In Time With You with Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen Commences Filming

The amount of news overdrive coming out of Taiwan entertainment is causing me to have some slight blurry vision from reading too much newsprint. Luckily, a look at my goddess Ariel Lin makes my eyes refocus again. GTV‘s upcoming drama In Time With You starring Ariel and Bolin Chen commenced production this week, and I’m eager for the first stills to trickle out. Drunken to Love Me is getting all the TW-buzz these days (with good reason – it’s freaking awesome), so this drama is totally filming under the radar.

I believe it’s going to be pre-produced, since GTV has its hands full with dramas ready to air right now. There are conflicting reports out, so its unclear whether Sunshine Angel with Rainie Yang and Wu Zun is getting the post-Sunny Happiness timeslot (why, I want this drama so bad), or it will be Mike He and Cyndi Wang‘s just wrapped drama Mei Le, Go (why, I don’t want this drama at all). Please let it be Sunshine Angel, it looks so cute.

So they are following up one Mike drama for another, aren’t they worried about audience fatigue with too much Mike? Or is that even possible? And don’t even get me started on the other GTV drama sitting in the vault, the long-wrapped Hayate the Combat Butler with George Hu and Park Shin Hye, which still has no definitive airdate.

Above is a picture Ariel posted of the set and the scene board indicating which scene they are about to film. I Might Not Love You is helmed by the awesome PD who directed Ariel in It Started With a Kiss and They Kiss Again, and Ariel clearly has quite a lot of mutual understanding with her long-time collaborator. Below are some stills from Ariel and Bolin’s upcoming Summer TW-movie Love Phobia, which gives an inkling of what to expect for the drama, which will be their second project together in one year.


In Time With You with Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen Commences Filming — 13 Comments

  1. i don’t think i will be onboard this drama. while i find ariel lin a very hardworking and dedicated actress, she seems to be portraying similar characters with albeit similar expressions.

      • Hmm… You know, this drama is sort of a mirror for Ariel…
        If you think about it, she’ll be 30 next year. Plus, she hopes to get married before she turns 30…
        And Director Winnie is very close to Ariel, so does anyone else thinks that there’s something interesting here?

  2. wow its been a long time since ariel last drama …so excited to see this one…hope to see her working with mike and joe too…

  3. okay, question time. Do I wait until DtLY is over or almost over to start watching it or not? You make it sound soooo good

    • This drama will air only after it finishes its postproduction that could take in total 6-7 months. So relax and watch DTLY first. ^

    • I’m all for you watching DTLY with me live, because I am an enabler like that. That being said, it’s a good long 4 months of airtime, and if you have the willpower to wait, I would wait. Especially if it goes insane in the second half and I bail. But for now, DTLY hits me right where it hurts good.

      • I knew you’d say that. Knew it!

        *bites nails* *checks overwhelming watching schedule* *mutters under her breath* Er. ACK! *caves in*

        Viki has it. I’ll probably watch it from there if my connection is kind enough to cooperate. Any other resources I should be aware of?

        I don’t promise to finish it, though, okay? if it goes insane or if I get obsessed -too obsessed- with my other shows, I may stop watching this.

  4. YAY!!!.Director Winnie + Ariel = total win!…cant wait…damn the TW drama scene is looking just as good this year as the Korean one..I usually complete only one or two TW dramas a year and end up dropping 3 or 4 because I find them so OTT…it’s funny cuz they still seem attractive initially…… but last year felt really dry and I only watched 2 out of which 1 got dropped….on the other hand this year looks wonderful!…I wonder how many of them will actually keep me watching to the end…I have a lot of faith in this one because the director has done not 1 but 3 of my all time fav TW dramas…one of which (Sweet Relationship) is also one my all time fav asian dramas

    • I know, right?! It seems like the TW drama scene is really picking up lately. I’m usually more of a Kdrama watcher, which is kinda funny since I actually started watching TW dramas first.

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