Written Preview for Episode 11 of 49 Days

While episode 10 of 49 Days really was the best episode to date, I don’t want to get my hopes up that episode 11 will continue to be so dense in plot movement. With that said, I love Ji Hyun’s growth as a character, from the dense and frivolous, albeit truly kind-hearted, girl in episode 1 to this steely and strong woman who’s gotten her first tear and is starting to believe in herself again. I’m looking forward to the second half of this drama.

Written preview for episode 11 of 49 Days:

Seeing that she’s gotten one pure tear inside her necklace, Ji Kyung is eternally grateful that someone truly loves her. Firmly believing that this tear came from Seo Woo, Ji Kyung arrives at Seo Woo’s workplace to thank her.

Back in Yi Kyung’s apartment, Ji Hyun finds in the box a postcard from Yi Soo to Yi Kyung. She remembers that Yi Kyung grew up in an orphanage. Yi Kyung awakens and is shocked to find her apartment completely clean. Even though she thinks she may be sleepwalking, somehow she feels like there is someone else inside of her. Yi Kyung decides to undergo hypnotic treatment with Dr. Noh.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu 49 Days bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 11 of 49 Days — 11 Comments

  1. I’m so completely vested in 49 Days…that I even lurk soompi’s 49 Days thread & JHJ’s fan sites!!
    Last time this happened to me was with PK …which i still feel is the one drama closest to my heart until now, especially with all the revealing BTS videos that have cropped up lately!!!
    I’d like to share some of the giddy-inducing PK BTS for the PKissers out there:


  2. Thanks for the translated preview! Sounds like there’ll be a lot of the real Yi Kyung in episode 11~ Now if only Scheduler would start to remember…

  3. I’m like living for wed & thurs now coz of this drama. Will the real YK please stand up! Hoping that we can see more YK character alive. I’m rooting for a Kang and YK relationship though I also agree with most that Scheduler is just as cute.
    Wouldn’t it be exciting if Kang gets to see Dr Noh with YK and gets all frenzy and even more jealous?
    LYW is such a good actress that when I watched Ji Hyun in her, I really see someone different, not really Ji Hyun. She projects a lively, adorable and a deep fathomless secrecy, which makes Ji Hyun in Yi Kyung so interesting. NSR as Ji Hyun herself doesn’t carry such depth, and is so shallow in character.

    • I agree. This is the first time I am really interested in LYW as an actress. As Yi Kyung she is good too but too bad the character hasn’t been enough developed yet.

      • agree that LYW brings Ji Kyung and Yi Kyung to be so interesting character.

        we’re eager to see more Real Yi Kyung, Yi Kyung is so mysterious since the first time she comes, LYW brings that mysterous woman to be such an adorable one and need to see more

        as for Ji Kyung, she’s so lifely!
        adorable, and also grows very well..

        yi Kyung in LYW grows to be mature, cold and elegant in front of Minho and Injung that i can’t imagine how NGR can do such thing.. really not work.

        BUt LYW did mature and adorable Ji Hyun very fantastic

  4. Thanks for the preview!
    I’m looking forward to the hypnosis scene. I hope that there is some kind of link between Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun when YK is hypnotized. The possibilities are pretty cool.

  5. aigoo~ so many dramas so little time…
    i should quit medical school since i think im gonna fail anyway ^ ^

    • prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. that’s what I keep telling myself these days. What’s a drama addict to do? I think this should apply to you too!

      • someone should just hide my laptop away & lock me in a room with my anatomy books. Outofcontrol-ssi, would you do the honours?

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