Material Queen Releases Trailer and Announces a June Airdate

Newsflash – Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang’s Drunken to Love You episode 1 premiered at a 2.98 ratings (comparatively, Sunny Happiness has been the ratings champion for 8 weeks straight averaging only about 1.60 in ratings). I think we have a new crack TW-mania drama, folks – but can it break Fated to Love You‘s 10.91 all-time ratings high?

With that said, this little drama I’m about to discuss might want to postpone its airdate – the finally-completed-its-filming Material Queen with Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong released its teaser trailer and announced that it will be airing on June 17, 2011. The trailer is very cute and shiny, but I have high doubts whether this drama as a whole will be good. Lynn and Vanness acting is sorta like the blind leading the blind. But, the trailer is really wonderfully charming, so have a watch.

Trailer for Material Queen:

Lynn plays a supermodel whose motto in life is the acquisition of material goods and comforts. She meets a concert violinist heir to a prominent family, played by Vanness, and proceeds to woo and seduce him. Contrary to her mistaken assumption, Vanness is not said heir, and is actually a poor and hard scrabble young man. The trailer is like a let’s-go-visit-Paris postcard, showing me sights I long to go back and visit, and making it seem as romantic as the City of Lights is known for. Since this drama reunites the awesome PD with the pretty good scriptwriter duo from Autumn’s Concerto, I remain optimistic that its worth a watch.


Material Queen Releases Trailer and Announces a June Airdate — 15 Comments

  1. that beautiful, looks like a movie trailer for the romantic comedy you never forget, I want to see it, I think this season is the twdrama xD

  2. the trailer looks gorgeous!…they sure seem to have spend a lot of money on this drama…Looking forward to this…I was pretty taken by Vaness’c acting in Autumn’s Concerto despite not liking the drama as much…the TW drama landscape for 2011 looks pretty awesome in comparison to the pretty dry 2010

  3. Paris, and a location shot that’s clearly doing it justice, and the clothes. I’m watching.

    Lynn surprised and impressed me a LOT in Yip Man, I think she’s naturally gifted as an actress, just greenness she has to work on. She’s soo good in disappearing into ordinariness in Yip Man considering her supermodel looks. But that may not bean advantage with TWdrama sentiments. Vanness…OTOH, in my opinion, has been about the same and I’ve lost the patience to wait for him to break out in acting, with very slight improvements but not enough to rock my boat. He is always too aware of the camera in his acting, I’ve never been drawn into anything by his effect alone. And my shallowness and his looks hate each other…just not my cup of tea.

    • The sublime PD of Autumn’s Concerto helming a location shoot in Paris? I loved every single frame of this trailer, and the music used was aweeeeeeeesome.

      I just worry the script…….but I am totally watching. I have not watched Lynn in Ip Man, but feel much more optimistic after hearing your positive critique of her. πŸ™‚

      • The PD is the BEST female TW PD working. I slogged through AC solely for her and nth else. β™₯β™₯β™₯

        I was expecting a little less disastrous LCL in Lynn, but she was a scene stealer not because of her looks but her naturalness in nuances. It’s easy to misjudge her as some catty diva fr her piercing large eyes alone , bad press and that role of Mrs. Yip, arguably the sole person on earth he’s truly respect/scared of can so easily go haywire and OTT, but we got the exact opposite. I would say she’s born an actress >> supermodel, legs going for miles considering.

        I’ll keep my expectations in check. The fact that Vanness and Lynn don’t get along (understatement, they hate each other even to be in arm’s length for promo! Ooh lala!!) This can either bring us crazy sparks on screen or HUGE trainwreck we can’t look away.

  4. I see luxurious screenplay & cool Van Ness. The girl I’ve seen her movie, don’t have much feel for her, guess she’s okay. Just from this trailer, I would definitely watch it. I’m a Van Ness fan.

  5. @ mookie….they hate each other??…like in real life?!…whoa….that’s gotta make this interesting…now I’m defintiely watching to see how that would make this work

    • Lynn ranted at her weibo on ‘someone’ being very difficult to work with on set.
      Vanness apologize in front of the press, but he later on refuse to hold/touch Lynn at the promo. Both of them need a bit more tact, and sorry Vanness, u appear too diva-ish in the whole thing.

  6. @1:54 her eyes scared me….hmmm dead sparks really she’s taller than him @1:28 is that right? this is like one of the travel books you get to buy except it’s the 3d version πŸ˜‰

  7. ei guys…so you know what songs was played in the trailer…i kinda looking for it…hope you could help me… πŸ™‚

    im sooo looking forward to see the series…i like vanness’ acting..he’s good….while lynn i never seen Ip Man so…im kinda in the middle about her acting….but all in all im still looking forward in seeing this series… πŸ™‚

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