i was surprised when i saw the second trailer i foud myself thinking HOOOOOOOT and still handsome as hell despite everything !

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