Presenting all Three Songs From Drunken to Love You

Today saw the premiere of the SETTV drama Drunken to Love You. Below I’ve brought the three songs that appeared in the first episode, and all three songs are immediate and utter love for me (I’ll talk about episode 1 later, but the fact that I am posting about this drama’s songs should indicate what my feelings are). The opening title song is by Magic Power MP魔幻力量 (who sang one of my most favorite title songs for any TW-drama, the kickass title song for PS Man), and it’s called “不按牌理出牌” (the meaning of the title is “Doing Something Unexpected”).

The closing credit song is “好的事情” (which means “A Good Thing”) by 嚴爵 Yen J, who I posted about a few months ago when he sang the title song to Joe Cheng‘s online drama That Love Comes. Yen-J does not disappoint this time either, his latest song for DTLY is magnificently jazzy and effortless, and paired with the design of the closing credits, creates an enchanting beautiful montage.

Opening Credits of DTLY:

Closing Credits of DTLY:

Finally, the third song from DTLY is actually sung by Rainie Yang herself, a song called “太傻” (translated as “Too Gullible”). Warning that the video below contains a scene from episode 1 where this song is first played, and it’s very spoilery. But the song is perfect, and Rainie’s singing is much better than I expected.

Spoiler – in the scene above, Xiao Ru (Rainie) is at a bar and gets a note from her boyfriend Yi Xian (Kingone), who is supposed to be taking her to Las Vegas to get married. In the note, he apologizes but something came up and he cannot take her with him. He asks that they break up instead. Rainie runs outside to catch him since the bartender tells her that he just left not five minutes ago. Jie Xiu (Joseph) sees her cellphone and runs after her to return it.

Xiao Ru stops the taxi and asks Yi Xian what is going on. He tells her that someone needs him more right now. She tells the taxi driver to open the trunk, and she tells Yi Xian that she is going with him no matter what. If this was a drama, she thinks that Yi Xian has some incurable disease and is trying to be mean to spare her heartache. She refuses to accept it.

Yi Xian grabs her suitcase, and instead of putting it in the trunk, he opens it and tosses all her clothes out until he finds her plane ticket to Vegas. He lets it fall into the fountain, and when Xiao Ru wades into the fountain to grab it, Yi Xian gets into the cab and leaves. Jie Xiu sees this entire scene, which reminds him of his girlfriend Avril (Tiffany) rejecting him earlier that day. Xiao Ru cries in the fountain, and Yi Xian crumbles in the cab, his tears falling for whatever it is that caused him to hurt the woman he loves.

P.S. Rainie made my gut hurt in that scene above – she’s beyond magnificent.


Presenting all Three Songs From Drunken to Love You — 20 Comments

  1. he could’ve just searched for the ticket. why feel the need to TOSS all her personal belongings out? that was plain rude.

  2. i really like the song…but a note on practicality… i never put my airplane ticket in the suitcase..imagine going to the airport and look for your ticket in your suitcase like this people would stare as though they are witnessing a nightmare…okie maybe the drama just wants it to be dramatic.. ^_^

    • …or maybe they realized that having him pat her down to find the pocket where she’d stowed the ticket might be a little too much. I mean, comparatively!

      • haha that’s true. maybe next time they should just give her a good nice purse!

  3. I also love the P.S man title song even though I’ve yet to finish the drama.. I always though Rainie was a pretty good singer 🙂

    And directly abt the drama.. I hate when they break up and both parties are hurting (this is worse in this drama cuz the guy will never get the chance to get back together)

  4. Rainie’s acting and singing are soo goooooood !!! Omg ! She’s doing such much better since the old days ! I’m so waiting to see the following ep !

  5. I love Rainie! Most of the taiwanese dramas I watched were her dramas.
    So excited to watch this. Um, does anybody know if there are soft subs available for this?

    • Lol same here! Most of the taiwanese dramas i watched were her dramas as well. I think she is an excellent actress! She is my favorite to be exact. You can watch it on Viki they already have it subbed. 🙂

  6. this drama makes me addicted to TW drama again! I can’t wait for the next episodes..i totally cried when i saw the fountain scene..! But i think rainie and kingone are cute though:) Joseph Chang is really growing on me..all the songs are great.. Anyone knows about the ratings? Anyway nice review!! Keep up the good work !

  7. Okay I love the opening it was catchy, Blackeyed Peas catchy…. Rainie honey your heart was put in a blender and was made into a drink called “Rejection”. And that mirror scene I thought she was gonna shave her head like Britney ahahaha…. 😉 No wonder Aaron Yan likes her she can act, she can sing hmmmm great!!!! So should I hate her? LMAO 😉

  8. I blame you and mousie. I’m sitting here waiting for momochan to get off my computer so I can get some work done, and watching DTLY and I’m SQUEEING! I swore I wasn’t going to go down this rabbit hole, doramas and k-dramas (not to mention Dr Who and the odd manga binge) were enough…..but NO!!! You guys got me with Sunny Happiness and now this! ACKKKK! It’s a rom-com cocktail!

  9. the Magic Power song is SUPER addicting.. Love it! Where Can I download?? Want it on my mp3 player quick!! Thanks for posting! 🙂

    • I think I got all the songs now from baidu.. but again.. thanks for posting all the info on good songs for Drunken to Love you.. (already watched ep 1 🙂 )

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